Alex Ross Perry’s Golden Exits Trailer


Coming out of Sundance last year, there seemed to be a bit of buzz surrounding Alex Ross Perry’s latest film, Golden Exits. Given the critical acclaim for his last two films, Listen Up Philip and Queen of Earth, that was perhaps expected and yet one year later the movie is getting a very small and quiet release by Sony. Having watched the trailer, I can kind of guess why: it’s another dark drama that primarily revolves around self-absorbed characters bickering with each other (not unlike Noah Baumbach’s work). I suppose it may not be for everyone, but with a cast that includes Emily Browning, Mary-Louise Parker, Jason Schwartzman, Chloe Sevigny and Adam Horowitz (who also appeared in Baumbach’s While We’re Young), it seems like it will still be worth a look. Golden Exits hits select theatres and VOD on Feb. 16th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Tommy

    Yeah. Very Baumbachy. I love Ad Rock’s middle age career as a New York indie movie actor.