Film Junk Podcast Episode #644: The Commuter and Call Me By Your Name


0:00 – Intro
12:35 – Review: The Commuter
37:25 – Review: Call Me By Your Name
1:00:10 – Headlines: 2018 Oscar Nominations, Dundee Teaser Trailer, Theatre Attendance Hits Lowest in 24 Years
1:28:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Schindler’s List, Slapshot, Goon, The Toys That Made Us, Your Name, Rocky Balboa, Black Mirror, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
1:48:15 – Junk Mail: Favourite Non-Actors in Movies, The Overlap Between Movies and TV, Dropping Lid and Logging on Letterboxd, Sean’s 4K TV Update
2:15:10 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:17:25 – Outro
2:21:05 – Spoiler Discussion: The Commuter

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  • Just for future reference, it’s worth nothing that according to the American Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, a feature film is 40 minutes or longer. So most episodes of television drama are long enough to count as a feature film.

  • AH

    Hey Frank, you seem like just the guy I’ve been looking for.

    Do you want to get together this weekend and kill 6 million Jews?

    I won’t take “I don’t know” as an answer. You know.

    See you Saturday!

  • Tony D’Amico

    Just wanted to throw this out there I don’t have any hard facts but every theater where I live and there’s about eight Within 10 miles of me have converted over to recliner seats which are bigger and they put much more space in front of the seats. if anything they are reducing the number of seats in theaters and charging more. like I said just my observation not fact, so I would assume that would justify the smaller number of tickets sold

  • Blake in Boston

    Sean, I tinkered around a lot before being happy with these LG image settings on my OLED (Turn OFF all image noise/smoothness bullshit):

    For HDR Signals:
    -Vivid: Color Temp: W15, Brightness: 55, Contrast 100, Color 45

    For Non-HDR Signals:
    -HDR Effect: Color Temp: W15, Brightness: 63, Contrast 100, Color 45

    I’m lazy, so I just keep those my settings for all inputs. Unfortunately, brightness/contrast can vary via Blu-Rays, Streaming Apps, Games, etc. You can lose your mind tinkering all the time, so just find some good settings and stick with what you like!

  • Sean

    Hmm yeah interesting point. That’s only within the last few years though, right? I feel like that’s falling in line with the trend we were talking about, selling tickets to less people for higher prices.

    But we’re talking about a progression since the ’90s. I can’t find any stats on seats specifically, but the number of screens in the U.S. has grown from 25,000 to 40,000 over the past 25 years. Based on that alone it seems like there should be potential for a lot more tickets to be sold.

  • Gordo

    You guy’s thinking of bringing back Score Bits anytime soon? I’m fiendin’

  • Dirk Gently

    Last year was great for Summer Blockbusters? Must be off my game as i can’t think of even one.

    Has anyone here seen Lucky, the Harry Dean Stanton movie? It’s a nice watch, give it a go!

    Thanks for the podcast guys.

  • devolutionary

    It’s a much older anime, but I would recommend “Only Yesterday” by Isao Takahata (#2 man @ Studio Ghibli). The animation isn’t flashy compared to newer anime but centers around a really strong female coming of age story.

  • Carlos

    “A physical summer of fun ALWAYS ends in cum”

    Another gold nugget from Cheel :)

  • Sean

    Sounds familiar. Thanks, I will try to track it down.

  • Sean

    Thanks, yeah the brightness is the main thing I have been fiddling with as well. But overall pretty similar settings.

  • dude

    Thank you Frank for taking down this POS movie.

  • Xabier C.

    Frank is Alt Ligth, he really loves the white ligth.

  • Xabier C.

    Frank really loves the white ligth, He is Alt Ligth.

  • M.Anton

    “Communist regimes… turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government.”[4]:2 According to Courtois, the death toll amounts to 94 million.[4]:4 The breakdown of the number of deaths given by Courtois is as follows:

    65 million in the People’s Republic of China
    20 million in the Soviet Union
    2 million in Cambodia
    2 million in North Korea
    1.7 million in Ethiopia
    1.5 million in Afghanistan
    1 million in the Eastern Bloc
    1 million in Vietnam
    150,000 in Latin America

  • M.Anton

    Taking this into account, the total for Chinese Communist Party democide
    is 80.86 million, more than the Soviet Union (62 million), Nazi Germany
    (21 million), or any other regime in the 20th century.[7]

  • Beat_C

    it’s been too long since jay talked abut cum. yummy.
    as for great performances by non-professional actors (excluding kids), wasn’t the mom in “florida project” one? also the two two protganists in sean bakers other movie, “tangerine”. but of course there’s lots of foreign movies where, due to the circumstances, directors are forced to work with non-actors, like abbas kiarostami for example.

  • Nobody

    I second that recommendation, it’s a more grounded Ghibli movie and also one of their best. Wolf Children is amazing.

    I saw two other anime movies last year aside from Your Name – A Silent Voice is one of the most emotionally absorbing anime I’ve seen and In This Corner of the World is also good. Any of these are worth checking out if you enjoyed Your Name.

    Too bad about the Impractical Jokers live show. I was curious about that because I think the TV show is a bright spot in comedy. Their challenges involving presentations are always hilarious.

