Film Junk Podcast Episode #641: The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Bright


0:00 – Intro
17:25 – Review: The Killing of a Sacred Deer
56:20 – Review: Bright
1:22:30 – Headlines: Ocean’s 8 Trailer, Star Wars: The Last Jedi AMC Disclaimer
1:32:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: I, Tonya, Assisted Suicide Videos + Carnival Game Scams, Battle of the Sexes, Father Figures, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Florida Project, Columbus, Personal Shopper, Valerian, Split, Last Flag Flying, The Farthest
2:18:30 – Junk Mail: The New Star Wars Trilogy Wasn’t Planned, Terminator 2 4K Release
2:47:00 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:50:30 – Outro
2:52:15 – Spoiler Discussion: The Killing of a Sacred Deer

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  • pcch7

    No trailer for Han Solo? Trouble brewing over at Disney perhaps?

  • pcch7

    Would’ve been gold if Jay held on to that information about Split until the top ten episode =D

  • Blake in Boston
  • BJ

    Happy New Year to everyone at Film Junk and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

  • Colin

    His gift to us is that he’ll stop watching movies in 120hz? great…

  • Colin

    Frank is one of the finest trolls/villains in history… keep it up brah!

  • LordAwesome

    1.) Never use netflix or any streaming service as reference for calibration. Their 4K is inferior to a properly encoded 1080P Blu-ray. 20mbps is nowhere near enough for a quality 4K image.

    2.) Cameron did not supervise the Blu-ray. He supervised the 4K restoration and 3D version. The Blu-ray is taken from the left image of the 3D transfer. 3D transfers are degrained because it makes the 3D process easier.

    The UHD Blu-ray should have been taken from the 4K restoration before any shit was applied for the 3D version. This is a massive fuck up by Lionsgate/Studio Canal.

  • LordAwesome

    Turn any artificial processing crap on your TV OFF.

  • Sam

    I love his trolling on his weird year of release rules. But honestly speaking, I really hope he would budge on his rules. He already has the the taste that least aligns to mine, and then he makes his list even less interesting by limiting what movies he can put on there where it may not even be his overall favorite films of the year because of his arbitrary rules.

    These Top 10 lists are supposed to be what you enjoyed the most this year and calling out those movies, if you enjoyed Split that much this year and it got a 2017 theatrical release, then call it out bud!

  • Jake

    my guess would be the Super Bowl.

  • Blake in Boston

    I mean.. it is the REASON for the SEASON. #Blessed

  • stevens1

    Jay picking Frank’s lack of logic is always a beautiful thing. More of the same every week please.

  • Jameson

    I hope Frank spends every night of this week thinking about whether or not he can put Split on his list.

  • B.J.

    FJ is like a live playground where we silently watch how devious bully Jay is tormenting little innocent Frankie over and and over and over and over again.
    It´s uncomfortable but just can´t look away.

  • Mike Reilly

    Sadly you must retire “the Keeg”. It’s KeOghan. as in Keyho(le)-gan. So maybe the Keog or as made famous in is Irish TV role, the baby-faced cat-assassin.

  • Tommy

    I think this Sacred Deer talk is very revealing. Frankie’s absolutely killed someone.

  • Carlos

    Sean on Ocean’s 8: “I hope it ISN’T a bunch of hacking”

    What?! Listen buddy, you play a character on FJ, and you’ve firmly established that your character loves spy movies, sci fi, novelty t shirts, and most importantly….Hacking!
    Don’t go against type, bud! It only confuses your loyal fans!

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    Frank, don’t budge on the release date discussion. Your way of doing it is not only the most logical one but also the simplest one. The great thing about it is you just have to choose a reliable (and popular if possible) source and stick with it. Imdb seems like the best choice; sure, they don’t always get it right but no one else that I know does a better job. And the correctn

  • Lori Cerny


  • Lori Cerny

    Thank you gentlemen for the excellent discussion regarding The Killing of a Sacred Deer. I agree that the film was about guilt, but also how everyone surrounding an unintentional death is also a victim of the incident in some way – even if by association. It is an excellent film with many layers.

    Sean brought up an interesting point late in the spoiler talk about Nicole Kidman’s character having to play dead to attract her husband’s attention – think this happens twice in the movie, plus her extended scene bartering info from the guy in the car.

    That’s three very queer scenes of Nicole Kidman involved in a sexual exchange. Since movie production is expensive, any idea what those sex moments mean or imply? Are they intended to reveal something about her character or her husband’s?

    Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

    Happy New Year!

