Miranda July Heist Film Gets All-Star Cast


It’s been a while since indie director Miranda July’s previous feature The Future hit screens in 2011, but now she is set for a return with an untitled heist film.  July has assembled an impressive cast for the project, including Evan Rachael Wood, Gina Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins, and Debra Winger.  According to a press release, the film’s script “will center on a woman named Old Dolio (Wood) whose life is turned upside down when her parents (Jenkins and Winger), amateur con artists who must face the mistakes of their bad parenting, invite an outsider (Rodriguez) to join their biggest heist yet.”  The movie is set to start shooting in May and is being produced by Annapurna Pictures and Plan B Entertainment.

While a heist film may seem like an odd choice for someone like Miranda July, who is known for offbeat, original comedies, I’m sure she will put her own spin on the sub-genre.  Whether you have enjoyed her past films or not, you can’t say she’s a jobber.  With this cast involved, I’m certainly interested to see what July has up her sleeve.  Are you excited to see a heist film from Miranda July?

  • Nick P.

    Just curious who is in that picture? That is not any of the 4 actors you mention and looks like Vera Formiga, but young…

  • KylG

    It is Miranda July.

  • Colin


  • Loren

    Lol..nice! I’m not sure if anyone will get the reference.. but good one! I like this filmmaker..Will definitely see this.. Probably will be unlike any heist film I’ve seen.

  • Flo Lieb


  • Tommy

    I’m naming my kid Old Dolio.