Film Junk Podcast Episode #654: 2046


0:00 – Intro
3:28:55 – Outro

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  • Reed Farrington

    It would be fun to seriously review a porno movie. I’ve always wanted to see Deep Throat. I wonder if it’s on YouTube.

  • newtaurus

    Uhh, I didn’t say any of those things. I think you meant the other guy.

    But as far as his opinion goes, there’s a difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Always Right. Jay’s the latter, basically insisting on being right and proving he’s the smartest person in the room even though everyone already knows it. The perfect example of course being the Krampus pronunciation argument, which basically a 45 minute rant about a bet he didn’t lose. And if Frank was actually good at defending his opinion I shudder to think how long the shows would be.

    But that’s a moot point. Bottom line is if he doesn’t want to do the show anymore then he shouldn’t do the show anymore.

  • stevens1

    Yeah you’re right, that’s what comes from posting via a cell phone. I think both Jay and Frank play up their personas to create the dynamic that makes the show so great. I could listen to them bicker all day. While Sean is the perfect medium between the two.

    I don’t buy any of this for a minute. The fact that they ‘let us in’ on their discussion last week was just to set up this weeks episode. They’ve certainly done a good job with the joke this year, that’s for sure.

  • traynor
  • Reed Farrington

    Oh, yes. I had in mind a more popular composer. Actually, I should check Satie’s other compositions. Or was he a one-hit wonder?

  • wosko

    Naaah, no way Reed. You don’t come across arrogant at all!

    I totally agree with Stone Edwards, you’re opinionated…and also passionate about whatever it is you’re talking about, and that’s a good thing IMO.

    Regardless, just keep being you mate, we love ya!

  • Gregg K

    LONG LIVE THE CONTENT FEED BOYS. Strangely refreshing- I can’t think of another podcast that employs the non-structure as well as you have, and you’ve only done one episode! I’ve been listening to Film Junk for 8 or 9 years now- I come back for the side banter! The waxing on new releases is secondary. This could be a great thing for you guys and could bring a lot more attention…(if you wanted that?)

    The ideal format:

    1. Assistant suicide Youtube video discussion
    2. The meaningless of it all
    3. How the co-po has gotten comedy wrong.
    4. Intro
    5. Sean talks about The Matrix
    6. Franky relays some recent drunken debauchery
    7. Close with mom mentality discussion

  • Nobody

    Agreed, 2046 is probably the worst starting point for Wong; even among his fans, it seems a bit divisive. I wouldn’t be shocked if his work just didn’t connect with the guys, though. I believe Jay has said fairly positive things about In the Mood for Love and Chungking Express before, but I also recall Frank establishing that he doesn’t care about Tarantino’s influences.

    The problem with the review is that Reed just re-watched the beginning and end and seemed to really have a hard time remembering the movie. It generated unintentional laughter, but bringing up Reed’s written comments was actually helpful since it ended up providing the best idea of why he loves the movie so much. 2046 isn’t particularly accessible and I think Reed was being fair and open with his responses to the criticism, but I just wanted him to go into the subjects some more – how narration is often utilized in Wong’s other films as well; the timeless quality he cited vs. both Sean and Frank’s comments on how dated it felt; Wong’s often rigorous visual aesthetic contrasted with complaints about the storytelling being sloppy and lazy, stuff like that. I didn’t quite understand Frank’s statement about telegraphed shots and would be curious to hear more examples of that.

  • Stephen

    I’ve been listening since around episode 70 or so and I’m sorry to say this might be the first episode that I won’t make it through. It is less to do with Jay’s (hopefully short-term) absence and change of show format and mostly due to Reed.

    I can stomach Reed when he is on with several other guests and even then he is allowed take over the show too much with his trolling. But to make him host, even for one episode is just too much.

  • Tommy

    Was that a fart at 2:52:13?

  • And thus begets the question: when does a podcast become art? Obviously we have the answer now. It’s about 2am Easter Sunday or whenever Frank noticed the vividly different shades of blues happening on Sean and Gerry’s socks. You pre-came to me on the holiest of days and blew my mind, boys. Amazing. Well done. Seriously.

  • jl hendr

    i agree with everything stephen wrote. I’m a long time listener that enjoys the non rushed wandering conversations these guys have. this was not enough movie/tv talk and too much everything else. reed is entertaining when reigned in and mocked. keep experimenting with the format to keep yourselves interested in doing the show. i was good with how it’s been in the past.

  • Jake

    Just want to echo what a lot of people in this thread have already said about this ep being the long awaited return of Cantankerous. Love it. I can’t believe this hasn’t happened before in Jay’s absence. Just like the vibe casts when Sean is away, Cantankerous should come back when Jay can’t make it.

    I lost it when Frank told Reed to stay on opioids. So good ha ha.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Why not a Monty Python Premium? Get paid for watching them. ;)

  • Brett David Rarick

    Really bummed to hear about the format of the show possibly changing. As much as I really enjoy retro reviews I also really look forward to new release reviews to see if it’s worth checking out. Always psyched when Gerry is in though. I know you guys have done surveys before but maybe you guys could do one centered around what people like or don’t like if you guys are waning to change the format. Sorrry if you guys did this and I somehow missed this.

  • Jasper

    Very well played guys! Way to show people that what they think they want ain’t what they want. Stick to what you think is best for the show. Since Brexit and Trump, democracy is overrated anyways.

