Film Junk Podcast Episode #656: A Quiet Place


0:00 – Intro
7:05 – Review: A Quiet Place
25:40 – Score Bits
1:25:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: The People vs. Larry Flynt, The Great Silence, Charade, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Lost in Space (2018)
1:36:40 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:39:20 – Outro
1:42:25 – Spoiler Discussion: A Quiet Place

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  • Blake in Boston

    Oh Frankie Frank Frank. I’m in line at Dunkin Donuts frustratingly whispering “It’s Hateful Eight!” over-and-over, and I’m pretty sure the lady ahead of me in line is starting to get concerned.

  • Lori Cerny

    So wanted to throttle Sean for not knowing the score at 49:50!!!

  • Newtman98

    Was that the BR one? That was one of the only ones I knew from the quick clips.

  • Kyle Grimes

    No it was the shining and I wanted to kill him when he didn’t even get it off the full!

  • Lori Cerny

    Sean, I did a spit take when you said “fold some laundry.” I never heard that euphemism before.

  • Newtman98

    Ha, that’s right. Forgot about that one.

  • parapa

    Frank freaking out on missing Hateful Eight had me rolling. Sean did the best he’s ever done at Score Bits, so good on him

  • Mrespony

    I quite liked Lost In Space given that I had no expectations.

  • bobsponge42
  • Sean

    I think FJ need to be getting some kickbacks on this.

  • Jameson

    Frank missing Hateful Eight…burrutal!

  • Matt Thephotoman

    Great show as always. Genuinely lovely to hear you guys a bit more chipper this week :) Over the last few months i was starting to fear this would be the first podcast to feature an assisted suicide. lovely stuff.

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    Jay’s nanosecond clips had me rolling, they were so short. Love score bits!

  • Taylor Gaston Wyatt

    Frank missing Hateful Eight is shocking. Had to pull over to catch my breath.

  • Colin

    Please name the soundtrack identification game TRACK MARKS

  • Beat_C

    i think this is the first time i ever got a score bits, erm, bit right (blade runner). and bring on soundtrack bits! thanks for the great show, guys.

  • devolutionary

    The irony with ScoreBits is that I “almost” immediately knew every track everyone missed on the first try with the exception of After Hours. That was an amazing obscure gem. It was the remaining ones you got that I was clueless on.
    Frankie missing Ennio Morricone is truly ‘wall-of-shame’ worthy. Never tease Sean again!

    Regarding “A Quiet Place”, I’m so glad the writers decided against adapting this for the Cloverfield series. That would’ve been bad.

  • Mv

    Loving Score Bits guys! Knew a few and some of the ones I didn’t know I’m certainly going to check out the full scores for- good work. More please.

  • pcch7

    Frank you gotta rewatch War Horse. It’s the worst thing Spielberg has made and it looks disgusting

  • pcch7

    Didn’t you guys do score bits on ep 500? Might remember that wrong though

  • pcch7

    He’s a born choker. He’ll have sleepless nights because of that haha

  • tyler mikol

    Spoiler for ScoreBits…

    Sean missing The Shining was absolutely painful to listen to. It made me feel a weird kind of rage. SERENITY NOW!

  • A Quiet Place **SPOILERS **

    Where do you guys get the idea that theyre all alone in the world? Each night they go out and light a fire on the hill and they see other people light fires in the area as well. These fires are miles apart. Also they do run into the guy and his dead wife out in the woods.

  • windh

    Quote of the ep: “Is it Alien?”

  • Lior

    The Pacific Rim score is one of the best in recent years, absolutely brilliant. Much better than the movie! Does anyone know if it was retained for the sequel? I didn’t bother with it.

  • Tommy

    I think the girl in A Quiet Place was just barred from the basement, not the quiet room.

  • B MP Rooney

    Prescribing Frank next week?

  • callmesteam

    Just had a new theater experience while going to see ‘A Quiet Place’. They had me pick my seat on the little chart when buying my ticket. I go in and the theater is a totally different shape than the one on the chart. Three of us bought tickets for the SAME seat. So we just kept moving over one, and the theater was empty with 8 of us all sitting beside each other in a single row. I moved down a couple rows.

    Obviously, the computer messed up, but no one would budge but me. THE CINEMA EXPERIENCE IS DEAD.

  • Bizzaro Nate

    It would be cool to change it up next time from music to actual micro quotes cut from favorite movies, Clip Bits?

  • Samb

    Without getting into spoilers, I agree with Frank’s general stance towards the logical flaws in A Quiet Place. We’re dropped in with no context or character development, so all this movie is is its basic conceit. We’re not being told a story, just being put into a situation. And so, how best to cope with the situation is the only thing to think about while watching it.

  • I was yelling in my car “TARANTINO! TARANTINO!” Only saw the movie once in theaters but that score seems to have stuck with me.

    Great episode guys. Love score bits, and I think small variations on the concept could be fun as well. Just go for it.
    Maybe some mini-variations for each of the guys?
    – Twist-bits for Sean: guess the movie based on sound clips taken from the exact moment a twist happens or is revealed
    – Crit-bits for Jay: clips taken from Criterion Collection movies
    – Silly-bits for Frank: only clips with funny voices

  • frankw35

    Loved the Scorebits. I blew everything except the 1st one that nobody got (North by Northwest) and Ghostbusters. I guess because I’m old and even closer to death than Jay. BTW, on Sean’s recommendation watched the first episode of Lost in Space–that score has nods to both title themes of the original show (it changed after the first or second season) and the end theme was lifted completely.

  • Loren

    At my screening of A Quiet Place Someone farted loudly at the beginning store scene.. the whole theater laughed out loud..other than that the audience was pretty good.

  • Maverick883

    Scorebits was great. Have to admit I only knew Blade Runner though. A Quiet Place is one I want to see. Might have to wait for the home theater experience. Won’t have to worry about noisy people in the theater that way.

  • Rosa Ella

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