  • pcch7

    I am shocked by the revelation that neither Jay nor Frank calibrate their expensive 4K tv’s with a calibration disc. I couldn’t live knowing that my settings are sub-optimal.

  • Markus

    Then take this into account, communism had been around for about 100+ years longer than the nazis so they had the time to rack up some kills. What the nazis did and the people they killed was under a short period of time. So if the nazis had been around for as long as communists, i would bet you they would be in the nr 1 spot on that list of yours, easy.

  • Lior

    Regarding the TV vs. Film aesthetic issue: isn’t it all the rage these days to say TV has become much more cinematic? With shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones? So isn’t the influence actually going the other way? Flat TV aesthetic is mostly found in network drama these days, not so much on cable (or streaming).

    The Netflix movie is a new kind of beast that is very hard to categorize. It’s obviously not a theatrical film, but it’s not the classic TV film either. If we must determine, we can go to the Holy Scripture, the IMDB, and see what it says. If we take Bright for example, it’s listed as having a rating of TV-MA, which is a TV rating. So at least according to IMDB, Bright is a TV movie.

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    Great episode, fellas. Power through the doldrums of winter and let’s hope 2018 plays better at the theater than it looks on paper. Cheers.

  • M.Anton

    Well, if we use the proper term “National SOCIALISM” or remember “ex”-socialist Mussolini´s curious “Italian Social Republic”, this hypothetical discussion becomes meaningless anyway.

    Socialism, Communism and Fascism are all united in totalitarian ideology and absolute mass-murder.

  • pcch7

    Why can’t amazon just list the fucking subtitles on the films they sell.. So annoying

  • Frank Booth

    Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that the Fascists have always hijacked the term Socialism and then ignored its philosophies to con their followers.

    It’s like the GOP always reminding everyone that Lincoln was a Republican, when everyone knows that the two parties switched platforms over the last century.

    If Lincoln was alive today, he’d piss all over the GOP and its current faux-populist leader.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    LG OLED TV’s tend to be well calibrated out of the box. There are websites that give good calibration tips for specific TV models.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I found that the dynamic contrast settings make a big difference on my LG OLED. While a dark movie like “Pacific Rim” or a Netflix HDR movie like “Captain America Civil War” look great with ‘HDR Bright’ or ‘Vivid’, my “Ghostbusters” 4K and “Iron Man” 4K suffer from the high dynamic contrast and I watch them in ‘HDR Standard’.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Any chance you guys will see/review “Den of Thieves”?

  • M.Anton

    I guess an IQ above room temperature leads to complete indifference about the death of almost 100 million human beings. Everything for the utopia.

  • Sean

    I can’t say it’s at the top of my watchlist personally but it’s possible. The next few weeks are looking pretty rough.

  • Sorry, that should be the *Academy* of Motion Picture Arts & etc., not American.

  • If it’s a popular TV the easiest thing is do as Kenneth says, just copy someone else’s settings and hope they’re not lying about being a pro. I did that with my plasma and it looks stunning compared to out of the box.

  • RockJoker

    Sean, i would recommend you “A girl that leapt through time” by Momoru Hosoda. It has a similar proportions of slice of life/romance/sci-fi. Its masterfuly made and overall a terrific anime film. I think youll enjoy it.

  • wosko

    I know you’ve written the review on it Sean (and a good one too!), but am surprised The Shape of Water was never reviewed as a group on the podcast…maybe you could revisit that one?

  • Sean

    Thanks, I will try to check that one out.

  • Sean

    Actually we did review it on the 2017 TIFF episode. (And the written review was by James, not me!)

  • wosko

    Ahh my bad! I remember listening to the TIFF ep but have totally forgotten you guys even reviewed it!
    Now that I’ve (recently) seen Shape of Water I’m going back for a re-listen!!
    Cheers Sean!

  • macman8

    Not the greats question the ever asked, but what’s the Adam Scott movie where he gets jerked off? I need to add that one of the watchlist. Damn that was funny!

  • polar909

    Great episode guys!
    Any chance we could get some classic/good older films to review if there isn’t much good in cinema right now?

  • Sean

    I think Jay said it was an episode of HBO’s In Treatment.

  • Sean

    Sure, it’s a possibility.

  • I LOVED Hostiles. While it’s certainly not for everybody, I think there’s probably a pretty good conversation to be had in there.

    At least give it some consideration.

  • Couldn’t find it (the animated 2006 version) streaming (for free), but found the live action (2012) version on Amazon:

    I too will check this out. Sounds interesting.

  • filmstache

    On Frank’s quick review of Fire Walk With Me, I think he is missing the horrific truth, that this is really a 90’s explanation of how and why molestation occurs given a dark twisted suburbia noir bent. I have recently been witness to a family going through this and it breaks my heart to see this and is Lynch has made it rightfully horrifying.

  • gibson8

    No way…Frank doesn’t get subtext? He makes up reasons for liking certain things then denies that the reasons ever existed. Swears blind about a particular fact that supports his spurious arguments then backtracks like Cartman when shown to be wrong. Surely this great mind would be able to interpret the broader themes in a film about an abused and murdered girl.