Safdie Brothers to Direct 48 Hrs. Remake


By now it’s become an all-too-familiar story: talented, up-and-coming filmmaker takes on a Hollywood remake of beloved classic. You may not really be thrilled about the unnecessary remake, but you’re sort of excited to see what that filmmaker can do. In this case, it’s not just one but two filmmakers, and they happen to have directed one of this year’s most propulsive thrillers. That’s right, Benny and Josh Safdie, the filmmaking duo behind the Robert Pattinson film Good Time, have been hired to direct a new version of Walter Hill’s prototypical buddy cop film 48 Hrs. Are you in or are you out?

According to THR, the Safdie Brothers have signed on to direct a remake of 48 Hrs. for Paramount Players and Chernin Entertainment. Josh Safdie will pen the script along with his Good Time co-writer Ronald Bronstein and Jerrod Carmichael (The Carmichael Show). Good Time producers Oscar Boyson and Sebastian Bear-McClard will also be reteaming with the Safdies on the project.

The 1982 original starred Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy as a cop and a convict who have 48 hours to work together to catch a pair of cop killers. It is the movie that launched Eddie Murphy’s career on the big screen and also established the template for the buddy cop genre. It is definitely a bit edgier than many of the buddy cop films that followed and it confronted racism head on, so in that sense, the Safdie Brothers could be an interesting choice to update it. Assuming, that is, people don’t automatically write off the idea in the first place. Are you interested in a remake of 48 Hrs.?

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  • devolutionary

    Canned answer: I’m totally in but only if Paramount allows the Safdies free reign. Wishful thinking, I know. I think the casting will reveal all.

  • Facebook User

    I’m tempted to say “What’s the point?” as so much of this movie was the interplay between Murphy and Nolte. Is there any chance all that anyone is going to be better than Murphy in that role? or Nolte? or Hill? It just smacks of trading on the name 48hrs – but, hey, no children will need to be slaughtered to get it made presumably , so have at it.