Quentin Tarantino May Team with J.J. Abrams for a New Star Trek Movie


Quentin Tarantino may be known for writing and directing his own original films, but over the years he has expressed some interest in possibly taking on an existing franchise as well. James Bond is one that has been talked about for years and in the past he has also been very public about his love for Star Trek. Now it appears that Tarantino is finally ready to do more than just talk about it and is becoming directly involved in the latter. Word on the street is that he has an idea for a new Trek movie and he has already pitched it to Paramount and J.J. Abrams. But would he still be involved beyond the idea stage? Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to Deadline, Quentin Tarantino has an idea for a new Star Trek movie that he has shared with J.J. Abrams, who seems to have responded positively. They are now planning to assemble a writers’ room for the project to generate a screenplay based on the concept and get the ball rolling. If all goes according to plan, Tarantino might direct the movie with J.J. Abrams on board as he producer (he is currently busy with Star Wars: Episode IX).

Now obviously we have heard Tarantino throw out plenty of ideas that never panned out and I would take this with a grain of salt. I also have a hard time believing that tenth and potentially final film in his “oeuvre” would be a Star Trek movie. That being said, he did previously hint at this on the Nerdist Podcast, stating that he would like to do a feature-length version of The Next Generation episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” which revolves around the Enterprise crew being forced to choose between two alternate timelines. Sounds like it might be a way to resolve the so-called Kelvin timeline. Would you like to see Quentin Tarantino direct a Star Trek movie?

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  • pcch7

    This would be so cool

  • 1138sw

    Forget the Kelvin timeline. I would love him for him to solve the ” JJ Timeline ” meaning wiping out JJ’s universe and starting over…now that would interest me the most.

  • Kasper

    I would love to see a Tarantino Trek movie.

  • Lori Cerny

    What does Reed think about this?

  • Nick P.

    This could be magical!

  • Lior

    Tarantinos’ last few films showed that he regersses as a filmmaker instead of moving forward, relying on cheap violence and his “Tarantio tropes” where there’s no one to reign him in. Now that he left The Weinstein Co. he might be reigned in, or not. In any case, of course every film fan would go and see what a Tarantino Star Trek film looks like, but I don’t feel he has the right sensibilites for this franshise, his Trekkie stature not withstanding. Tarantino makes filmic exercises, genre-bendres, he doesn’t make whole films (Jackie Brown is the notable exception, not surprisingly, the only Tarantino film based on another source material).

    It was just revealed he insisted it will be R rated and got his way. But Trek is not about violence and cussing. It’s about ideas and exploration. So this right here already worries me.

    Tarantino said in the past that he is basically curating his filmography, that he wants to do just ten films all unique and great and go out on a high note. Involving himself in an established franchise seems to be going against that idea, unless they let him do whatever he wants but then it won’t really be a Star Trek film, would it? It would be a Tarantino film.

    Also, I guess Paramount kind of gave up on the current cinematic incarnation of Star Trek to go down this route, because whatever this turns out to be, it will most likely not fit snugly with what came before.

  • Strybeck

    I wonder if Tarantino isn’t asking big now (writer-director) only to talk it back later. Maybe he would be thrilled just to have some influence on the story, plus a key acting role in the movie, a la McKenas Cole from J.J.’s “Alias.”

  • 9No

    Isn’t the Kelvin timeline the same thing as the “JJ timeline”?