Film Junk Podcast Episode #659: Hard Boiled


0:00 – Intro: Jay’s Latest Customer Service Rant
29:10 – Retro Review: Hard Boiled
1:09:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Game Night, Blockers, Dreaming Murakami, Mike Shinoda & Mark Hoppus: Songwriting Live on Stage, Cobra Kai, Rampage, Shirkers, Red Sparrow
1:51:45 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:54:05 – Outro

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  • Colin

    “Customer Service Rant” is music to my ears on this Monday morning

  • James

    Cutting Junk Mail is such a giant middle finger to the fans. I wish Dax was on the show as at least he enjoyed it typically. If any would deny this fact o can think of at least one occasion on which Film Junk fans were referred to as “losers” by one of the hosts. Don’t know why fan interaction is such a bad thing these days.

  • Sean

    It was never intended as a slight, we are simply tweaking the format to maintain our own sanity as well as to make it more welcoming for new listeners. There are a handful of reasons we have cut back on the junk mail (and I should note, it has not been cut completely). We just found we were repeating a lot of the same questions and many of them were related to inside jokes that new listeners might not understand. It seemed like maybe it was nice for the people writing the emails but not as enjoyable for the vast majority of people listening. And then when we had interesting questions, we were not preparing enough ahead of time to give good responses. So we decided to save them up for special occasions and to find a more appropriate place for them. But we are also looking for more ways to add fan interaction in the near future. We are grateful that you guys care what we have to say and we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you!

  • newtaurus

    Do you guys have access to live TV streaming services like Hulu and Playstation Vue? I guess in Jay’s case it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t watch a lot of TV, but it also sounded like you only get discounts on services (TV/Internet/Phone) when you get a bundle. Here in CT I get Internet from a cable company but get my live TV from Hulu.

  • Sean

    Hulu and Playstation Vue are not available here, at least not legally. I am not aware of any live streaming TV service in Canada currently.

  • Jake

    I would have bet money on a retro review for this week’s episode, but thought for sure it was gonna be for Overboard. Another Project X-esque switcheroo.

  • devolutionary

    You can only attempt to please most of the people some of the time or some of the people most of the time; or simply yourselves and the rest will follow ;) Picking your poison, and all.

  • Flo Lieb

    These guys are not your employees or owe you anything. Putting out a weekly podcast for free for over a decade whilst spending their own free time to watch movies, drive to each other’s houses, record a show and have one of them spend more time to edit it together should deserve all of our biggest gratitude instead of throwing a tantrum because junk mail has been absent for a couple of weeks.

  • Jameson

    Would Kurasawa count for best action movies list? I know they’re different from the ridiculous shoot ‘em up types, but in terms of great action I’d have to have Seven Samurai way high on my list. And Hard Boiled would absolutely be in my top 10!

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Sean, any chance you can release a mini podcast of you reading that Back to the Future childrens book (and maybe get Reed to do Die Hard)? I can’t think of a better way to get my kids to go to sleep ;-)

  • Loren

    Awesome!! Hard-Boiled!! Love these surprise podcasts! Good work guys..haven’t even listened yet.. but love it!

  • Sean

    I will consider it. Sometimes I even put myself to sleep.

  • Lori Cerny

    I also liked the premise of Game Night, but laughed only once. It had nothing to do with Jason Bateman. Think it was when the jealous guy Kevin (Lamorne Morris) said something to Michelle – it was so fast and unexpected that it caught me off-guard. But, then they beat that dead horse through the rest of the film as with all the “jokes” in the movie.

  • schizopolis

    Now I have a great excuse to revisit Hard-Boiled! Haven’t watched it in probably over 15 years. It’s a good time to revisit over-the-top action of the 80’s & 90’s. Rewatched MI: 2 a couple years ago and I thought it totally outlasts Abrams’ MI:3. Woo made a Sergio Leone spaghetti western set in modern day Australia while using the plot-line of Hitchcock’s Notorious. And MI:2 is the first time we see Cruise become the American Jackie Chan doing insane stunts.

  • bobsponge42

    I laughed quite a bit during Game Night. I thought a couple scenes were quite funny and some bits with the neighbor were good too.

    It is the sad state of modern comedy that going for more straight forward laughs (versus trying to one-up each scene with vulgarity in the guise of humor) is seen as “refreshing” by many (including me). But, here we are.

  • Indianamcclain

    Ghostbusters is the other children’s book that’s out there. But it does sound like it’s intended to be for adults if they made one for Die Hard.

  • Indianamcclain

    I wouldn’t say it’s an insult to fans, but I’m sad to see it go since it has led to many interesting discussions over the years.

  • SLionsCricket

    Loved that the retro review this week was on “Hard Boiled”, somewhat of a classic film (certainly within its genre at least). As suggestions to consider Sean, perhaps a “Chinatown” or “Paris, Texas” retro review some time in the near future?

