Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes No Longer Producing Horror Remakes


With the success of A Quiet Place this past weekend, yet another modestly budgeted horror movie has stepped up to compete with the bigger budget blockbusters that usually tend to dominate the box office. Although some might dismiss it as a fluke occurrence or the result of a great marketing campaign, this is a trend has been growing over the past couple of years. The horror genre is one of the few places where original stories are succeeding on the big screen right now and believe it or not, some studio execs are actually taking notice. Case in point: Platinum Dunes have stated that moving forward they will be ditching remakes in favour of original IPs. Platinum Dunes co-founders Andrew Form and Brad Fuller recently had this to say:

“We’ve rebooted enough. We’ve done all of our [rebooted] horror movies. We’re not going to be doing that anymore.”

“For us, as a company, we’re always looking for original material. And the idea of finding something original was important for us. We made a film where there’s two to three minutes of talking in the movie, where sound is a full character, and it feels like audiences are really responding to those ingredients.”

Platinum Dunes was founded Fuller, Form and Michael Bay and their first project was the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Since then they have also produced remakes of The Amityville Horror, The Hitcher, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street with varying degrees of success. The turning point for them, however, would appear to be teaming up with Blumhouse for The Purge and its sequels, which went on to make almost as much money as these remakes at a fraction of the cost. There is no question that Blumhouse has had a major impact on the movie industry and hopefully Platinum Dunes can also help foster more originality in Hollywood. Do you think this is a sign that remakes in general are on their way out?

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  • Jonny Ashley

    They say they’re done, but it’s a matter of time before someone tries to hack together a Freddy/Jason/Leatherface/Chucky cinematic universe

  • Jake

    I was blown away when I saw the Platinum Dunes logo come up before A Quiet Place. Had no idea they were involved, and the last thing I expected to see after hearing all the positive buzz. Took me a bit to get over the fact that the best movie of the year (so far) is produced by Michael Bay.