William Friedkin’s The Devil and Father Amorth Trailer


William Friedkin started his career doing documentaries for television back in the ’60s (which helped inform the style of The French Connection), but he hasn’t really returned to non-fiction in any significant way since then. This year, however, he has an intriguing new documentary on the way that should make a very cool companion piece to The Exorcist. The movie is called The Devil and Father Amorth and it finds him following the work of Father Gabrielle Amorth, a man who has served as the head Exorcist for the Diocese of Rome for over 30 years. Whether you believe in this stuff or not, it looks like a creepy and intense experience and one that is all too real for some people. The Devil and Father Amorth hits select theatres on April 20th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • 1138sw

    Wow…the Exorcist freaked me out as a kid and still does! It lives as one of my all time greatest films! Watched it on VT with some friends in his basement and didn’t sleep for a week LOL.

    Now this looks really interesting! I’m in!

  • Anthony

    Some cynical part of me, however small it is, has a feeling this is going to be a Fourth Kind kind of thing.