Film Junk Podcast Episode #642: Phantom Thread and Best of 2017


0:00 – Intro
14:15 – Review: Phantom Thread
36:20 – Feature: Film Junk’s Top 10 Movies of 2017
1:54:30 – Feature: 4th Annual Junkies
2:43:00 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:43:58 – Outro
2:46:35 – Spoiler Discussion: Phantom Thread

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  • It’s something I’ve never done before (checking and comparing aspect ratio’s) but something I might just start doing. Good idea.

    Saying it’s the reason why I hated Dunkirk is a bit harsh, since I did give it 3.5/5, but it really ruined the cinematic experience for me. There was blank movie-screen space both left, right, above and below the picture. Gross.

    I should probably just buy a 65″ OLED and sit right in front of it for a better cinematic experience.

    As Frank would say: SAD.

  • Brett David Rarick

    Is there go To be a filmjunk blog post with your guys’ top 10? I was wanting to go through them again and it seems only Frank has logged his top 10 as a list on letterbox.

  • Sean

    Yep, should have it posted this weekend.

  • Matt Thephotoman

    You guys watching BBC’s ‘Hard Sun’? sci fi /thriller- pretty dark and gritty, 5 episodes in and definitely worth a watch, not your usual end of the world stuff.

  • Flo Lieb

    Jay by now sounds as if he’s 2-3 months away from quitting the podcast and movies altogether. Who can blame him though? Cinema is dead.

  • Lior

    There seems to be a criticism in the show against Logan that it’s “too comic-booky”. I find it an odd thing to say. Isn’t it a superhero movie? If it isn’t a superhero movie, then why bother making it in the x-men universe? What would it be without those elements? A noir Western about a guy with long fingernails? The movie certainly has a split presonality. It wants to be dark and serious and brooding, but it also has to acknowledge its roots. Is the criticism a sign that those two parts don’t mesh very well?

    Logan is very similiar to The Wolverine (which I liked way more), in that it takes place in a supposedly realistic setting and adds its fantastical elements piecemeal, which makes it even more effective. But the general opinion seems to be that if Logan wasn’t a comic-book movie it would be even better. Perhaps. But it is what it is.

  • Danimal

    The Agent Coulson award should have gone to that monkey in Planet of the Apes. The one which puts the flower in the girls hair then dies IN THE NEXT SCENE so she gives it the flower back while the music tells you to cry.

  • Danimal

    Did any of you guys catch The Handmaiden? I was surprised it wasn’t even mentioned as I thought some of you enjoyed Stoker quite a bit.

  • Sean

    It was on a few of our lists last year I believe.

  • Danimal

    Ah, we only got it in the UK in 2017. That’s good – it seemed like an odd omission – it was my number 1 for 2017.

  • Danimal

    Yeah, just checked – all 3 of you had it in your top 10s. I feel validated now!

  • traie

    Just finished listening to the spoiler discussion and SPOILER: my interpretation is that the scene with the pram was just an idealized fantasy in her mind. Everyone except for her is completely out of character in that moment…I could be wrong but until I see it a second time, how I read it.

  • Nobody

    What made it worse is the earlier scene in which the girl witnesses the apes killing her parent/guardian and she shows no emotion. It appeared the guy was taking care of her and protecting her, so why does the stupid ape’s death apparently matter so much more?

    Regarding the guys’ opinions on whether or not a particular year was a good one for movies, I feel like there are always some potentially excellent movies out there that I haven’t seen by year’s end due to lack of time, access, initial interest, or knowledge of the movies even existing.

  • Sean

    We did discuss War for the Planet of the Apes for this award but we couldn’t remember a lot of the specifics of the various deaths.After jogging my memory, I agree it should have been in there.

  • Jay was trying to figure out the movie that the ending of Phantom Thread reminds him of, and it’s not exactly what he was referring too, because it isn’t elliptical, but I get a co-dependent relationship in weird way feeling from Let The Right One In.

  • I’ve got 2 more films with a similar vibe.
    Mystic River when Sean Penn’s wife is pumping him up at the end and Mia Wasikowska’s character in Stoker when she is thinking over events in a particular way.