Film Junk Podcast Episode #657: You Were Never Really Here


0:00 – Intro
15:15 – Review: You Were Never Really Here
41:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Roseanne, Death Rides a Horse, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Duck Soup, Running Fence, Flint Town, A Quiet Place (SPOILERS)
1:17:50 – Junk Mail: More Score Bits
1:29:20 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:34:05 – Outro
1:37:20 – Spoiler Discussion: You Were Never Really Here

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  • bobsponge42

    Frank is a great addition to the show.

  • Gordo

    Here are the biggest issues I see with moving the premiums to Patreon:
    1. The mobile platform is clumsy as hell and sucks for podcasts
    2. With Bandcamp I’ve purchased the premium and own that digital copy. On patreon we are renting the ability to access the content on a monthly basis.
    3. Missing a premium/ skipping a month suddenly seems like missing an obligation that people paid for.

  • devolutionary

    As is “Che”.

  • Stinker

    Still waiting for a Eastwood …..premium. He is still alive.
    Patreon is not a good idea. Gordo is right in all 3 points.

  • schizopolis

    I saw Hostiles and listened to the podcast last night. I think I know why Frank despises Scott Cooper so much. As a cinephile, if I noticed a successful film director resembling the “male-model” version of myself, I’d be a little pissed too. Frank’s a decent looking fellow. If he hit the gym and borrowed one of Travolta’s wigs, he’d be Scott Cooper’s twin brother!

  • Sean

    I think we would still offer the premiums on Bandcamp as well if that is how you prefer to do it. The Patreon would offer additional content on top of that stuff like live video podcasts, retro reviews that don’t fit in premiums, junk mail episodes, etc.

    We could potentially give people download codes for the premiums on Bandcamp if you are also subscribed on Patreon. But Patreon might also be a way to offer access to all the old premiums without people just downloading all of them at once and canceling the subscription right away.

    I agree the biggest concern with Patreon is the idea of creating content commitments that we have to meet, but from what I understand you can set something up on Patreon where people only get charged when a new bonus episode is released. There are lots of options. We just need to figure out the best fit.

  • Have you guys been watching “BARRY” on HBO starring Bill Hader? I only as because it strongly relates to (especially after last night’s episode) the discussion you guys were having about a damaged person/psycho moving on in life after the military and still utilizing their skill set that they learned (i.e. killing people).

    Also it’s a fucking great show. Also it’s on right after “Silicon Valley” which makes it a no-brainer. And if you’re not watching “Silicon Valley” then I’m done with you.

  • Sean

    I have been watching Silicon Valley but not Barry. Wouldn’t mind checking it out.

  • Colin

    Man with No Name Trilogy is a big one

  • Colin

    Any way to get more FJ is cool by me

  • devolutionary

    He’s not that successful, although I’ve liked 2 of his projects [Love Liza, Hello I Must Be Going], but I wonder what Sean thinks of Todd Louiso (aka Dick from High Fidelity)?

  • Kyle Grimes

    Just for clarification Sean, the full length clips are provided for “rocking” purposes only, not to be used in the game. You hear the clip, guess and move on to the next clip. You can revisit the full length versions to hear context afterwards.

  • Sean

    I have no opinion of this guy at all. But I do like Anton Yelchin if that means anything.

  • Sean

    Thanks, that makes sense. Sorry for messing up the rules!

  • Colin


  • schizopolis

    Exactly. Frank should embrace the success of his prettier doppelganger. Sean never said a bad word about Anton Yelchin nor Jay about a bearded Faruza Balk ;)

  • devolutionary

    It would mean even more if he had directed something. Male-model? In terms of relative spectrum? Yes.

  • Sean

    Yeah, there are a few left. We won’t stop making them and I’m sure we’ll get to The Man with No Name Trilogy in particular. It’s more just about diversifying a bit and planning for the future so we don’t have to rely only on premiums all the time. But as always, appreciate the feedback.

  • jayb0b

    I’d be more than happy to throw a couple of bucks a month on Patreon for zero extra content: you guys have been keeping me entertained for a decade so it only seems fair at this point. Jay art, production photos, the occasion thirty second behind the scenes video would be gravy.

  • devolutionary

    Don’t worry Frank, the “siren” theme used in Kill Bill was lifted directly from the “Iron Fist” scenes in Five Fingers of Death. So no ‘Western’ ode on that front ;)

  • mitch

    totally on board for the patreon…frank quickly mentioned something TV related, that seems like a great idea

  • schizopolis

    You Were Never Really Here was like Taxi Driver meets Spartan (a Row Three favorite). The director had to portray the conspiracy in a mysterious and confusing way because if she told it straight forward, no audience would suspend their disbelief. It’s too incredible.

