Film Junk Podcast Episode #658: The Avengers: Infinity War


0:00 – Intro
18:30 – Review: The Avengers: Infinity War
43:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Man on Fire, Crossfit Movies, Gods of Egypt, The Titan, The Week Of, Ready Player One, Pacific Rim Uprising, The Devil and Father Amorth
1:03:55 – Outro
1:10:45 – Spoiler Discussion: The Avengers: Infinity War

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  • Beat_C

    i presume exorcisms are still done in latin, not italian?

  • Larry Morgan

    I’ll admit it does feel a little weird when he says he’s massive “comic-head” and then proceeds to say he hasn’t read any of the comics mentioned here today and defers to Greg for every comic-related fact. But that’s just semantics.

  • newtaurus

    Seriously? “Raging a******?” Hyperbolic much?

    I didn’t say I didn’t want him on the show, I didn’t say he shouldn’t be on the show, I didn’t say his opinion is invalid. I didn’t call him names. I didn’t insult his appearance (as if I even know what he looks like). All I said was when he comes on for comic book films he knows nothing about that subject matter. When he was (for example) on the Warcraft episode and the SW episodes he was fine. Period. I don’t understand what is so hard for you to comprehend about that.

    I’ve listened to hundreds of episodes in a short period of time, the comic ones multiple times. I didn’t just fart out this thought. And maybe it could’ve been said better, fair enough. But when someone like Brian.M just reads what he wants to read and gets in my face with a “waaaa you said mean things about Dax” calling me ignorant and making s*** up instead responding in an adult manner like everyone else, yeah, I might bring out the, ahem, raging a******.

  • Larry Morgan

    I’ll admit it does feel a little weird when he says he’s massive “comic-head” and then proceeds to say he hasn’t read any of the comics mentioned here today and defers to Greg for every comic-related fact. But that’s just semantics. It’s not a value judgement on him as a whole.

    Honestly, I’m finding that with every Greg appearance that I like him more and more. He doesn’t waste words and knows his stuff. I like his takes.

  • newtaurus

    Isn’t he on the show because he’s (allegedly) a nerd gatekeeper? Greg handles that role just fine.

  • Kyle Grimes

    Then don’t go. I largely hate marvel movies and all you can do is vote with your wallet

  • Kyle Grimes

    I would rather listen to Dax’s opinion on film though. This is FILM Junk. Who gives a fuck about what happened in the comics? Greg only offers useless comic information and doesn’t bring anything in the realm of film criticism which is the point of the show.

  • Kyle Grimes

    Frank will be a sport goth like every other year

  • Kyle Grimes

    Dax is right in pointing the gauntlet taking a toll from destroying half of life. Thanos’ left side seems to be scarred from it in all scenes post genocide.
    And as always Greg needs to know he and his “hi” bit isn’t funny. So he can stop

  • newtaurus

    So Brian, unlike you I actually read people’s comments, so I took your suggestion and re-re-listened to some old podcasts:

    -Yesterday’s IW podcast: Yeah, Dax made some technical/CGI comments that were interesting but the majority of the his contributions were the old “it’s just a superhero movie why are you taking it so seriously” comments that people use to defend a bad movie.

    -The Warcraft podcast: What a difference Wikipedia makes. Dax came off very well here. Imagine that, doing research before being on a podcast. But then again I never said he was clueless about Warcraft, so you argument is invalid.

    -Episode VII podcast: Haven’t finished listening yet, but Dax is coming off very well here. Again, I never said he didn’t know s*** about SW either, did I?

    This is why it’s important to read what people are saying instead of reacting like a child. You saw the one thing you didn’t like and started talking to me like I accused Dax of murder. Grow up. Or bug Larry Morgan, he said “mean things” about Dax as well.

  • Sean

    I don’t know, it seemed like Italian to me but I suppose they are somewhat similar. The way it was being done was a lot more informal than you might expect. For example, when it was over Father Amorth was all joking around and asking if he can get her a drink which must have been in Italian.

  • newtaurus

    Well, it is a comic book movie, it’s logical to bring up the comics. Is your stance the same when they review a movie based on a book or another medium?

    And maybe you’re right, but the point is if you bring on someone to discuss comic book films that doesn’t know anything about comics, why are they there?

  • newtaurus

    Greg’s growing on me too, but to your main point, yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Everything on the IW podcast comic-book related was deferred to Greg.

  • Sean

    Just to defend Dax’s status as a “comic head”, he definitely has a fair bit of knowledge but I think the more Marvel has delved into the more obscure characters, the less he is familiar with them. He definitely knows way more than Frank, Jay and I. But we’ve always said that the enthusiasm he brings for these movies is the most important contribution. In addition to the fact that he’s just a fun guy to vibe with. Does anyone listen to Film Junk for “expert opinions”? I sure hope not.


