Film Junk Podcast Episode #642: Phantom Thread and Best of 2017


0:00 – Intro
14:15 – Review: Phantom Thread
36:20 – Feature: Film Junk’s Top 10 Movies of 2017
1:54:30 – Feature: 4th Annual Junkies
2:43:00 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:43:58 – Outro
2:46:35 – Spoiler Discussion: Phantom Thread

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  • Essie

    Thank you for an incredible year of film junk! Everything you all do for us is loved and appreciated. I really enjoyed your discussion of Phantom Thread. Didn’t it remind you of Vertigo? Couldn’t stop thinking of Hitchock.

  • Sean

    I think I did mention it was Hitchcockian at some point but that section of the discussion may have been cut due to spoilers.

  • B.J.

    This will be the show where Frankie will finally lose it due to Jay´s supremely shady Letterboxd tricks and chicanery.

  • Blake in Boston

    Get real Jay Jay Binks.

  • Colin

    ::hastily googling “an unclaimed space”::
    ::continues listening::

  • LongSlog

    Thanks for the shout-out Sean!

    That makes two Junk-Hosts I’ve sat (or parked) next to during movie screenings. FRANK hit me up the next time your in Toronto, I need to unlock this achievement.

  • Jameson

    Starting off by leaving the 10th spot blank…genius play.

  • Essie

    Oh and Jay, I think you will really love Caniba. It’s the new documentary from the people who did Sweet Grass and Leviathan. It’s in that style about cannibalism. Something to get excited about, perhaps. :P

  • Jameson

    Great episode but I wholeheartedly disagree that this wasn’t a great year for film. Between blockbusters, indies, and even the oscar-baity films, there were several very good-great examples.

  • Frank really lets loose in the Junkies, good to hear that passion for tearing down the COPO!!

  • As far as release year rules, I follow Frank’s “strict rules” mostly because by the time I see most of the movies I would put on a list, it’s one or two years removed so I just go by the year listed on Letterboxd. For you guys, it makes sense to just list the new movies that you saw that year, whatever the nature of the showing.

  • devolutionary

    The true Phantom Thread from this year’s Top Ten…in perpetuity!

  • Len F.

    It’s awesome how excited Frank gets for The Junkies. Love that passion Mr. Knucks.

  • Kommerzschlampe


  • Sam

    I heard that specifically Rebecca may have been an inspiration.

  • Joe Carson

    When did Jay fall out of love with Letterboxd? Was there a FJ discussion that I missed?

  • Indianamcclain

    Agreed, it’s a huge improvement over 2016.

  • Tommy

    This year was so much better. On LB I only went as low as a 2 stars, while in 2016 I gave out a good handful of 1’s.

  • Tim

    Is the title song of the movie a cover of Van Halen’s Panama but with someone singing “Can-i-BA!”? I hope so.

  • Tim

    Surprised Get Out didn’t get an honorable mention, though I can see that the social issues brought up are much more magnified here in the U.S.

    Jay, you can balance your morbid video watching with some animal rescue videos that sometimes cause me to drop tear. I’m a dog lover so “Hope for Paws” is my go-to, but I’m sure if you put “cat rescue” into youtube your heart will grow and the eye-water will flow.

  • Dan Gordon

    Jay fell out of love with Letterboxd and Frank fell out of love with blu-rays. Can film junk survive this?

  • Essie

    yes. rebecca, vertigo and the bitter tears of petra von kant were the three films i thought of most watching it.

  • Essie


  • Sean

    Not sure if you meant Jay or Frank specifically but Get Out was my #9.

  • Who are these people calling Scott Cooper a genius? I don’t think that’s ever happened.

  • Captain Fram

    I was listening to this episode while getting a root canal. Trying not to laugh during the drilling, it was great!!

  • Indianamcclain

    Frank, I can’t believe you left out Rough Night on your worst of list.

  • Tommy

    No Lasagna Cat for Best Content? Pfft.

  • Brian.M

    All Frankie needed for that tense stand off after that VIP cinema experience was The Offspring’s Come Out and Play, to.. ye know, ‘keep ‘em separated’

  • Brian.M

    Actually didn’t think Brosnan’s accent was too bad in The Foreigner. It’s a Northern Irish accent which is close enough to who he’s trying to replicate i.e. Gerry Adams.

  • Lior

    The 2$ premium middle-row seat at Varsity is a cash-grabby clusterfuck of the highest order. When theatre was not packed I used to sit in those rows just on principal. But once, I miscalculated the popularity of a Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation mid-week screening, and shortly found myself without a seat, and had to go out and get tickets for another creenings.

    I totally agree with Jay’s sentiments regarding the rapid decline of the theatrical experience. On top of everything that was mentioned on the show, theatres also don’t bother to mask the screen for the appropriate aspect ratio anymore, so you have these empty spaces above and below of on the sides, depending on the native aspect ratio of the screen itself. It’s basically like watching a movie on a really big TV. Theatre owners who cry wolf when Netflix creates movie events that bypass the theatrical experience altogether should at least give a shit before complaining.

