Film Junk Podcast Episode #657: You Were Never Really Here


0:00 – Intro
15:15 – Review: You Were Never Really Here
41:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Roseanne, Death Rides a Horse, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Duck Soup, Running Fence, Flint Town, A Quiet Place (SPOILERS)
1:17:50 – Junk Mail: More Score Bits
1:29:20 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:34:05 – Outro
1:37:20 – Spoiler Discussion: You Were Never Really Here

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  • pcch7

    oh god yes I fucking hate it when they do that stupid segway to whatever bs products for the company sponsoring them. Everything’s the most delicious, greatest ever and it sounds so phony. Can’t stand that, usually fast forward past it but that can be tricky on mobile

  • SLionsCricket

    Would be a great opportunity to potentially get Singe and Scott into a premium since, if I understand correctly, they’re both Japanese cinema aficionados.

  • Beat_C

    fawlty towers! ????

  • Beat_C

    i think an ad at the beginning is fine. it’s when you get multiple ads during the show that it gets annoying.

  • ZS

    Get on patreon ASAP, would happily support you guys that way.

  • Kasper

    I would definitely support a Patreon from you guys. However, depending on the type of content, I think it’d be wise to still put some stuff up for individual purchase on Bandcamp still for those not interested in the Patreon model.

    Regarding the type of content you’d produce for your patrons I’d personally love a monthly or bi-monthly “car talk” bonus episode consisting of various bits and pieces from Frank and Jays conversations while driving to Toronto and back. It shouldn’t be highly produced or be like the boys need to make interesting conversation, but just cut out bits and pieces whenever something good comes up and cut it together every once in awhile.

    The only thing I wouldn’t want to see would be too much stuff cut out from the regular show and moved to the Patreon or too much obnoxious shilling of said Patreon. I’ve stopped listening to several shows because they started doing stuff like this which ruined the entire show.