Film Junk Podcast Episode #639: The Disaster Artist and Stronger


0:00 – Intro
17:20 – Review: The Disaster Artist
48:35 – Review: Stronger
1:09:40 – Headlines: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer, Alita: Battle Angel Trailer, Quentin Tarantino Might Direct a Star Trek Movie, Sylvester Stallone Won’t Direct Creed 2
1:27:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: I, Tonya, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Trip to Spain
1:43:50 – Junk Mail: All the Money in the World Riding the CoPo Wave, Watching Movies with Horrible People in Them, Horror Sequels Being a Slave to Canon, Joss Whedon Easter Egg in Justice League, Star Wars: The Last Jedi International Poster Spoiler
2:12:50 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:14:30 – Outro

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  • Brian.M

    Hey guys. Glad you got the stuff. Yes I created the posters. The Milan Years as far as I know is before his Hans more mainstream days… The pencil is unrelated to David Brent, just saw it and though it’s a oft-used Jay phrase.

  • Frankie Knuckles

    Sincerely Brian, thank you for the gifts!!!

  • devolutionary

    Frank wasn’t kidding about that Bills snowstorm. After seeing highlights, it actually made the Grey Cup (Canada’s football championship) look tame by comparison. Some really sloppy conditions.×0/smart/filters:quality(60)/

  • pcch7

    Did Sean lean away from the mic a lot this time? Very low levels at times

  • Sean

    Thanks Brian!

  • Sean

    It didn’t seem low when I was editing but I will take another listen.

  • pcch7

    It’s like it comes and goes. Sometimes it normal but at times it was way lower than Jay and Frank

  • Sean

    Yeah it does sound a bit flat. Are you listening on Mixcloud by any chance? It seems worse there because of the compression they seem to be using.

  • pcch7

    Nah I’m on the browser through my galaxy

  • Sean

    Using the sidebar player or the one embedded in the main post?

  • pcch7

    The one that’s embedded in the post

  • Sean

    Okay, that’s the Mixcloud embed. Thanks for clarifying! I will see if I can improve that in the future.

  • bowenarrow

    Tommy Wiseau was in an after credits stinger

  • iammattz

    Also found your voice to be a bit low this week

  • iammattz

    Surprised none of you have seen The Room with an audience! I think it’s an integral part of enjoying the film and I couldn’t imagine seeing it just at home or with a small group of friends for the first time. If you’re ever interested, I believe the Carlton Cinema in Toronto does screenings the last Saturday of every month – could be grounds for a FJ meetup?

    …now that I’ve typed that out I’ve gotta ask – does enjoying going to those screenings make me a mouthbreather?

  • Sean

    Ah yes of course, we probably should have figured that out.

  • Kishi Jugo

    I might posit that asking three perfect strangers whether they think you’re a mouth breather or not, could put you in some sort of mouth breather classification.

  • Sean

    I definitely understand how that could be fun and how it could enhance the viewing experience. I just don’t know that I am passionate enough about The Room itself that I wouldn’t be annoyed by the whole thing. And if I feel that way, I’m sure Jay and Frank would be about 5x worse. :)

  • Colin

    The Tommy/James scene is in the movie, but with one catch: it’s a post-credits scene.

  • Colin

    Also found your voice weak, especially during The Disaster Artist review. Listening on a podcast app.

  • Sean

    Weak sauce

  • CagneyB

    Glad you guys dug the books! Or, at least, dug the covers. Frankie, way to hang in there at that Bills’ game, dude. Christ. I thought I had it bad losing Carson Wentz.

  • devolutionary

    For Room screenings, it would be whether you bring an ample supply of your own spoons or chastise others for not bringing enough. ;)
    This episode was one of your longest outros Sean. Well done.

  • Henrik

    I bought the Plissken/Burton comic book myself. Haven’t read it yet, but it has that same spectacular quote on the front!

  • Indianamcclain

    I’m not passionate about The Room at all, but I had a blast at the midnight screening for it. Personally, I’d never watch it at home by myself. Not sure if they even have those type of screening in your neck of the woods.

  • Bob?

    So the tag of this episode is what I imagine the pre-edit recording to sound like, but for hours on end. Also lets get Best Buy surfer-guy on as a guest, sounds like a pretty insightful dude.

  • frankw35
  • pcch7


  • Jameson

    Sorry Frank, but I logged the Nathan for you finale on Letterboxd. It was too good not to log. Might be best film-er-content of 2017.

  • Beat_C

    who took pictures or screenshots? ????

  • The Fan

    I actually liked the glass hamster ball scene in the last Jurassic park movie. In fact it was the only thing I liked about the last movie.

  • Lior

    The Israeli poster for Last Jedi (in Hebrew) is the same as the French. Some languages just work like that.


    In non-neutral gender pronoun languages such as French and Hebrew, if the gender is not explicit, the default will usually be plural. So I don’t think this is necessarily a spoiler.

    (I know the film junk crew have already seen the film by this point, but I haven’t yet, just commenting on this topic).