    For the longest review in film junk history it wasn’t very compelling. I felt the majority of the show was just Jay complaining about infinity war. Sean, Dax and Greg didn’t do a good job at defending the movie and it seemed that they didn’t want interrupt Jay. Frank and Jay nitpicking about ants and bacteria/microbes was as jay would say “Fucking Retarded”. Similarly Jay comparing the deaths in Infinity War to Philadelphia was stupid because in Avengers they are leaving the characters at there lowest point leaving them in shock. Jay and frank said they should’ve showed more emotion but it was unnecessary. Its much more effective if they can barely comprehend what just happened rather than everyone immediately crying. Also frank hates when characters over react emotionally in movies I don’t understand why now he wants the dobby scene all over again.

    Every time an Avengers movie comes out Jay spends hours passionately tearing them apart and nitpicking every second of it as if he understands everything about the MCU Movies when in reality he doesn’t pay attention to them. Its very reveling when Jay says, “I could never empathize with a superhero” because marvels entire model is to get you to relate to the characters and all Jay notices is the plot because He doesn’t remember the other movies and he is not invested in what’s going to happen regardless. This is a very similar situation to reviewing Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 1 which he hated when reviewing opening weekend and but once he did the premium and had context from all the films he nearly gave it 5/5 and really enjoyed them.

    Jay says there were no interesting/creative action set pieces in this movie but there were plenty of them. The idea of having 6 characters using all their powers at the same time just to momentarily stop Thanos was creative and the execution/direction of it was well done. Also Thor’s entrance to Wakanda with Rocket & Groot all fighting together was a great moment and Winter Solider doing a 360 spin while holding Rocket both firing at the same time was Fantastic. You have to pay attention to these movies & be invested in the characters for the action to be entertaining and satisfying.

    Jay says He didn’t miss anything when he Skips 20 minuets of the movie when in truth he missed quite a lot including A brief exposition scene explaining the infinity stones which would have been helpful for viewers like him who don’t remember anything from these movies and he skipped a pretty entertaining action scene (which he said was lacking) that introduces Spider-Man also he might have missed the introduction of the guardians of the galaxy

    Tony’s interaction with pepper pays off at the end of the movie because there is a long lingering shot of Tony after Spider-Mans death & he’s devastated & in those moments you can tell he’s thinking about pepper & his friends & everyone in his life that could be dead (This shot is in the trailer) Jay said he wants pepper to be shown disappearing but what happened in the movie had the same impact it was just subtle

    Jay says that “This Movie Has No Balls” because he knows the characters will eventually be brought back to life. But that doesn’t discount the fact that to have Disney end their tent pole blockbuster that they have been building to for 10 years with half of the universe dying is a pretty bold move. And even if you don’t like the ending it still opens up the possibility for Avengers 4 to be a thousand times more interesting because they can do anything they want now and lastly I did appreciate that jay spent a minute discussing the things he did like in infinity war. Many of his points I agreed with.

  • Chris

    Hard to have much of a good discussion on a one-man show. Recent Film Junk format changes is clearly attempting to imitate Red Letter Media’s more casual style.

  • Dinobot2

    Jay ripping apart a MCU film and still giving it a 3-out-of-5.

  • kent88

    I would love to hear Frank’s opinion on this crazy rumor concerning his favorite show KEVIN CAN WAIT:

  • Indianamcclain

    I won’t see them. I still haven’t seen the first Ant-Man.

  • Indianamcclain

    I liked the fight on Titan, and Thor’s contribution to the Wakanda battle but that’s it. I agree with the rest of the action just being ordinary, which is a shame because the action in Winter Soldier was so good.

  • Indianamcclain

    They definitely took some of Brolin’s facial features for the CG model of Thanos.

  • traynor

    I wasn’t referring to your opinion, which is fine. You can say Dax contributes nothing. I don’t agree. I’m saying your style of communicating is on the combative, aggressive side. Maybe tone down the outrage a touch.

    These are dickish things to say:

    “Do you know how to read?”
    “Unlike you I actually read people’s comments…”
    “I said Dax contributes nothing to COMIC BOOK PODCASTS.” (No, you didn’t. You said “”Now if I had a podcast I would probably let my friends randomly come on to chat, I get that. But Dax contributes nothing.”)
    “Are you done playing semantics?”
    “I don’t understand what’s so hard for you to comprehend about that.”

    This isn’t a way to talk to people, especially people who are here because they share a common interest. Maybe just chill a little. It’s a forum to discuss a podcast we like. It’s not such a big deal that you need to be asking outraged rhetorical questions.

  • schizopolis

    An MCU character dying is a soap opera level event. I don’t see the difference between a mom at home weeping over Days of Our Lives and an MCU fan weeping over a superhero dying. Even if a death scene is executed well by good actors and good directors/writers, it’s a bit of a waste of good talent because there is no metaphorical or thematic meaning to it. Fans cry only because of their long investment in the character and the celebrity playing the role.

