G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Solo Movie in the Works


If you’ve been wondering what the heck is going on with Paramount’s live-action G.I. Joe franchise, you’re not alone. Their second film, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, was released back in 2013 and seemed to go over well with fans, improving on G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in terms of worldwide box office if not critical reception. Since then, we’ve heard rumours about a third film that would possibly launch an entire cinematic universe consisting of other Hasbro properties including M.A.S.K., Micronauts and Visionaries. However, that idea has since fallen by the wayside and it appears we may be getting a Snake Eyes solo movie instead. Hit the jump for more details.

According to THR, Paramount is currently developing a G.I. Joe spin-off focusing on the silent ninja Snake Eyes. Evan Spiliotopoulos (Beauty and the Beast, The Huntsman: Winter’s War) is currently in talks to pen the script. Snake Eyes was played by Ray Park in the two previous films although it is unclear if he will return to reprise the role at this time.

Snake Eyes is a fan favourite character and is well-known for his rivalry with Storm Shadow, but obviously one of the challenges of a movie revolving around him is the fact that he doesn’t talk. There have been plenty of comics dedicated to him, however, so perhaps they can draw from some of those. Spiliotopoulos got his start writing Disney DTV animated movies like The Jungle Book 2, The Lion King 1 1/2 and Pooh’s Heffalump Movie. Last week it was also announced that he will be replacing Max Landis as the screenwriter of Bright 2. Do you have any interest in a Snake Eyes movie?

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  • Jake

    I’m really surprised Paramount is not going with a shared universe. Seems like an odd movie considering the massive success of the MCU, although I guess other studios have failed to replicate that. The fact that there has never been a Transformers / G.I. Joe crossover live action movie seems like a missed opportunity.

  • newtaurus

    This “shared universe” stuff is not as easy as Warner Brothers, Sony and Universal made it out to be.