    Also, as someone who makes short films and wants to moce into features at some point, it depresses me to see what happened to the theatrical experience. So I can understand what Jay is saying.

    Let’s just all create content. I love that word, content. It’s so classy.

  • polar909

    I really thought Jay was fooling everyone (especially Frank) with the ‘no letterboxd activity’, but seems like he really did just drop out of 2017 like a wet noodle.

    Jay, you should check out the 2017 film ‘Lucky’. I think it’s right up your street, and could possibly take the unclaimed space on your list.

    Thanks for another amazing year of FilmJunk guys!

  • Sean P / Laura Linney scene in Mystic River? ( Surprising reaction to something horrible-movie. )

  • devolutionary

    Cinema is dead. Long live ContentJunk!

  • devolutionary

    Yeah, in terms of fantastic character acting (dramatic and comedic) across the board, with minimal plot to get in the way, Lucky was fantastic. It’s all the little moments in the film (much like life) that made it a hoot.

  • Beat_C

    this was a grrrrreat episode, thanks so much for the entertainment. the passion frank brings to the junkies is infectious! but the best part was sean skipping jay’s no. 1 movie of the year ???? brilliant.

    PS. i really don’t get the whole reserved seating chaos you guys seem to have. here in switzerland, every seat is so-called reserved: you choose your seat online or at the box office, and every seat costs the same.

  • Bizzaro Nate
  • Sean

    In my defense, Jay was the last one to go initially, then it switched to him being first because he skipped a choice, then eventually he changed his list and it switched back to him being last. Pure chaos!

  • pcch7

    Junkies were great as usual, love that it gives Frank the chance to get his petpeeves out there haha. Maybe next year we can have a Domnhall Gleeson Award for the shittiest actor, he might be excempt of course or he’d win.

    I knew Jay would find a way to shake Frank’s world but not in a million years would I have guessed he’d leave a vacant spot on his list, brilliant.

  • Glen

    I may have missed it on the Best of 2017 podcast but did any of you guys see “Molly Bloom”?

    Is worthy of the Top 10 for 2017?

    I loved it mainly because I’m an Aaron Sorkin fanboy.

  • Sean

    You mean Molly’s Game? I believe Frank is the only one who has seen it so far.

  • B.J.

    What happened to your “Insidious: The Last Key” review?
    Not even on next week´s show??
    Horror main reviews on FJ are extremely rare as it is….

  • Sean

    Unfortunately, when even the Duke of Spook isn’t interested, it’s pretty unlikely to get a main review. I don’t think any of us saw Part 2 either.

  • Glen

    Yeah, that’s the one.

    Typing faster than my brain can process.

  • Chris Bell

    Hope Jay is ok, he does seem down and bummed out at the mo. Although I have to say his review of Three Billboards (01:03:00) almost made me shit.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Ha, when Jay started his Top Ten by saying: “My Number Ten is an unclaimed space,” … I thought for a few seconds there was a movie I’d never heard of this year called “An Unclaimed Space”

  • Sam

    I also recommend Lucky, it isn’t perfect but it’s an amazing send off for Harry Dean Stanton. Also, loved an impromptu performance of “Volver, Volver”

  • I’d say one reason I pretty much hated Dunkirk was the fact that I was waiting for the screen to “open up”. I knew it was an IMAX film -even though I was in a regular theatre- and had “parts that opened up the screen”…

    Needless to say the screen never opened up and was in a box for the entire runtime.

    Waiting for the screen to open up, and thus ruining my experience, could be my own fault, though I blame the theatre for boxing it in like that, making it look like it had “space to grow”.

    If I would’ve seen the movie at home, on my shitty 4 year old 42″ tv which I’m 3.5 meters removed from, I just might’ve liked the movie. Or maybe given it a half star more. Who knows.

  • Craig

    Bill Camp should have been a nominee for the paycheck category, just for the awards season:

    Killing of a Sacred Deer
    Molly’s Game

    Also has another 3 listed film roles from 2017 according to IMDB.

  • Lior

    Not sure what you mean by “open up”, but the regular non-Imax screenings of Dunkirk should have been in 2.40:1 ratio, so if projected on an unmasked, regular 1.85:1 screen then yeah, you would have empty areas on both sides and the movie would’ve never stretched sideways.
    I can’t personally attest to it since I saw the film in an Imax theatre.

    I know the Cineplex in Toronto pretty well, and I knew which screens they had in the theatres, so I would check the aspect ratio of a specific film I was interested in beforehand, and if it matched the screen in the theatre, I knew it would fill the whole screen. But if I saw the two ratios don’t match, I usually avoided seeing it or in the least was less enthusiastic of seeing it in a theatre.

    It’s kind of sad that this is what we have to do now because movie theatres don’t bother doing their job, which is to give us a high-quality viewing experience.

    I did complain about it to Cineplex back in the day but got a reply that they are not masking the screens anymore because digital projections don’t necessitate it, unlike film projections before that.

    I rest my case.