David Gordon Green to Direct Newsflash Starring Seth Rogen as Walter Cronkite


Although David Gordon Green’s Stronger was snubbed at the Golden Globes and seems to be getting overlooked for awards in general, he is already in the process of putting together another potential awards season contender for next year. Following in the footsteps of movies like Spotlight and The Post, we are hearing that he is attached to direct another movie that aims to remind us of the importance of true journalism. The movie is called Newsflash and it revolves around Walter Cronkite’s rise to prominence in the 1960s on the CBS Evening News. The project also finds Green reteaming with an unlikely collaborator: Seth Rogen. Can the duo who brought us Pineapple Express successfully deliver a serious drama?

According to Deadline, Seth Rogen is attached to play Walter Cronkite in Newsflash, which is being set up at Greg Silverman’s Stampede Ventures. David Gordon Green will direct from a script by Ben Jacoby, who is writing an upcoming prequel to The Omen and a spec script called The Ravine. Mark Ruffalo and Bryan Cranston are also reportedly being courted to play Don Hewitt and Jim Aubrey respectively.

The movie will focus on Walter Cronkite’s reporting on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the moment that he became known as the most trusted man in America. It is an interesting move for Rogen, who has dabbled in dramatic fare with movies like Steve Jobs and 50/50, but hasn’t had the same success as his buddy Jonah Hill. David Gordon Green is currently shooting his Halloween sequel but this is expected to start production in the spring with a potential release around Nov. 22nd, the 55th anniversary of JFK’s death. Are you looking forward to Newsflash?

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  • Lori Cerny

    I really think Rogan can do serious and it’s great that he’s not only trying new genres, but that he is getting the opportunity. I will definitely watch Newsflash.

  • user-287473788

    Seth Rogan is a blight on cinema.