Film Junk Podcast Episode #637: Justice League


0:00 – Intro
16:20 – Review: Justice League
1:08:25 – Headlines: New Tarantino Movie Officially Announced, Rampage Trailer, Rotten Tomatoes Controversy
1:31:05 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Punisher, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Krampus, Splice, Krull, Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond – Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton, Andy Kaufman: I’m From Hollywood, My Breakfast with Blassie, Ingrid Goes West, Passengers, Why Him?, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Nathan For You
2:08:50 – Outro
2:17:05 – Spoiler Discussion: Justice League

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  • Bill

    I feel like everyone was pulling punches for this review (except Jay). The movie was putrid from the opening scene with a horribly cgi’d Superman on a smartphone video until the closing scene with Lois’ utterly meaningless narration (“dark, light, darkness, dark, hope, lightness, heroes, light”). It was as bad or worse as the shittiest transformers movies, and I hope it spells the end of the DCEU.

  • Samb

    Greg’s falsetto at the beginning was indistinguishable from Reed’s normal voice. It took Sean’s introduction for me to realize this is a Greg ep and not a Reed ep. As for my reaction to this news, I’ll never tell….

  • Can Sean’s parents pick me up some stuff to?

  • Sean

    If you’re willing to get the wrong things at prices worse than you intended, then absolutely!

  • B.J.

    LOVING Jay´s enthusiasm about “Justice League”!!
    How about the long awaited “Pearl Harbor” RetroReview for next week?

  • Balls

    I hope you at least finished the show. Just pretend I’m Seth Rogan and you can get through it.

  • Prestyr John

    Yeah, I agree with Bill down at the bottom. I know reviewing these things gets tiring; they’re all just too similar; too bland, bloated, and unoriginal, but Justice League, while perhaps not much worse than tentpole Marvel movies, has done something beyond the pale. Warner Bros. has created a towering behemoth whose sole existence is to serve as a monument for the disgusting and colossal waste of resources all of the movie industry is. Tickets to this thing are like front row seats to a meat factory. It’s hardly a movie; it’s cobbled together reshoots connected only by its vapid dialogue, a World of Warcraft CGI nightmare, and…nope, that’s pretty much it. Its nice to give some films a break, but I can’d do it. It might be extreme but I am really beginning to question anyone who thought there was even a single redeemable quality to this movie. For the record I generally feel the same about most comic book movies, at least the tentpole films, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Seeing a separate studio try and reproduce the same formula makes this perverted science all the more transparent: it’s a frankenstein of a creation, and at this point we can only hope that it will follow its literary inspiration and put its creator out of its pathetic misery, Marvel included.

    Did Martha Kent say that Superman referred to Lois as “the thirstiest woman in world”?

    What the fuck was up with the “civilians to the east”? Where are the civilians everywhere else? And when they finally do find the “civilians” after racing through miles of indistinguishable rubble, they turn out to be just a guy and his kids in a pick up truck. And it was pink. The sky was fucking pink.

    Just wanted to add a few of my many many problems with this movie.

    P.S. While I appreciate the crew throwing the movie a bone and calling them cubes, they were definitely called “boxes” in the movie. Not cubes. Boxes.

  • Indianamcclain

    Pretty good rule of thumb, if Jay starts a review by diverting the conversation he probably hated the film.

    One thing that’s a little annoying is how much people know about what goes on behind the scenes of the film before it comes out. I kinda hate how I knew about the Joss Whedon reshoots before going in.

  • Jameson

    I think I side closer with Dax and Greg on JL in that, for all of its flaws, I enjoyed seeing this Superman done right and the character dynamics. This surely will not win anyone over who is tired of superhero movies, but by the end I was feeling like this was the DC universe as it should be on screen. In another film without the endless behind the scenes obstacles, I think these characters could really be done *justice.*

  • Indianamcclain

    Quick question for Jay regarding “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”, why do the characters speak almost robotically towards each other?

  • kamenhaven

    I really enjoyed the movie, and was a little disappointed that none of the Filmjunk hosts did. I was hoping at least one of you would have championed it’s merits a bit more enthusiastically instead of being so half-hearted in whatever praise you guys did give, so the discussion wouldn’t feel so one-sided.

    For me, Justice League was way better than Thor Ragnarok, and I enjoyed the characters in this much more. The CG was slightly wonky at times, yes but you cannot deny that the film looked cinematic. At least DC films still look like real movies and not like the shitty televisual look of the Marvel films. Whatever problems that people seem to be hurling at it, I feel like the same could be applied with the Marvel movies.

