New to Theatres This Weekend: Winchester, A Fantastic Woman, Scorched Earth


It’s another predictably barren weekend for movies with Super Bowl LII happening on Sunday as Maze Runner: The Death Cure is expected to remain at the top of the box office without too much trouble. The only new movie in wide release is the Spierig Brothers horror movie Winchester starring Helen Mirren, which seems to be getting pretty dismal reviews. Other than that, in select theatres we have the Oscar-nominated Chilean film A Fantastic Woman, the Gina Carano post-apocalyptic action movie Scorched Earth, and the documentary The Cage Fighter. Also, the ’90s classic Groundhog Day is also getting a small theatrical re-release for one night only. What will you be watching this weekend?

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  • Beat_C

    i saw “a fantastic woman” half a year ago and thought it was great. i would love you guys to review it.