John Cena in Talks for Michael Bay-Produced Duke Nukem Movie


Hail to the king, baby. Cinema may be dead and/or dying, but this year it appears that we are about to witness the birth of a new evolution of the art form… I call it “Cenama”. With starring roles in the R-rated comedy Blockers and the Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, 2018 was already shaping up quite nicely for WWE star John Cena. Now this week we are hearing that he is on the verge of signing on to star in a big budget adaptation of an iconic video game franchise. That’s right, Cena is about to become the self-aware muscle-bound action hero cliche he was born to play in a Duke Nukem movie. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

According to Variety, John Cena is in talks to star in Duke Nukem for Paramount Pictures, based on the long-running video game series by Apogee Software. The first game was released back in 1991 for the IBM PC, but it wasn’t until Duke Nukem 3D in 1996 that the character really became a phenomenon and an important early entry in the first-person shooter genre. The most recent installment was Duke Nukem Forever, released in 2011 after being in development off and on for some fifteen years.

The movie is currently set up at Platinum Dunes, the production company run by Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller. No director or writer is attached as of yet, although you have to wonder if they might have Hardcore Henry director Ilya Naishuller in mind. Dwayne Johnson starred in a Doom adaptation back in 2005 and although it was a box office bomb, it did help establish him as an action star. This has the potential to be a little more comedic and I think with the right tone it could actually be fun. Let’s just hope they don’t attempt to take the material seriously. Would you pay to see a Duke Nukem movie starring John Cena?