    Essentially, we have to believe that the governor of NY is a raging pedophile involved in a child prostitution ring and he’s molesting the daughter of a Senator running under his ticket. Who would believe that kind of reveal in a grounded suspense film? Sean’s wiki explanation of the Senator selling his daughter then changing his mind would explain how he mysteriously had the address to the brothel and also explain Joe’s paranoid dream of the Senator laying in bed with his daughter.

    I thought the deli owner was just the middleman/bagman. He held Joe’s payments and forwarded his assignments from Joe’s boss. Once the owner’s son mistakenly found out where Joe lives, he had to go because Joe would be vulnerable. I’m guessing not even his boss knows where he lives in case of this exact scenario of being tortured for information. Once the Secret Service got the Deli guy’s name in the boss’ Rolodex, that’s it. They found him.

  • pcch7

    Frank is such a hero, he could kill someone no problem, live in a room forever, and figure out how to kill aliens =D I love it

  • Brian.M

    Hmm…I probably wouldn’t use Patreon, but in theory I wouldn’t have an issue with it if (IF) it doesn’t take from the spirit of the regular show.

    Another podcast I used to listen to went down the Patreon road and now the show feels like a shadow of its former self. The cut the show down to a bare bones streamlined movie review show, without the idiosyncrasies of the chilled out podcast it once was, and now just give shout outs to Patreon subscribers and alienate anyone who doesn’t subscribe.

    I’m always happy to pay (and do) for the Premium Casts. Patreon is fine if you’re someone who listens to one or two podcasts generally, but if you listen to quite a few different podcasts then it starts to become a big ask.

  • Sean

    Understood, thanks!

  • Peter Harrison

    I don’t use Patreon yet but am more than happy to pay for more FJ content, especially if it includes new ideas and experiments.

  • Jameson

    I’ll happily support a Patreon or whatever else you guys plan on doing!

  • Mark

    On board for Patreon!

  • Craig

    I’m another on the side of more Bandcamp rather than Patreon.

  • Conor McArdle

    Santon Dwelchin?

  • Conor McArdle
  • traynor

    I’ll pay for content however you guys wish to charge for it.

    I’ve always fantasized that you could offer premiums that you would do once you got enough money for them. Like a Kickstarter. I could request, say, a Brian De Palma premium, and you could say, “Sure, if enough people want to do it, they can kick in money. Once we hit $800 (or whatever), we’ll do the show.” Then a true obsessive could really force an idea by ponying up more cash. If I was desperate to hear a premium centered on robot boxing movies, I could hear it if I pushed it closer to its mark.

    Anticipating Jay objections, I don’t mean that you would become audio puppets forced to talk about whatever we want. The ideas would be vetted by you, obviously.

    This might be a terrible idea. Or one that would be overly complicated. I don’t know.

    I really like the show the way it is, and I’ve always supported you guys however I could. (Proud booster of How to Build a Time Machine and owner of the FilmJunk flash drive. Hell, I have a t-shirt with Gerry’s face on it. I’ve never actually worn it though.)

    I’m down with the show’s evolution however it changes. In general my favorite part of the show is What We Watched. You guys have turned me on to such an incredible variety of movies I never would have seen otherwise. I watched The Great Silence last night because of Jay’s review. So, for me, it’s interesting to hear you do more obscure movies or at least films that aren’t so of-the-moment.

    I know it’s been done elsewhere, but I’d love to hear you do Criterion picks every other week. Or just general classics every other week.

    Incidentally, for my money the premiums don’t have to be so formal in their connections to one another. It could just be, “We’re going to watch three of the most influential war films of all time–The Big Red One, The Dirty Dozen, and Grand Illusion. They’re all available on one streaming service or another.” That would be amazing. I would love to hear you guys talk about that.

    But, I don’t know how many of your listeners are REALLY into superhero stuff or fantasy franchises that I don’t care about.

    If you’re willing to consider truly elevated art, maybe you could do a Porky’s premium.

    Forgive the wall of text.

  • Chris

    I’d gladly support you through Patreon. My only ask is PLEASE don’t go back to ads in the show. I hate listening to every podcast that gets interrupted by ads.

