Unauthorized Live-Tweet of Greta Gerwig’s Reaction to I Feel Pretty Goes Viral


There is an interesting debate taking shape online this week surrounding the perils of social media, the privacy rights of celebrities and theatre etiquette all at the same time. On Wednesday, a Twitter user by the name of Jaye Hunt sat down to watch a screening of Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty, only to have Greta Gerwig walk into the mostly empty theatre with some friends and sit down in front of her. She proceeded to live-tweet the experience with a blow-by-blow of Gerwig’s reaction to everything in the movie, at times pointing out how loud she was being. It would seem her intention was not to shame Gerwig but rather to share her excitement of this otherwise endearing celebrity encounter. Unfortunately, her tweets went viral and the reaction has not been kind. Here are some of the tweets:

While some people have expressed disappointment that a well-known actor and director would talk loudly during a movie, the vast majority of people seem to have a bigger issue with the live-tweeter in this situation. Obviously Greta Gerwig did not know she was being watched and many see this as an invasion of her privacy. On top of that, the fact that she was using her phone to tweet throughout the movie is also an issue (even though she did claim that no one was sitting behind her). I should say that it is still unclear if this is even true and some people believe it may be fake. Do you think this live-tweet session was harmless and amusing or was it a major violation of theatre etiquette (in more ways than one)?

  • Larry Morgan

  • Tommy

    and I wouldn’t have been snooping into her private life if it wasn’t for you, Sean ;)

  • gibson8

    Pretty sure this is bullshit Sean. I saw something almost identical about De Niro in a screening smoking a big cigar.

  • Sean

    I saw that one first but I realize now it was someone making fun of the Gerwig thing with a play on Cape Fear.

  • B MP Rooney

    I smell a juiced podcast Monday morning!!!

  • Fletcher Thomas

    A bunch of boring people getting upset about a boring person’s boring dialogue about a boring person seeing some boring movie with her boring friends.

  • Skewed_View

    It’s not an invasion of privacy if she’s being loud in a public theater.
    I would probably be annoyed if I were Gerwig, but it also sounds like Gerwig was being an annoying audience member.
    Live tweeting during a movie is also a huge breach in theater etiquette, but I’ll give both of them a pass because I’ve seen the trailer for ‘I Feel Pretty’ and I’m certain nobody’s viewing experience was harmed.

  • devolutionary

    Ugh, we’re resorting to Twitter gossip now? Even if it involves Greta Gerwig? At least with Periscope you could be in on it live.