  • newtaurus

    Look, I get it when Mantis comes up he refers to her as “Insect Lady”, but after hearing “I haven’t read Civil War, I haven’t read Infinity War, I haven’t read this, I haven’t read that, ” one starts to wonder “what have you read?” And I don’t think we’re going to agree on the definition of “obscure”, so we’ll just leave it at that.

    Maybe it just wasn’t his best appearance. And you’re all acting like I insulted the Pope, so clearly I’m in the minority.

  • Sean

    Not the pope, just the arch-bishop. :)

  • newtaurus

    Touche Sean, touche :)

  • Jr

    Thanks to Day and Greg for being on. Awesome show as always!

  • Indianamcclain

    That’s a good analogy.

  • Jr


  • Tommy

    I assume he compared it to Philadelphia cause it’s the silliest comparison he could think of.

  • schizopolis

    Jay gave a good example of Professor X’s death in Logan. It can be seen as symbolic. Xavier’s failure of healing the wild animal in Logan and his failure of leading the X-Men. And of course, Xavier’s death by the Logan clone means the worst part of humanity won. Even if Xavier was played by some jabroni actor and directed by a jobber, the concept of his death still has a bigger meaning…unlike MCU films, which are a soap opera that perfected a formula.

    Even Superman’s death in BvS was thematic.The film may be divisive, but his death supports Snyder’s entire thesis of the DCEU, which superheroes get buried by the cynicism of mankind and that we don’t deserve them. The COPO can hate on it all they want, but the concepts are there. The COPO will always prefer their movies to stay true to the comic book genre without deviation

  • Indianamcclain

    There are countless examples. Usually a death in a film in service of the theme, I’m not sure what the theme for this film is supposed to be.

    Completely agree about the copo. I don’t know why this is the series that gets endless praise. For example the reception for Black Panther, and even Infinity War to a certain extent has been ridiculous.

  • Optimus_Pigg

    You are an insane dweeb

  • pcch7

    Are you guys going to continue with the Marvel Phase premiums btw?

  • pcch7

    I’ve payed attention to them and I don’t have any emotional connection to these characters anyway. I still enjoy them a fair deal and more than the FJ crew tends to. I don’t think the movie has balls just for killing off characters that will certainly come back in the next movie, not much consequence there. They even gave Thor his eye back, nothing sticks in these movies it seems. Fucking Bucky spinning around with Rocket was anything but fantastic, I think that’s setting the bar extremely low, but I did like Thor’s stuff. Most of this stuff is subjective anyway though

  • Oso Jugo

    These are power fantasy soap operas for grown infants. They’re the grossest thing in the culture I’m pretty certain. Even the people who make the films inherently understand it, because within Frank’s short clip to start off the discussion, Peter Parker dismissively and sarcastically refers to superhero names as their made up names. Everyone involved is as ashamed as if they were making porn. It’s hilarious.

  • Indianamcclain

    So is junk mail officially a thing of the past?

  • Indianamcclain

    Doesn’t seem like it. Although I would like to hear if Jay, and Frank’s stance on Winter Soldier has changed at all. Even though I like Winter Soldier, Jay’s criticism of Nick Fury escaping from his car is completely valid. It’s just lazy writing.

  • Nic

    I also miss Junk Mail and the news segment. I just liked hearing them talk about some broader issues and it often led to some funny banter. If you don’t watch the movie for the main review of the week (like me this week – I don’t watch any Marvel movie) there isn’t that much left of the the show anymore sadly. Let’s see what we get with Patreon!

  • Sean

    I would say news is pretty much dead but the occasional junk mail might still make it into the show.

  • LordAwesome

    Jay is obsessed with Pepper Potts.

  • Kasper

    News in general being dead and buried is acceptable, but what about when there’s some relevant stories like the first time it was rumored that Tarantino might do a Star Trek movie, or when you got your shitty Canadian version of Movie Pass. Would those kind of stories also be nixed if they were to have come out today instead, or will larger things that you’re relatively sure would bring some interest from Jay and Frank still be brought up?

  • Kasper

    Me too. I’d love to hear Frank’s defense of it.

  • Kasper

    Some of his complaints in this regard were valid I thought, like the whole thing with Pepper being basically a waste of time. Other things… not so much.

  • Dirk Gently

    Who isn’t?

  • Kasper

    I love the consistency of Greg’s “hi” at the top of the show.

  • Sean

    It’s possible. I think if there is a personal story or “narrative” attached to something then there is a better chance of it making it into the show.

  • The discord on this issue is interesting. I talked to a couple of people that thought he looked great. Whereas I thought he was terrible looking. He looked unfinished; almost like a few layers of post weren’t added – like a traditional animated character.

    It would be tolerable if they all looked that way, but Spider-Man and Rocket look great.

  • Flo Lieb

    Same here. Makes me chuckle every time.

  • milan

    funnily enough i caught myself thinking about INTERSTELLAR during the movie as well and completely agree that NOLAN is light years ahead.