MoviePass Adds New Restrictions, Ends Unlimited Movie Offer


Well I think we all saw this coming. Earlier this month it was revealed that MoviePass parent company Helios & Matheson Analytics had lost $150 million in 2017, the majority of which was being blamed on MoviePass. It wasn’t the first time that people had questioned the sustainability of the company, but it was the first time we had an idea of just how much money they were burning. Now we are hearing that MoviePass has made a few major changes to their service on the same week that The Avengers: Infinity War is hitting theatres and a lot of their customers are none too pleased. Hit the jump for more info.

Earlier this month, MoviePass quietly stopped offering their “unlimited” one movie ticket per day option to new subscribers. This happened just weeks after they dropped their subscription price to a rock bottom $6.95 per month. That offer has now been replaced with a new offer that covers 4 movie tickets per month (which also comes with a three-month trial of iHeartRadio’s All Access subscription). In a recent interview with THR, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said that he did not know if the unlimited option would ever return.

For the time being, current subscribers are still being given the option to see one movie per day, however, the MoviePass Terms of Service have recently been updated and will start prohibiting users from buying tickets for “select movies” more than once. It is currently unclear which movies will fall into that category. On top of that, they are also introducing a new policy that requires users to upload photos of their ticket stubs in order to prevent “fraudulent activity.” They are saying that failure to cooperate in these new rules could result in your subscription being terminated. It certainly sounds like the MoviePass era is nearing its end, although there have been reports that theatre chains are considering offering their own competing programs. Will you continue to subscribe to MoviePass even with these new restrictions in place?

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  • rianmiller

    I’ve been a MoviePass user since January 2015 and paid $30-$40 per month up until last year when they lowered the price to $9.99 (I see up to 6 or 7 movies some months). 4 movies a month for ten bucks is still a great deal when you consider that a ticket in my neck of the woods cost about $14 now and I’ll probably stay on board until the hoops I need to jump through just aren’t worth it anymore. I could feel that the good times were over as soon as the price drop and the surge of new users came about last year. It was fun while it lasted. I saved $300 to $400 per year for a while there and have been making out like a bandit since the price drop.

  • Hey

    Everyone complaining is insane. It’s saved me hundreds of dollars and it’s still a great deal. What’s the problem? We all knew it wouldn’t last forever.