Film Junk Podcast Episode #649: Annihilation and Mute


0:00 – Intro: Medieval Times + Frank’s TV Debacle Conclusion
26:20 – Review: Annihilation
53:05 – Review: Mute
1:10:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Ritual, Stalker, The Breaking Point
1:23:45 – Junk Mail: Juicing Black Panther’s Rotten Tomatoes Score, Best Foreign Blu-ray Distributors, In Defense of Grain, Choosing a Movie Theatre, Frank’s Thoughts on John Landis + Best Comedy Directors
1:46:25 – Outro
1:49:05 – Spoiler Discussion: Annihilation

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  • Bill

    Jay imitating Sean’s “Well you could try” made me laugh harder than I ever have before from this podcast.
    Sorry for the hell Frank has been through with LG. At least the whole sad affair has finally ended. #LifeIsSHIT

  • Tommy

    The texture of a cave wall is all a part of appreciating the paintings of ancient man! Ditto film grain.

  • Film Gob

    Felt sorry for Sean but still funny

  • devolutionary

    A Jay Draws composition of Frank with too many teeth is a scary, scary proposition.

  • Sam

    So…. how does this Film Junk slack thing work?

  • devolutionary

    The public URL is easy to find ( but non-premium plans are invite only. I’m not entirely sure how useful a collaboration service is for casual use but I can supply an invite link soon enough. It does have several neat communication features but probably makes more sense as a scheduled chat hub.

    Without a focus it’s just a glorified chatroom but the Android and ITunes apps are solid.

  • Jameson


    Sean, I had a similar interpretation that Oscar Isaac was more alien than human whereas Natalie Portman was more human than alien. The thing that confuses me is since we learn Isaac had an accent then in the beginning when he doesn’t have an accent wouldn’t she immediately know it wasn’t really him. Unless I missed something?

    Honestly can’t wait for the rewatch. This movie filled the void that was left from Cloverfield Paradox.

  • Nobody

    Where the hell was the Asian guy?

  • Kay Dizzle

    Frank you’re the man. I won’t be buying anything or recommending anything LG.

  • Samb

    There’s a character in Annihilation named Sheppard (so listed in IMDb and referred to as such by other characters), but I could swear I heard Natalie Portman refer to her as Shumpert. Something to look out for on a rewatch, perhaps.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I always order TV’s online with free shipping. About 5 years ago, a TV I received was damaged during shipping. The Best Buy affiliate had UPS send me a replacement TV and pick up the damaged TV at the same time. My current OLED TV arrived in great shape.

  • Sean

    Yeah I am sure the accent is meant to clue us into something but frankly it was a bit confusing on a first time watch. I think she knows something is off about him but whether she thinks it is literally not him remains to be seen.

  • Sean

    Should we just set up a thread somewhere for people to request access?

  • devolutionary

    Might be a good idea. I’ll probably add an invite to the subreddit later as well.

  • Beat_C

    yeah, that was pretty rude.

  • Beat_C

    3 stars for “mute” are 3 stars too many.

  • Justin Kinzer

    Sean probably cried afterwards.

  • parapa

    Sean – Glad to hear you loved Stalker, what an experience that movie is.
    Also, you’re right about the locations – it’s mostly shot around real found locations. Unfortunately, this ended up killing the cast, Tarkovsky, and a large portion of the crew, who all died of cancer within 5-10 years of making the movie, likely due to the chemicals they were exposed to in that water.

  • Glen

    I saw a Annihilation yesterday & really enjoyed it.

    You are right about Natalie Portman though. She was wrongly cast as the lead.

    She lacks depth. Frowning isn’t acting.

  • Lior

    Sean, I urge you to also watch Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev, which is his ultimate masterwork. A stunning experience. Once again, you will need 3.5 hours without interruption, and no distractions whatsoever. :-)

  • Falsk

    Surprised no one mentioned the cancer metaphor. Admittedly, I went into the film having already read Corey Pierce’s review on Letterboxd, but I thought looking at the film as dealing with cancer treatment was spot on.

  • James Diolanda

    watched Annihilation and I had a different take on the ending.

    **Spoiler Alert**

    Is it possible that the Natalie Portman who came back was the Alien and “she” told the story that will be believable to them? She killed the real Natalie and reported a “made up” story so now they can “repopulate” Earth with her fellow alien in Oscar Isaac.