Milos Forman 1932-2018

Some sad news to report this weekend as we are hearing that legendary director Milos Forman has passed away. His agent confirmed that he had died at a hospital in Danbury, Conn. yesterday, although the cause of death was not made public. Forman is best known for directing the Oscar-winning movies One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Amadeus although his career spanned almost 50 years. He was 86 years old.

Milos Forman was born in Czechoslovakia in 1932 and got his start as a filmmaker in the early ’60s during the communist regime. He became one of the key players in the Czech New Wave, earning international acclaim for his films The Loves of a Blonde and The Firemen’s Ball. He eventually emigrated to the U.S. where he made his first English-language film, 1971’s Taking Off.

Despite the failure of that film, he was soon hired to direct One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest which went on to win five Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. He followed that up with an adaptation of the Broadway musical Hair, then the acclaimed films Ragtime and Amadeus (the latter of which won a total of 8 Oscars). In the ’90s he remained relevant and respected with The People vs. Larry Flynt and Man on the Moon. His final film was the 2006 biopic Goya’s Ghosts starring Natalie Portman and Javier Bardem although he also directed a Czech opera in 2009. What is your favourite Milos Forman movie?

  • milan

    Firemen’s ball… great premium subject (with OFOTCN being one of franks favourite movies)!

  • JerryCotton

    Right on. I’d be very curious what the boys would have to say about that little Czechoslovakian gem.

  • Sam

    Yeah, just recently watched Firemen’s Ball a couple weeks ago and loved it. Coincidentally have been trying to watch Czech New Wave movies as it’s an admitted blindspot for me outside of Valerie and Her Week of Wonders basically.

    Had planned to watch Black Peter and Loves of a Blonde fairly soon anyway, might need to bump those up.