  • Taylor Gaston Wyatt

    Whoa! Calm down pal!

  • Taylor Gaston Wyatt

    I’ve honestly been worried for a couple days now! Feels like I’ve gone through a breakup!

    Great Ep though!

  • pcch7

    The arguing over minute/pointless things is definitely a highlight of the show for me, it’s usually where a lot of the fun comes from for me.

  • pcch7

    yeah it’s Sean for sure

  • A Charles

    He has many hot jams. The gymnopedies are good, as are the “gnossiennes,” and others.

  • Matt Gaffney

    After attempting since Sunday to get through this episode I have given up at the halfway point. First time ever I will not listen to an episode all the way through (discounting spoiler discussions). Love the guys and if Jay’s gotta take a break, then that’s what he’s gotta do, but if this is direction of Filmjunk I’m gonna have to check out eventually.

  • Matt Gaffney

    This episode may well prove that “the fans” almost never know better than the creators, and should not have a say in anything. Myself included!

  • Reed Farrington

    Okay, you win, Matt. I quit Film Junk. Please come back for next week’s podcast without me.

  • Reed Farrington

    Wait, you’re saying I shouldn’t have listened to you in the first place? Alrightee, Reed’s back!

  • Reed Farrington

    Ah, the co-po speaks.

  • Reed Farrington

    Yes. It was Frank.

  • Reed Farrington

    Reed’s resurrection!

  • Reed Farrington

    The past ye shall have, heathen, follower of stephen.

  • Reed Farrington

    I am surviving on the residuals of Cantankerous plays.

  • Peter Harrison

    Matt sets them up, Reed knocks them down!

  • Reed Farrington

    Thanks for the tip, A Charles. Appropriately enough while sampling Satie, Shigeru Umebayashi’s score for Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love showed up.

  • Reed Farrington

    Just read a review of the Korean blu-ray of 2046. Supposedly, the picture quality isn’t better than the DVD. Doesn’t appear to have any extras.

  • Matt Gaffney

    You’re one of the guys Reed. I even love you.

  • Justin Kinzer

    Reed, fuck the haters. What you guys made was an avant garde masterpiece of a podcast. Listening to Frank explain to Sean that you have to finish your antibiotics to kill the virus completely had me cracking up. The places you took the pod…. Wow.

  • Peter Harrison

    Totally agree! Reed has always been amazing. So many brilliant moments on this episode, and the vibe in the room was great. Encore, as they say in France. Encore!

  • Film Gob

    Bring back news, junk mail and reviews for movies the world is talking about right now and not from 20 years ago. You guys are pandering to the nostalgia more than Spielberg and the Duffer Bros!

  • Lori Cerny

    Is the movie “Suspiria” as good as the soundtrack?

  • Jr

    I’d listen to this every week. It is April 1st though. If it is a joke…man, what a con. Either way, you guys are making things happen.

  • A Charles

    Love that score. Also, I especially enjoy Nat King Cole singing in Spanish on that soundtrack. He clearly does not speak the language, but somehow it doesn’t detract, maybe even makes it better.

  • A Charles


  • newtaurus

    Bring in Film Gob, his YouTube Channel is great!

  • Matt Thephotoman

    Its a real shame you guys seemingly boycotted Ready Player One based on the comments of very small number of your loving film junk audience.
    Im sure im not alone in saying how consistently excellent the show has been over the years, what makes it special is you guys and your infectious passion for the magic of movies.
    Its ironic then that a new movie by a director who has made some of the greatest movies of our time and kickstarted many peoples love of film doesn’t seem to be getting a look in by the three guys who produce the greatest movie podcast of all time and continue to fuel many peoples love of film.
    Seems a bit sad really :(
    Of course you guys do this shit for free week in week out, if you want to talk about books and Indian festivals instead, its your gig, go for it. I’ll still tune in every week in the hope that you eventually rewatch E.T. and your childlike wonder of movies returns.

  • Reed Farrington

    If you haven’t already, Jr, check out Film Junk’s Cantankerous podcast. It’s defunct now, but there were 13 glorious episodes produced by Jay.

  • Reed Farrington

    Did Frank really say “kill the virus”? As Dirk Gently commented below, antibiotics are for bacterial infections. Jay would have jumped on Frank for this.

  • Reed Farrington

    I remember the theatre ads for “Suspiria” when I was a child, so when I eventually rented it in my 20’s, I was expecting to be horrified. I was not impressed. Neither was my female co-worker, but she wasn’t a fan of horror anyway. (Couldn’t upload the theatre ad, but the tag line reads “The Only Thing More Terrifying Than The Last 12 Minutes Of The Film Is The First 92.”)

  • jl hendr


    I may be a heathen but I am no follower. Keep the Asian film discussions coming. Maybe more like golden chicken, the chaser, vengeance trilogy, memories of murder, or jsa.

  • Carl Hobday

    I am calm. That’s just how I roll pal :)

  • Christ

    Reed has now pretty much confirmed that Jay is out. I, for one, am completely gutted. I hope he rekindles his love of cinema one day soon. All the best Jay!

  • Reed Farrington

    We’re having a farewell party for Jay this Saturday that’s being organized by Zak. Unfortunately, it’s only open to peeps who’ve played Catan with Jay.