  • Lori Cerny

    I’d have to drive 80 minutes (what’s that in Canadian exchange?) to see The Killing of a Sacred Deer, so now it’s pre-ordered. That’s ANOTHER reason for me to go all digital.

    BTW, another great podcast. Thank you very much, FJ Crew!!!

  • pcch7

    I can’t wait for the end of the year lists to hear what movies Jay has watched but not told Frank about =D

  • pcch7

    I kinda thought it was Nagy for a second, he used to say hi like that

  • DrewNugent

    I hate to be too negative but Jay is completely right when he complains about talking about Justice League for 2 hours but almost never doing full group reviews for films like Killing of a Sacred Deer. I understand that some of these things don’t come to your area, but I genuinely dont get it when Sean implies that Coco might be the main review when Roman J Israel is in a decent amount of theaters.

  • Eric Mason

    Well said

  • Eric Mason

    In a more perfect world, film critics would a monk like life where they went into each movie with zero info. I think a lot of reviews would be very different.

  • Eric Mason

    What movies have you liked this year?

  • j-diggle

    I deny that the movie looked cinematic. I felt of all the DC movies, this one looked horrid. Everything looked like a set, it all felt so small and there was one scene (involving gravedigging) that looked like a fucking sitcom. Thor: Ragnarok, not the most cinematic film either, looked way better than this.

  • kamenhaven

    Well, we can agree to disagree on this one. Thor Ragnarok looked pretty green-screen-y to me, and all the costumes and sets looked cheap and plasticky. In Justice League, the costumes looked well-worn and lived in. I loved the look of the DC characters way more.

    Thor was light and fluffy, but utterly forgettable. Every character was annoying in it. I won’t be rewatching that anytime soon. I won’t argue that Justice League is perfect, but I enjoyed it for reasons despite some questionable CG, and cannot wait for the Ultimate Cut.

  • Bill

    John Wick 2, Get Out, Logan, Blade Runner 2049, Free Fire, GotG 2, Wonder Woman, WftPotA, Dunkirk, Valerian, And Thor: Ragnarok would probably be near the top, but Justice League offended me on such a colossal level I have a newer appreciation for some of the films I enjoyed less like Alien: Covenant and Baby Driver.

  • Samb

    The superhero movie reviews are like the movies themselves…preoccupied with production-level concerns like fealty to source material and costume design, treating lurching attempts at “humor” as a box to be checked instead of an integral element of good storytelling…I don’t blame the FJ crew for this reality. There’s no other way to talk about these movies except as product. How can you discuss ideas when there aren’t any? Frank manages to speak engagingly about this genre, and yet I wonder if he knows how much more interesting he is to listen to when talking about a movie that has something to say about the human condition.

  • Kishi Jugo

    Frank is right about Superman. I would go further and say the same of all superheroes. In fact, there’s a reason people get made fun of for liking superheroes; they’re all useless nonsense and nerdery.

  • Sean

    I mean, Coco is getting better reviews than Roman J. Israel and way more people will see it, so I don’t think it’s a crazy suggestion. But I was mostly being sarcastic because I knew Jay had no interest. Frank was pushing for Roman J. Israel but Jay and I were both lukewarm on it.

    I don’t know how to solve the problem of not reviewing interesting movies that are in limited release. Sometimes even when we make the effort to see smaller movies, they don’t result in great discussions. I find that the best discussions tend to be surrounding the blockbusters either way. But we’re doing Lady Bird this week so hopefully that satisfies some people!

  • DrewNugent

    I understand your point, I just think Roman would make for a better discussion because it seems to be somewhat divisive, and Frank seemed to be really excited for it, and also i’ve seen it and I liked it alot haha. It’s just kind of brutal sometimes to hear Jay review these movies he really doesn’t want to see, I would much rather hear him talk at length about something like Killing of a Sacred Deer which you guys should definitely see. But yeah, Lady Bird is a great movie, and that’s awesome that you guys are reviewing it!

  • Bill

    Pretty much no one has been made fun of for liking superheroes for like a decade. Can’t argue with the useless nerdery part, though.

  • Nobody

    Spoilers for Ingrid Goes West
    Spoilers for Ingrid Goes West

    Regarding the ending, I initially thought she intentionally botched the attempt and it was all part of a plan, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. Maybe that’s predictable as well, but I think it still would’ve worked better for me than the actual ending.

