Film Junk’s 2018 Oscar Pool and Annual Live Chat Details


It’s that time of year again! The 90th Annual Academy Awards are happening this Sunday and in keeping with tradition, Film Junk will be once again holding its annual Oscar pool and live Oscar chat. The Oscar pool is being set up through Gold Derby courtesy of Falsk (thanks Falsk!) and the winner will get a shiny $50 Amazon gift card plus our utmost disdain / respect. The chat will use Chatstep, which seemed to work pretty well last year. Just to avoid confusion, I should clarify that we will not be doing a live broadcast of any sort… it is simply a relaxed online chatroom where you can follow along with fellow Junkies and Junkers as we all watch the ceremony together. If you’d like to participate in the pool, Falsk’s instructions for signing up can be found after the jump or over on the Film Junk subreddit. Good luck!

Well junkés and junkées, we’re just about finished with another cold, dark, miserable winter of awards shows and what better way to cap it all off than making some sweet sweet Gold Derby Oscar Predix!

Gold Derby remains the easiest and free-est way to host a pool so I join you for another year as your humble Oscar Pool Hostess. The site claims to be up and running on both desktop and mobile so let’s go through the ground rules for entering:

1.) Create an account at and comment here (or PM me) with your e-mail address so I can send you an e-vite to the league.
2.) Once you join, on the league page to the right hand side you’ll see “My Predictions”.
3.) With each category you nominate one film to win and also have the option to make two of your category selects a “super bet”. This ups the points you win and can lead to a MAJOR upset, like last year when Breanna R. beat out Colin G. by 1500 points, despite them both having the same prediction accuracy.
4.) As you make your selections, click “save and next” to continue until you’re finished.
You can change your picks up until the start of the event (8:00 PM EST) at which point, join me in the chat as I await Frank’s in-depth discussion on Oscar tux color choice for 2018.

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