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    Frank, don’t budge on the release dates discussion. Your way of doing it is not only the most logical one but also the simplest one. The great thing about it is you just have to choose a reliable (and popular if possible) source and stick with it. Imdb seems like the best choice; sure, they don’t always get it right but no one else that I know does a better job. And being consistent is the main thing here because getting it right every time is kind of impossible and too much of a headache. Other sources are nowhere near as exhaustive or easy to search. Is there a list with all movies that are eligible for oscars for a given year? Even if there is it sounds like too much work to get info quickly from it, compared to Imdb. And if you’re going by when you watched the movies this implies keeping a diary which again requires more work on your part (although the podcast archive and Letterboxd are of great help). Now you have to remember when you watched the movie which is one extra step you have to take that could be eliminated by just going with whatever is on Imdb. Not to mention that in the long run, when revisiting a year-end list after a few years, you have quite a bit of digging to do.

    I will say that if you will budge, the only acceptable reason is that the format of the show and of publications in general place a lot of emphasis on when the movies in question were watched/reviewed and this format doesn’t make it possible to go back and change your list if necessary. But with Split you can specify where it would be on your 2016 list on next week’s show, if it would even be on it, which is great because you get to mention more movies that otherwise might have gone unmentioned (especially since you are not very keen on honorable mentions).

    While writing this I got this idea; on each year-end show after revealing the top movies for that year, there will be a retrospective segment where each of you get to mention older films that have become favorites but that you only watched recently. The whole segment shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes but it would require some preparation, which I guess makes this a bad idea.

    Anyways, this is great stuff guys, love the anti-entertainment! :)

  • Captain Fram

    Jay hounding Frank over release dates sustains me.

  • Sean

    Sometimes you gotta zig when they expect you to zag.

    I am secretly hoping for the coolest hacking heist ever committed to film.

  • devolutionary

    I suppose it’s too late for Jay to replace Frankie in Twisted now.

  • Essie

    Thank you very much for the show! Any ideas on next premium?

    For the record, Frank keeps talking about people being accused of something while actually being innocent. The facts indict this is extremely rare. In the case of rape, according to a study by Boston University only between 2 to 10 percent of all reported sexual assaults are ‘false’.

    Furthermore, when a case is reported as false it is EXCEEDINGLY rare for the man to face any criminal charges. The National Registry of Exonerations notes that since 1989 only 52 men have been exonerated for a sexual assault crime. By comparison, in that same time 790 people have been exonerated after facing murder charges.

    The point being I find it hard to believe that Sacred Deer, coming from a thoughtful filmmaker, is about men who are falsely accused but rather men who get away with something and the sinking sense of guilt that should ultimately eat them up. To make a film as richly textured and elegantly told as Sacred Deer and have it be about false accusations would seem myopic and an exercise in victim blaming, in my opinion. I think clearly the film is about consequences and guilt.

    Having said that I thought the tone and quirkiness was out of place with the morality of the story. Lanthimos works best for me when he is poking fun at his own absurdity. Deer is filled with little arthouse quirks – the licking of the hands, the stilted dialogue, the odd nature of the main couple’s sex life – that give it a very cheap feeling to me.

    Again thank you for the show. Love and appreciate all you do.

  • Indianamcclain

    I completely agree with Sean regarding Killing of a Sacred Deer. I certainly didn’t hate it though, and I do agree that George from Dunkirk is awesome in it.

  • Lior

    Jay’s new short film is another impressive piece of doc. Jay, I like to think of your style as “profoundly-whimsical documentary”. On the surface, it’s always about something seemingly frivolous, but when you watch it you realize it’s really about something much bigger and deeper. And yes, I count The Politics of Competitive Boardgaming Amongst Friends in that group as well.
    Great job, meticulously done as always, and very nice fonts to boot.

  • BlakeCrane

    SPLIT is definitely eligible/being pushed for awards as a 2017 release. Universal sent out awards screeners and it is listed on their FYC site:

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I ordered the new 3D Blu-Ray of Terminator 2 (OLED Curved 3D TV) and I’ll also check my special T2 HD-DVD for the grain.

  • Jake

    Sean confirmed this on the show, but Frank just didn’t want to believe it lol.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    Ugh. ..did universal have a bad year or something? That has to be one of the saddest awards consideration pages I’ve ever seen.

    Get Out, Split, Despicable Me 3, American Made, Fifty Shades Darker, Thank You For Your Service, Fate of the Furious and Girls Trip

    Bring on the statues!

  • Samb

    I’ll say it was pretty good to read these comments before listening, then hearing it come up only briefly, then realizing “oh, Jay is going to circle back to this later by interrupting Sean talking about something else”. Please nobody ever change.

  • Sam

    Get Out is actually getting a lot of buzz in a few categories, even including Best Picture….the other movies though, not so much.

  • Personal Shopper is a 2017 movie – love the whole chase sequence with text messages!