  • Beat_C

    you’re right. but the good thing about the fact that “the superhero movie reviews are like the movies themselves” is that i can just listen to filmjunk – and be entertained – and don’t have to watch these garbage movies anymore.

  • Craig

    Killing Of A Sacred Deer had a wide release playing in multiplexes in the UK. The last few months we’ve been lucky that films you would only expect to play independent art house theatres have been getting exposure. I’ve seen the following in the multiplex:

    Call Me By Your Name
    The Florida Project
    Wind River

  • Kishi Jugo

    No one gets made fun of for liking superheroes on the internet is perhaps what you meant to say. In real life, different things are happening.

    Counting down the days til the American military admits to the public that they use superhero movies to torture Guantanamo bay inmates.

  • Karl with a K

    goddamnit Greg, you deliver gold every single time.

  • Tony D’Amico

    I couldn’t agree more with Frank I can’t stand Superman he is boring probably one of my least favorite comic book characters ever. Also Frank I was in the store today staring at a jar of Skippy peanut butter which I believe you said doesn’t exist anymore so that’s cool

  • Sam

    I also fall into the camp that wishes you would review less “popular” stuff just for the sake of doing so and focus on what interests you guys more.

    I align more with your taste than the Cinecast (R.I.P.) guys, but they had the right idea with basically just saying fuck-off to whatever they didn’t want to see and review whatever caught their eye.

    On a related note, when does Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri open around you guys? I watched it last week, along with Killing of a Sacred Deer and would love to hear some discussion if it opens around you guys soon.

  • Sam

    It’s an affectation that Yorgos Lanthimos seems to like. The Lobster wasn’t much different either. Didn’t you just love all the watch dialogue? I did!

    I feel Colin Farrell is pretty perfect at delivering that style of dialogue.

  • Samb

    Solid point.

  • Bill

    No, I meant anywhere. Every gym I go to the people inside are sporting clothes with superhero symbols, professional athletes are tatted up with superhero symbols, and go to any matinee of a marvel or DC flick and you’ll see middle-aged folks watching. It’s pretty typical to see 30-year-old dudes in the army taking leave to cosplay at cons, and unless someone is comicbook-guy-from-the-simpsons levels of nerdery, nobody bats an eye. I’ve been reading comics since the 80s, and I can clearly see the difference in how mainstream culture perceived the medium/genre before and after Nolan and RDJ came along.
    The number of elitist nerds left who make fun of superhero fans are an ignored blip in the cultural consciousness.

  • Sean

    Three Billboards is currently playing near me but not near Jay and Frank. We might get to it in the near future though.

  • Jake

    Saw it last night and was blown away. Gonna go back now and re-watch In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths. I liked them before, but Billboards is on a whole other level. It will be a joke if it doesn’t get a bunch of Oscar noms.

  • Sam

    At the very least McDormand seems like a sure bet.

    I actually really loved In Bruges and was a pretty big defender of Seven Psychopaths but I agree this is his best so far.

  • devolutionary

    I’ve said it before (so has Cinecast), but the best thing Colin Farrell did was move away from the Hollywood molded leading man and play dark or dry comedic roles. I think the only major movie that suited him well was Minority Report.

  • Kishi Jugo

    There’s a sucker born every minute I suppose.

  • Bill

    Not sure how that quote contextually fits what we’re discussing, but okey-dokey, bud.

  • Indianamcclain

    Still sad that I missed The Florida Project. Hopefully it’ll get a re-release around awards season. I thought Wind River, and Mother! were wide releases.

  • Indianamcclain

    I hadn’t seen his other films before. I was wondering if that’s just a style of speaking that he likes. It definitely took some getting used to.

  • Indianamcclain

    I mean how can something like that it influence your opinion? The whole film becomes a guessing game of where the reshoots are.

  • Sam

    Yeah, whatever is your first movie will take some getting accustomed to his style. Watching The Lobster or Dogtooth first would have been a decent primer

  • Lior

    Concerning the Tarantino thing, James Franco is now in post on his adaptation of the novel Zeroville and a big chunk of the story takes place in Hollywood in the late 60’s early 70’s with the Manson murders in the background… albeit it’s not a crime story. The book is fantastic by the way, I absolutley recommend it to anyone who loves cinema, which is everybody here, right? :-)

  • Sean

    Been meaning to read this. I suppose I should get on that.

  • Lior

    Go for it! This novel is the only thing that motivated me to create a list on Letterboxd, so many movies are mentioned in it… I just had to keep tabs.