Film Junk Podcast Episode #645: Hostiles


0:00 – Intro
14:10 – Review: Hostiles
47:40 – Headlines: Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer, The Hurricane Heist Trailer, Mute Trailer
1:01:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Hoop Dreams, Unforgiven, Goon: Last of the Enforcers, Strong Island, Russkies
1:30:30 – Junk Mail: Scott Cooper vs. John Hillcoat, Best and Worst Acting Performances by Musicians, How to Tell a Movie’s Genre, Movies We’d Want to Go Back in Time to Experience Completely Fresh, Transparent Dividers Between Theatre Seats, Jay Argument Flowchart
1:59:30 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:01:15 – Outro

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  • Colin

    Jay, I need one of those blus! How much are you thinking per disc?

  • Lori Cerny


    Why don’t you just sell it on Amazon?


    Your life would be solved by switching to all digital all the time.

  • Jameson

    Scott Cooper premium? To put the nail in the coffin that is cinema.

  • devolutionary

    Everyone knows it. Frank is secretly the biggest closeted Scott Cooper fan. He just loves researching him and bringing his credentials down.
    However, I will admit that Crazy Heart is the only movie of his that I genuinely liked. But that movie’s premise was effectively simple.

  • Glen

    I was curious how much it costs to make bulk Blu Ray discs.

    God bless Google.

    If Jay is going to do 250 it will cost roughly $2.55 per disc including printing depending on the company you are using. I don’t know about packaging however. Someone can do a deeper dive than I did.

  • Samb

    Couple things: Jay, I responded to your Blu ray tweet, but I think I’m one of the people who has one coming anyway. I think. Anyway, beware of potential Venn diagram overlap.

    Also, I went to high school with Susan Walters, aka Dolores, aka Mulva. She was Miss Chamblee (Georgia) HS 1982, as her sister was a couple of years later. Or earlier, I forget. Anyway, indeed a beautiful young woman, and her appearance on Seinfeld was the second greatest CHS television moment of all time, trailing only Coach Cagle’s appearance on Family Feud in ’81, where his answer to Richard Dawson’s question of “What do little boys play with that little girls don’t?” was “Balls.” Hey, I should track down the video and send it to Greg….

  • devolutionary

    Anyone on DocIgnite who didn’t order a BluRay may still be eligible to buy one also.

  • Lori Cerny

    Could those movie theater “sneeze guards” actually be sound barriers? Can we have a pic?

  • Jay whatever you decide, I gotta have one of those Blus. It’s insane you have to take things into your own hands to get anything done, but just know that there are definitely people out there that want to support your work. Hope the extra work to get this off the ground doesn’t push you to even darker corners of YouTube…

  • pcch7

    I must have a blu-ray. I hope it will be region free?

  • Tommy

    Sean, you gotta get Gothic. It’s a Ken Russell movie about Mary Shelly and friends telling telling ghost stories and getting up to sexy stuff.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    “How To Build a Time Machine” Film Junk Premium Podcast commentary

  • Lior

    I contributed to Doc Ignite for Jay’s film but I have no idea if I contibuted high enough to get a BR. It was a long time ago and my address is different anyway. I did receive a download link a couple of weeks ago!

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Jay, please put me down for a “Time Machine” blu-ray. Hell, maybe I’ll even buy 2 so I can sell one for a profit when you direct the 2025 Spiderman reboot. I loved Twisted by the way (at least, I think I remember loving it) but it needed more Frank.

  • Deven Science

    I want to support Jay, so, despite the fact that I already have a Bluray coming from the crowdfunding, I’ll probably buy another to go in the gift drawer. You know, the drawer of stuff that can be grabbed when a gift is suddenly needed. “Shit! It’s my sister-in-law’s birthday. Forgot. Here’s a copy of a great documentary.”

  • tyler mikol

    I will most definitely buy a Blu of How To Build A Time Machine. Maybe 2 or 3. And a commentary would be the tits! Have you guys ever thrown around the idea of doing a Documentary Premium? I’d be so down for that.

  • Werner. Herzog. Premium. How has this not happened?