    Not really tied to anything specific coming out in the near future but recently on the Blade Runner 2049 episode, I heard Jay mention something that aroused my curiosity: that every time he watches Chinatown or similar noirs with twisted plots, that he ends up forgetting the plot. It could make for an interesting discussion on the film, especially while the plot remains fresh in his mind after the viewing.

    While the discussion still continues about the show’s format, perhaps a return of Prescribing Frank too if Frank is all for it?

  • Tommy

    The value in Youtube Red is the Google Play Music subscription that comes along with it.

  • Tommy

    Isn’t Tully out next week?

    If not, Ken Russel’s Gothic retro review ;)

  • Fletcher Thomas

    Idea for review – Blade runner. Please? You did 2049 but two movies will never make a premium. So good chance to talk about the original? Great idea of mine. Please?

  • bobsponge42

    Cobra Kai is actually not bad. The writers did some clever maneuvering to challenge some commonly accepted “truths” today. It’s a bit more nuanced than I ever would’ve thought

  • Jameson

    I enjoyed Game Night but I feel the decade of the 2010s has been extremely weak for comedy, especially compared to the 2000s. I don’t know if it’s cause we’re too PC now or what but there aren’t many good comedies out.

  • Colin

    I agree with this. I’m sad that it’s gone… back in the Junk Mail days, I would always get disappointed when an episode dropped without my weekly dose of reader correspondence.

    But FJ gotta do what’s right for FJ.

  • James

    It is very common on Film Junk for them to discuss a distaste for fan culture and fan enthusiasm. Do people honestly believe Film Junk fans themselves are exempt from this? People need to read in between the lines. I apologize if I seem upset I am just pointing out what I believe is happening. I will continue to subscribe to the show.

  • milan

    i have re-watche KILLER couple of years ago and currently i would say that it is a tiny bit better than HARD BOILED (due to the fact that the story is slightly more complex, but it still has some silly HK style comedy moments…), btw the jump from the hospital reminded me of DIE HARD (and SEAN was referring to LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD)… and originally i thought that TONY LEUNGS character died as well…

  • Oso Jugo

    I beg you to do any of the Japanese Zatoichi films. Best action films ever made in my view.

  • LordAwesome

    The subtitles on the Dragon Dynasty release are dubtitles (ie, just a transcript of the dub and not proper subtitles) and they suck. The best English subs are on the UK Tartan DVD.

  • Beat_C


  • pcch7

    100+ dollars a month for 25-50mbps internet and tv? Hot damn, I’m paying the same for 500 down 200 up, and some premium tv package with sports channels

  • pcch7

    I’m hoping more for a Ridley Scott premium at some point

  • pcch7

    Jay should have some hidden camera show where he seeks out customer support arguments, I fucking love hearing all this shit

  • Peter Harrison

    Top 10 best action films (may include other genres, but relax):
    1. Terminator 2
    2. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
    3. Rocky IV
    4. Mad Max Fury Road
    5. Creed
    6. Police Story
    7. The Terminator
    8. The Dark Knight
    9. The Departed
    10. Seven Samurai

    I’d love Sean, Jay and Frank to make their own lists, but most of all I’d love to hear them argue about what can and can’t be included!

  • Loren

    REED loves Game Nights and Rachel McAdams.. Will this be a top film of the year for him? Also YouTubeRed allows you to still hear music on your phone while using second window.

  • Newtman98

    Throw Point Break on there and now you’re talkin

  • Newtman98

    I’m at the 5:30 mark of that mark hoppus mike shinoda video. Whew…

    I would definitely contribute to a patreon if there was an episode where Filmjunk recorded themselves trying to do the same thing.

  • eliantigiorgi

    Welcome to another episode of FilmJay. We now review a movie that Jay likes just to keep him happy.

  • Brian.M

    I love MI:2. It’s not a great movie per se but it’s far better than the dull and plodding MI:3.

  • Peter Harrison

    Please retro review some of the following:
    Bram Stoker’s Dracula
    The Truman Show
    Cape Fear
    There Will Be Blood

    Thank you

  • Bill

    Now that you mention it, I’m a little shocked there hasn’t been one yet.

  • Thom

    Further to above, how about including a pair or trilogy of movies as a retro review, for those films that might not warrant a whole premium but would still be interesting to discuss – eg both Cape Fears, or the Omen trilogy..? (Yes I know there are other Omens but I’m sure the first 3 would be enough!)

  • Beat_C

    i’d rather hear about older movies that none of the guys have seen, and not stuff they talked about many times (dracula, TWBB etc.).

  • Jameson

    I would be into the idea of them doing a few retro reviews for movies none of them have seen.

  • Nobody

    HARD BOILED might have the edge on a pure action level, but that ending from THE KILLER is perfect. Beyond the action, I think there’s a melodramatic emotional impact that lands. And Sean is definitely not alone in making that connection between HARD BOILED and the last FAST & FURIOUS movie.

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    Freakin’ laughed like a crazy person on the bus hearing that Mark Hoppus/Linkin Park dude bit. “Dum Dee Dum Fell In Love”