Film Junk Podcast Episode #638: Three Billboards… and Lady Bird


0:00 – Intro
13:10 – Review: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
42:25 – Review: Lady Bird
1:08:25 – Headlines: The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer
1:12:55 – Other Stuff We Watched: Nathan For You, Electric Sun Trial, Too Funny To Fail, Godless
1:25:55 – Outro

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  • Samb

    I thought the script for Three Billboards had some shortcomings — there was an over-reliance on profanity that didn’t always ring true (i.e. Woody’s family dinner phone call rant), and the white small-town characters’ expressions of racial wokeness seemed shoehorned in — but I’m just happy to see a script-driven vehicle. Maybe that’s what the silver foxes are responding to. Goin a little gray myself….

  • Nicholas

    Frank, how is you OLED saga going?I was going to pop on a LG C7 over black Friday but I held back for all the reasons you mentioned (color banding, burn in) and I heard LG support is horrible. Then I was thinking Ill just wait for the new models to come out at CES and see if they put the 2017s on sale. Hearing you are having color banding issues is making me second guess an OLED for now. How’s your exchange going? Did you get another panel?

  • Prestyr John

    Hi again! Are the junkmails y’all read last week now null and void?

  • Tommy

    I’d be interested in trying to listen to the busted audio from last week if you put it up on Soundcloud or something :)

  • Prestyr John

    Me too!

  • B.J.

    Mmhh.. Jay´s reaction on the whole re-recording-gate was underwhelming to say the least…..

  • Jameson

    Really liked both Three Billboards and Lady Bird. As someone who’s generally apathetic about awards shows, I’m very curious in the original screenplay category as it seems the most stacked with quality.

  • Sean

    It’s pretty bad… and we ended up talking about almost all the same stuff this week anyway.

  • Sean

    No they will go back in the queue although we’re being a little more picky about junk mail lately.

  • pcch7

    We really need a Free Pass award at the Junkies this year, for both actors and movie.

  • Beat_C

    once again a great show ???? it felt like years since the last one.

  • Dirk Gently

    A little disappointed by Three Billboards. I thought the writing was poor and the plot contrived. The ‘guy’ and his potential role in events, especially in light of his visit to the shop, made absolutely no sense. In Bruges is far superior.