Film Junk Podcast Episode #643: The Post and The Road Movie


0:00 – Intro
3:30 – Review: The Post
28:50 – Review: The Road Movie
43:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: Molly’s Game, Spielberg, All the Money in the World, The Polka King, Saving Private Ryan, Coco, Ultimate Beastmaster, Thelma, Super Dark Times, Mudbound, Dave Made a Maze, Marjorie Prime
1:17:50 – Junk Mail: Frank Argument Flow Chart, Why Jay Stopped Using Letterboxd, Sleeping Habits
1:39:17 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:41:10 – Outro

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  • Lior

    I stopped using Twitter a long time ago, it’s insuffereable. And I keep Facebook mainly for its messaging function and because of events and such. But I am also not a fan of social media. I can hardly even spell Instagram.

    But Letterboxd is different for me. First of all, it’s a beautiful website and an excellent tool for keeping track of what you watched (even though I also don’t log absolutley everything.) I like going back a few years later and see what I thought about a certain movie in real time. It has value. And the fact you can share it with other people is just a bonus. It’s also a neat way to discover movies that were under your radar. So for me it has many other functions than simply reading other people’s opinions. But if you are interested in that, it’s also becoming a nice hub for user reviews, as IMDB becomes more and more commercialized, corporate-friendly and hard to navigate, Letterboxd shines with its simple, clean design and respect for movies.

  • Captain Fram
  • bendoofus

    Kubrick for the premium! Or finally do the Poltergeist one!

  • bendoofus

    Haha love it!

  • Tommy

    Just a heads up, the show came in as Jan 10th in my podcast app.

  • Captain Fram

    Kudos to the fellow on twitter for coming up with such a thing

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    I’d be down with Kubrick or maybe G Del T.

  • bendoofus

    Good call! And it’s probably not too late to tie it in to the release of Shape of water

  • Indianamcclain

    I never thought I’d see the day when Frank disses Disney, and Spielberg.

  • Indianamcclain

    Some premium suggestions:
    -David Cronenberg
    -90’s comic book movies
    -The Man With No Name Trilogy

  • Lior

    Speilberg did The BFG between Bridge of Spies and The Post.

    It would’ve been intreresting to hear how The Post compares to All the President’s Men, which has the same setting and some of the same characters. I’m sure that iconic film was on Speilberg’s mind when making The Post.

  • Sean

    Thanks, should be fixed now.

  • Sean

    Ah yes, The BFG. How could we have forgotten that one…

  • Lori Cerny

    The creator needs some type of reward for this achievement.

  • Jake

    Agreed. Get this person their very own ‘Junkie.’

  • devolutionary

    I just wish I had more time to dedicate to it. If only they developed a “good” mobile app. I’m never thinking about Letterboxd while on my desktop. It’s not the best mobile site either.

  • Jameson

    I do miss Jay’s Letterboxd reviews, specifically any ending with “Suck my dick.”

  • Gregory Sennheiser

    Thanks a lot everyone. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Gregory Sennheiser

    Thanks a lot everyone. Glad you enjoyed it

  • Lior

    I do have the app, but I hardly use it. I modtly use the website. Logging a movie takes two seconds. Writing a few words about it takes a bit longer, and I guess it’s not as easy to do on the phone then on the PC.

  • pcch7

    Chin up Jay, at least you’re verified =)

  • pcch7

    I have to agree with Frank, you’d all beat Kurt Russell in a fight. Frank with his physical advantage and possibly channelling his anger for the copo, mom’s, free passes and whatnot. Imagine if Russell had been given a free pass by the copo for a performance just before fight.. Frank would obliterate him

  • pcch7

    It’s high time for a Leone premium, for sure

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I’ve been lobbying for a Mel Brooks premium for a while.
    The Producers
    Young Frankenstein
    Blazing Saddles
    High Anxiety
    The Silent Movie
    To Be or Not to Be
    History of the World Part 1

    I’m also hoping for a Predator premium before the next one comes out.

    Akira Kurosawa

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Or his one word reviews like “Diarrhea”

  • MehMeh

    Hey Sean, I think you mentioned that marjorie prime felt like could be an episode of black mirror? The plot sounded somehow similar to Black Mirror’s S02E01

  • Nobody

    Old man Chan would beat the shit out of Frank. I don’t get why Frank is so convinced about Chan’s abs being CG.

    Are you guys thinking about reviewing Hostiles? I can’t say I’d be shocked if you guys didn’t like it, but I’m still curious about your thoughts on that one. It really worked for me, but I also remember an amusing director’s credit for Scott Cooper that will likely set Frank off.

  • Sean

    I think we’re tentatively planning to review Hostiles next week.

  • Sean

    Yep, it’s like a combination of that and The Entire History of You and Crocodile, both of which deal with memory.

  • Mark Stevens

    Well, I think I’ve just about had it with you guys. I don’t think any of you would know a good film if it walked up and bit you in the ass.

    It’s been obvious for several months that none of you are equipped or knowledgeable enough to deal with anything other than genre and obtuse indie flicks. I’ve only been hanging on for the occasional visits by Dax. Frank alternates between infrequent moments of lucidity and flat out not knowing what the fuck he’s talking about. And Jay seems to be going through either a midlife crisis or post-project depression. Sean, the best I can say about you is you are pleasantly innocuous.

    (I guess I’m fully into my “get-off-my-lawn” mode.)

  • Frankie Knuckles

    Just to be clear; I did not say they were CG, I said they were “painted” on.

    Practical effects for the win!!!

  • Sean

    I think we’ve just about had it with us too.

  • Craig

    What are you on about? Film Junk is one of the more mainstream film podcasts I listen to. They review pretty much every blockbuster/superhero film when they are released (personally not my thing, but shock horror the podcast isn’t about me).

    The only thing you’re right on is that Jay sounds like he doesn’t really want to be doing the show anymore. I do get a sense we may be getting a Cinecast sort of wrap up quite soon. All the more reason to enjoy it now.

  • Frank is the MAYOR of my spank bank, Jay is the worst and he’s best worst there is, Sean til the break o dawn…I look forward to having it up to here with you guys every single week…Long live The Kings of Content Creation #spunkoverthejunk #fjforever

  • pcch7

    Filmjunk for life baby

  • gibson8

    You duplicitous bastard. That flow chart is unerringly accurate…I just can’t believe that anyone would take the time to spend that long thinking about your nonsense. These few barbs are the most I can bare otherwise it would be 24-7 responding to you.

  • gibson8

    You do realise that the chart shows in a logical and fairly well-sourced manner that Frank is full of shit and you as his proxies are…