    Sean if you liked it and want more Assayas (which I highly recommend), obviously check out Clouds of Sils Maria, but then try CARLOS and BOARDING GATE. You might like SUMMER HOURS too.

  • Serious missed opportunity for Jay to roast Frank on setting up his top ten list so that it looks interesting as a whole or sets up a narrative rather than what his actual favorite movies are.

  • Also Jumanji was seriously pretty great. I don’t know where the KOC is getting “all the jokes are the same” – I laughed quite a bit at this movie and mostly just had fun with it.

    It’s essentially an action/adventure version of The Breakfast Club.

  • Nobody

    I loved Columbus, but I think I get what Frank was talking about to some extent. There’s a deliberateness that can make it feel unnatural, but I actually think that quality enhances the movie’s atmosphere. The movie feels both natural and unnatural in a way that gelled together for me.

    Also, I’m very surprised Frank didn’t see more dark comedy present in The Killing of a Sacred Deer. I think what happens during the penultimate scene is blatantly comical.

  • benvernel

    Hey Dwy-guy, you absolutely can get screening tix just for podcasts these days. Hit up some distribution companies! Get them freebs!

    Great episode. I have to say I agree with Sean on Killing of a Sacred Deer. I loved The Lobster but this had none of the humour or the pathos, it was just cold and pretentious.

  • Sean

    Thanks, I forgot he did Carlos. I think I have the Blu-ray but have never watched it…

  • Sean

    We haven’t really discussed the next premium but we’ll probably figure something out after the year end show. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted!

  • Sean

    To be fair, we are still on a few press lists (a handful of others turned us down years ago) but it isn’t all that convenient for us anyway. The advance screenings are all in Toronto which make them mostly useless for Jay and Frank and they are usually at times that don’t really fit into my schedule either. The only time it would be useful is for cases like this where there are specific movies we really want to see before the end of the year and we would go out of our way to see them.

  • Thom

    Agree with Frank on the need for a Spirit in the Sky ban! I think The Founder is the most recent example he was trying to recall..

  • Craig

    Frank, I hated American Honey for similar reasons to you but loved The Florida Project. I think the man reason is that they are kids in TFP so don’t know any better, whereas the characters in AH are old enough to know right from wrong but choose to be utter cunts.

  • Film Gob

    Split won’t be on the list, poor Frank ????

  • Strybeck

    So Jay is not using Letterboxd anymore? Frank mentioned this but I don’t remember this being talked about before. I have noticed recently the absence of his Glaive avatar.

  • jerrysballs

    i saw on a site that split isnt real 4k? what the hell is a “digital intermediate upscale”

  • Sean

    Shot in 2.8K apparently, which means that the resolution is limited to that and can only be upscaled. There are some other movies shot on early digital video that are only in 2K as well like Zodiac and I think Star Wars: Episodes II and III were only 1080p or something?

  • Strybeck

    I keep running ranked lists of my watched movies for every year since 2010 on Letterboxd (see here). I have to say, it will bug the hell out of me to have a movie in one year, but know it was nominated for major awards in a different year. I want to be consistent, but it is difficult. Here was my dilemma this week. I watched “A Man Called Ove,” which, according to Imdb is a 2015 film, released in its native Sweden on 12/25/15. But it was nominated with the films of 2016 for a 2016 Foreign Language Oscar and it was released in most other places and seen by most people who saw it in a theater in 2016. I usually say put the English language movies with the US release year. Foreign language movies go with its home country’s release year – but when it gets popular around the world in the following year, and everyone considers it part of that year, I can’t help but make an exception.

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    Figuring out the year for a movie is deserving of its own manifesto like the junkers did with Blu-ray organisation, it’s that messed up. The awards are another wrinkle to deal with. I think I still have The Hurt Locker on my 2009 list even though it’s listed on IMDB and Letterboxd as a 2008 film. But in the end it’s all about consistency and ease. It seems to me like too much trouble to keep track of what film was considered for what awards year. And only because the handful of movies that are in consideration for awards suddenly need to be treated differently, while the rest still default to IMDB/Letterboxd. I make no exceptions to keep things simple (The Hurt Locker notwithstanding); it’s not perfect but it lets me sleep at night. I usually get around to seeing the films long after they’ve been endlessly talked about anyway, which I guess makes it even easier for me to go with whatever is on IMDB.

    Here’s another problem that you will eventually run into. It’s rare and this is only applicable if you continually update your year lists, which I do. Let’s say you watch A Man Called Ove and you think of putting it on your 2016 list but you leave it off because it just wasn’t as good as the others on the list. Some time passes by, you rewatch A Man Called Ove and you really love it. When you go to update your year list, you won’t remember you initially considered it as a 2016 film and it will end up on your 2015 list. It’s insanity hehe!