  • Lior

    Hey Sean
    Welcome to the middle of the film!
    It’s great you’re catching up on Python. Now that Netflix has become Python Central it’s the perfect opportunity to do so. I’ve been watching them since I was a teenager so it’s hard for me to imagine how someone perceives their sense of humor coming to them as an adult and after hearing about it so much (and possibly developing expectations).
    Their humor is mainly intellectual (they are all Cambridge alumni) and is very different than the type of humor in American comedies. The only one that comes close is Woody Allen, but Pythons are big-picture satirists and Allen is more of a character-driven humanist.
    They only made three features, Life of Brian may be the most accessible of them since it’s the only one with a real plot and structure, but they are all great. Meaning of Life has some of their best sketches ever (the dirty fork, A lion? In Africa?!)) and one of the best songs (Every Sperm is Sacred). The Pythons in general have a very strong musical side that came through mainly in the feature films. Eric Idle is a gifted song writer. If you feel like you enjoy their type of humor, I would also recommend Monty Python: Live at the Hollywood Bowl, which is by now a classic live show they did in 1982 (also with Terry Gilliam in a memorable role). It is also on Netflix.

  • Loren

    Frank’s logic on betting against his team just so he can feel better either way is on of the most ludicrous things I’ve heard. If his team loses, the extra money he lost shouldn’t really matter that much. Maybe he’s won so much betting against the Pelicans that its beneficial.. I don’t know.

  • Sean

    Trust me, we don’t want to do ads either.

  • Sean

    I think most of what you’re saying is kind of what we’re hoping to do. Yes, technically there are infinite premiums we could do but we’re getting to the end of the ones that are obvious big sellers that everyone can agree on. If we want to dig into smaller things, it would help to have a base where we know a certain number of people are already committed to paying for them no matter what they are. But of course, I think it would be only fair that those people would have some input into what gets chosen as well.

  • Lior

    There were ads in the show? The only thing I can recall was the Audible thing. It was tucked way back at the end of the show, took one minute and wasn’t very intrusive. At least that’s how I remember it. The only issue with ads is that it potentially infringes on the integrity of the show. On the other hand, Film Junk is not exactly 20/20 or Dateline. So as long at Moviepass is not financing the show…

  • Peter Harrison

    Sean, you might know Richard Herring, a British comedian who funds one of his main things (a weekly podcast interviewing comedians mostly – Jay would love it) through various ways: £1 a month subscription, £4 a month subscription for extra content. His recent interview with Brian Blessed is fun. Google RHLSTP ( Richard Herring’s Leicester square theatre podcast).

  • SLionsCricket

    Sean, since you have an interest in further exploring Monty Python, perhaps it might also be worthwhile to watch Fawlty Towers if you haven’t done so already. It’s only 12 episodes in length so it’s quite perfect and it might help to see some of the humour of Python even though the two are so completely different.

    Also, I don’t really feel like you guys are near the end of the possible content that could be covered on a premium podcast. There’s just almost an endless possibility (film/neo noir, Kurosawa, Vietnam war etc, screwball comedy, Hitchcock pt 2 and the list goes on and on…) and as long as the premiums are profitable in some way, I would love to see them continue. Any premiums in particular that you guys are really looking forward to covering Sean?

  • windh

    I’d be happy to be a patreon, especially with a full special series on the entire Twin Peaks 3.

    But please, if you’re about to have a long spoiler discussion of a recent film, do put it at the END with the other spoilers. Leaving it mid show makes no sense.

    Thanks, I’m off to continue celebrating the capture of EAR/ONS/GSK

  • windh

    Gotta love Basil.

  • Conor McArdle

    I like the idea of live video podcasts or video content in general— certain stuff like Score Bits would be amazing on video, like watching Frank squirm in his chair when he can’t name Jay’s .25 second snippet of an obscure score bit from “Nothing But Trouble.” I’d pay for “content” like this!

  • Matt Thephotoman

    Anyone caught that serial killer show ‘The Alienist’ on Shitflix yet? I’m finding it pretty enjoyable so far, made more so by the funny way Daniel Bruhl speaks and the return of 80’s icon Michael ironside.

  • Oso Jugo

    Kurosawa needs to be done.

  • I would absolutely support a Patreon, you guys are some of the only “content creators” I would actively sponsor long term. Countless hours of entertainment and knowledge have earned you that much at least.

    I would be in no matter what the benefits were, but nice bonuses might include:
    – Minisodes of retro reviews / special re-reviews
    – a regular score bits or debate feature
    – behind the scenes of drive-in nights (live footage in line as Jay ignores newest Fast and Furious movie)

    Basically I would love to help support you guys, and this might be better as I don’t actively buy all the premiums because they include so many things I’ve yet to see.

  • Second that, I love you guys too much to hear you shilling fucking mattresses and square space

  • Maybe a Patreon voting system for the occasional commentary track as well!

  • Lior

    I actually wrote a longer comment regarding Sean’s delve into Python, but it got detected as spam for some reason. I guess it’s only appropriate.

  • Craig

    Even worse are the transitions into the ads that the likes of slashfilm do that are cringe worthy as fuck.