Monday Morning Box Office Report: Deadpool 2 Opens Big But Can’t Top Original


Deadpool 2 easily sliced and diced its way through the competition over the weekend, ultimately arriving at an estimated $125 million debut. That is the second highest start ever for an R-rated movie, behind only the original Deadpool which earned $132 million back in 2016. It is not entirely clear why it failed to top the first film, but The Avengers: Infinity War was probably a factor. Deadpool 2 did beat the original from a global perspective, however, earning $301 million vs. $264 million. Infinity War was in second place with $28.7 million, passing Jurassic World to become the fourth highest grossing movie of all time worldwide. Book Club opened to a decent $12.5 million while Life of the Party and Breaking In rounded out the top 5. The other new movie in wide release was Show Dogs starring Will Arnett, which opened in sixth place with a pretty pathetic $6 million.

1. Deadpool 2 — $125M
2. The Avengers: Infinity War — $28.7M
3. Book Club — $12.5M
4. Life of the Party — $7.7M
5. Breaking In — $6.5M
6. Show Dogs — $6M
7. Overboard — $4.7M
8. A Quiet Place — $4M
9. Rampage — $1.5M
10. RBG — $1.3M

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