  • Lior

    I think the Junkers exist in some bubble where people only buy Blu-Rays and 4K’s and nobody buys DVD’s or cares about DVD’s. I would argue the opposite is true. DVD is a mass media format. Blu Ray is for film and home theater enthusiasts. Furthermore, the DVD is still a viable physical home media form, since the amount of stuff available on DVD far exceeds what’s available on BR (even though the gap is continuasly closing). Nevertheless, we can assume at this point that some things that came out on DVD have very small chance of ever coming out on BR. I want to get The American Astronaut for example, a fantastic little oddity of a film. What are the chances of it ever coming out on Blue? In the meantime, its DVD is worth 130$ used. These things still have value for collectors, it depends on the title.

    DVD is still the preferred format for physical releases of many TV shows and children movies, not to mention that most libraries only carry DVD’s and not HD formats.

  • Beat_C

    another endlessly entertaining episode. thanks guys!
    re. musicians as actors: i was just listening to an old episode, where you discussed joanna newsom in “inherent vice”. also janelle monae and courtney love sprang to mind. but of course i’m extremely surpsied frank didn’t bring up justin timberlake ????

  • Sean

    I understand why DVD is still the default physical format but I think we’re at a point where the only people who are still buying physical media anymore are the film nerds and home theatre enthusiasts as you say. Which is why it kind of seems silly not to do a Blu-ray release.

  • Sean

    I believe the email specifically said J.T. was not to be included in the discussion because obviously that would be the first person Frank mentioned.

  • Kyle Grimes

    Is Kevin Smith guilty of Juice Boxing? (juicing his own movies box office)

  • Lior

    I agree, it doesn’t make sense to me either, but in the popular mind Blu-Ray is preceived as a niche thing (much like Vinyl or the Laserdisc 20 years ago… yes, we have come full circle), while DVD is still the default home media that evereybody and their grandma knows, so that’s why distributors, or those who are holding the rights, will sometimes elect to just slap it on a DVD and not a Blu-Ray.

  • Sean

    Haha nice… I like it.

  • Sean
  • iammattz

    No chance of reviewing Linklater’s newest next week? Definitely seems like it would be lesser-Linklater but maybe that makes it an interesting discussion at least?

    Was thinking for premiums, it’s kinda crazy there hasn’t been an Adam Sandler premium yet – specifically would think the 90s films would be great: Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Wedding Singer, Waterboy, Big Daddy. As an extra you throw in Airheads or maybe Little Nicky?

  • I’m digging James’ movie going style. Shorts are the new pants. #shorts

  • Nobody

    I’m probably wrong since Frank didn’t mention it, but I thought Scott Cooper’s name showed onscreen for a bit before the writer/director credit came up at the end, as if to drive home who made this movie. Listening to the review, I was reminded of how I have similar issues with The Shape of Water when it comes to character behavior or changes. I guess I wasn’t bothered by it in Hostiles due to Mr. Cooper’s prodigious talents.

    Random suggestions for a review: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Wolf Warrior 2

    I don’t buy Blu-rays often, but a Jay Cheel Blu-ray sounds great.

  • Lior

    I feel that if A Futile and Stupid Gesture would’ve been made as a parody or as a straight-up comedy, it would not have been able to play on the theme and message it’s trying to convey: that irreverence and silliness have a significant value as cultural forces. As a comedy, it would’ve been part of the joke and would not have had the outside-looking-in angle that it has, not to mention that it tackles serious issues and analyzing a complicated character. Having said that, It is definitley a sort of an anti-biopic. With the narrator and all the self-aware elements within, it fits the tone and keeps the film from being too dry and didactic. I liked it.

    I admit I did not know the story of National Lampoon, so it contributed to my enjoyment of the film. For example, it was nice to see how Saturday Night Live began, how Animal House was made, etc.

  • Beat_C

    oh, it did? sorry, i missed that.

  • J.C.

    I’m doing my part to make shorts cool again! Living in Texas means I get to wear them pretty much the whole year without getting any sideways glances. I think we’ve only had at most 2 weeks of below freezing temperatures this year. This particular trip to the theatre was on Jan. 27th and it was about 60 degrees fahrenheit, so shorts were a no-brainer. #Shorts4Life

  • I stand in solidarity with you brother, up here in the great white North. #GreatWhiteShorts