Film Junk Podcast Episode #640: Star Wars: The Last Jedi


0:00 – Intro
16:35 – Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
58:00 – Headlines: Disney Officially Buys 21st Century Fox, Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek
1:19:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Network, Polar Express, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, Christmas Specials, Mixed Nuts, The Manchurian Candidate (1962), Brigsby Bear, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Wishful Drinking, Hungry Hearts
1:54:45 – Junk Mail: Best Motorsport Movies, Reed’s Star Trek Room Update + Reed’s Oddest Purchases of the Year
2:03:55 – Outro
2:25:15 – Spoiler Discussion: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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  • stevens1

    The tail end with Reed and the book and Star Wars stuff was brutal. Usually enjoy him on the show but it was painful to listen to. You guys need Jay around to keep him on track. All about small doses.

  • pcch7

    Instinctively using the force to pull herself in

  • Reed Farrington


  • pcch7
  • pcch7
  • Reed Farrington

    I hope Tarantino gets inspiration from this.

  • I love this.

  • I liked that, their relationship is a stronger part of the trilogy and they must have this connection for a reason, it is possible that they are siblings right?

  • Deven Science


  • Deven Science

    I want a poster of this.

  • Nick P.

    No, Ray confirmed that she knew her parents were nobodies.

  • Peter Harrison

    Reed came out with at least six laugh out loud moments for me on this episode. He was on fire throughout the whole episode and I loved the vibe that he contributed to big time. Small doses? No way. More Reed, all the time – he is a brilliant guest and I love the topics he discussed. Thank you Reed, can’t wait to hear you again.

  • Balls

    I just offered a different take than RT. I never said not to trust it or take any value in any of them. In fact, I couldn’t care less.

    However, the films that Cinemascore chooses or doesn’t choose has nothing to do with the rating offered by film goers of the Last Jedi.

    Thanks for listening, FG!

  • Reed Farrington

    Thx, Peter! Like The Last Jedi, I have accepted the fact that I am a divisive force amongst the Film Junk audience.

  • Peter Harrison

    I look forward to the future VOD classic ‘Grace Under Fire: The Reed Farrington Story’. Happy Christmas Reed, thanks for the years of laughter and provocation! Hope to hear you many times on Film Junk in 2018.

  • Flo Lieb

    Jay not updating his Letterboxd account since December 8th is a clear indicator for some surprise top ten sneak-ins that will drive Frank INSANE.

  • Beat_C

    frank’s new favourite movie for obvious reasons:

  • kent88
  • Blake in Boston


  • Reed Farrington

    Thx for the sentiment, Blake, but according to their Constitution, Canadians must apologize when they offend or annoy others.

  • Samb

    I’m amused by the reactionary writing crutch of resorting to acronyms because you’ve packed way too many insults into a single sentence. What hath Dennis Miller wrought?

  • Kyle Grimes

    Does Greg think his “Hi” bit is funny? Or any bit he does

  • Balls

    It makes Frank laugh and I’m all about spreading joy. Happy Holidays, Kyle!

  • Len F.

    Well it makes me laugh every single time.

  • Lior

    I liked The Last Jedi. It was a good Star Wars movie, but not great. However, and this is only based on 1st watch, I can’t help but feel it could’ve been much better, simply by:

    Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers

    Have Rey accept Kylo Ren’s suggestion to join him. (of course, give her a good reason to do so. We all have our dark sides).

    I know, it sucks. She’s the plucky hero. We love her. We root for her. However, the series is spinning its wheels. The movie builds the relationship forming between Ren and Rey in a beautiful way. So build on it! When she refuses his offer in the film, the reset button is hit. Everybody is in their comfortable place again, in their warm little nooks. Good guys and bad guys.

    Alternative plot: Rey is dissappointed by Luke’s refusal to apprentice her and come and help the rebels. She leaves, while still communicating with Kylo Ren, unbeknownst to anyone, even after she arrives at the rebels’ (or the resistence) headquarters. Have her inflitrate the First Order’s vessel with Fin. Eliminate Rose’s character. Cut at least 15 min. from the casino planet sequence. Move the battle on the sand planet to earlier in the film. Eliminate Laura Dern’s character. Eliminate Fasma (the character is pointless). Strengthen the relationship between Fin and Rey, perhaps even create a love story. Then, Fin and Rey are betrayed on the enemy ship. Rey is brought in front of Snoke. The awesome sequence in the red room stays intact. Fin watches her being seduced, his heart is broken. In the meantime. the rebels are being hammered by the first order down below on the sand planet. It seems like all is lost. On the island, Luke feels Rey being seduced, he arrives at the sand planet to help with the battle (arrives for real, not as an anatar).
    On the ship, Fin manages to escape. As he arrives he tells everyone what happened. They are all shocked and concerned.

    Luke saves the rebels with his awesome Jedi moves. He also cuts his beard. The First Order retreats. Rey and Ren (what a couple!) are together now. But we see Rey may not be 100 percent on board just yet. She looks tormented.

    That’s it. Streamline and focus the plot. Cut 20-30 minutes out. Create a stupendous cliffhanger with Rey. Spend episode 9 exploring Rey’s inner conflict, her relationship with Kylo Ren, and Fin and Luke attempts to help her and defeat The First Order. At the very end she renounces the dark side and fights Kylo Ren. But we’ve been with her all along. We care now.

  • pcch7

    I like it cause it reminds me of Nagy. And he is funny to me

  • Blake in Boston

    The “Hi” bit > Kyle’s Comments.

    I’m on #TEAMGREG with this one. Sorry #TEAMKYLESCOMMENTS!

  • pcch7

    Anyone else watched the Toys That Made Us show on netflix? Very good so far imo

  • pcch7

    I thought it was ok too tbh

  • gibson8

    He’s always enjoyed fucking with Gerry. re: ‘punch in the face’ comment a few minutes in lol.

  • Man with a robot arm

    The “Salt” line was a joke. We were meant to think the planet was another Hoth. Leia is shown with her clothing covering her mouth, the foxes looked like snow crystals. Also, the Resistance weaponry with people in the trenches, AT-ATs, the giant shield door, were all nods to Hoth. When the guy says, “Salt”, that is the punch line.

  • Kyle Grimes

    Oh I’ve heard your questions read on the show. Now it makes sense. Mouthbreather

  • Blake in Boston


  • gibson8

    I think you hit a nerve with that comment to Greg about loneliness at Christmas Gerry. That’s been coming for years and though it seemed a little abrupt there was plenty residual disrespect to explain it. Good for you for standing up to your buddies.

  • Reed Farrington

    I was just surprised Greg would be alone (with his dog) watching Xmas movies. He always seemed to have something going on.