Film Junk Podcast Episode #635: Thor: Ragnarok


0:00 – Intro: Jay’s Prostate Exam
22:40 – Review: Thor: Ragnarok
1:16:20 – Headlines: Disney Attempting To Buy 20th Century Fox, Lord of the Rings TV Show In Development
1:38:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Mindhunter, Stranger Things, Kung Fu Yoga, The VVitch, 1922, Psycho (1998), Blade Runner 2049, David Lynch: The Art Life, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Florida Project
1:56:40 – Junk Mail: No Love For Leo, Real-Life Tragedy Movies at the Box Office, When to Start Watching Christmas Movies
2:13:25 – Outro
2:21:15 – Spoiler Discussion: Thor: Ragnarok

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  • Beat_C

    i think the structure of the show works very well as it is right now. i don’t understand why jay doesn’t understand that it’s more convenient to listen to the full show up to the spoilers section – without having to skip parts – for people who haven’t seen the movie. and like craig mentions, we foreigners often get movies at a later point in time.

  • Mrespony

    I WAS having a very bad week until I listened to the first 22 minutes of this podcast. Thanks Jay for another joyous overshare.

  • Dax Gordine

    it wasn’t “instead of” we were scanning netflix for another flick and saw that version first. “Im sure the original isn’t on there, if it is and was beside the other one during our lazy movie day we may have picked it instead. Who knows. brb rotting in movie hell

  • Sean

    To be fair (and maybe I’m trolling a little bit here) if you were going to watch any remake over the original, wouldn’t a shot-for-shot remake be the ideal one to watch??

  • ah

    Thanks for the reply Greg – appreciate it.

    When I listened to your review of BvS, I don’t remember you giving the context of the types of comic book films you like (colourful and fun with humour). I think that information is important in helping me, as the listener, understand why you didn’t like BvS, and your opinion makes total sense within that context.

    I would argue, however, that just because a comic book film doesn’t meet that criteria, it doesn’t automatically make it a bad comic book film, which is the impression I got from the whole film junk crew on that episode (except Reed); it just makes it a comic book film not for you, and also not for many critics who also panned it.

    Personally, I love darker comic book films with conflicted superheroes, villains who don’t make jokes, memorable set peices and great scores. In that context, BvS is a total joy for me.

    Finally, I hate the fact that I keep going on about BvS but I guess I’m endlessly frustrated by its poor reception, which means we’re just going to see more of the same kind of comic book films being made, i.e. with added humour and blander holier-than-thou superheroes.

    The early reactions to Justice League are out by the way and overall they seem favourable if not ecstatic.

  • Beat_C

    you’re not the only one; i though frank’s assessment of the movie was the closest to how i felt about it: it’s pretty funny, quirky and entertaining, but hardly a huge departure from other marvel movies. it has similar problems as well, like an underwritten villain, convenient shortcuts and a terribly boring, pompous showdown.

  • frankw35

    Dax, I’ve spoken with the Man in Charge–you’re bumped up to Movie Purgatory. Sorry to rag on you, it was more out of frustration that you only got to experience a pale, if nearly exact, imitation of a brilliant movie and that might be your only experience of it. Plus, I’m a movie snob.

  • frankw35

    I appreciate the spoiler discussions being save for the end. If it’s a hassle for recording, you could just discuss it in sequence and then cut and paste that section for the end of the show.

  • bad breath

    Great episode – Hilarious – Just needed more swearing from Dax – be yourself.

  • bad breath

    Not so – I listen to the whole show except spoilers. then when I have watched the movie I load up the podcast again and my app remembers where I was and I’m ready to listen to the spoilers. The end is the best – #FilmjunkRocks

  • Vigo the Despised

    I am also on his side. The comedy was fun at first but wore thin after about 30 minutes.

    The Hulk shit was ridiculous though maybe he was less of a ticking time bomb because everyone on that planet loved him?

  • Vigo the Despised

    Yeah, I made the mistake of listening to that on a flight and could not control my laughter a few times. I am sure my fancy lad seatmate thought I was insane…I could have explained it to him, but saying “I’m sorry for snort laughing, sir. If you must know, I am listening to a hilarious audio recording of a prostate exam” probably would have made matters worse

  • kamenhaven

    I like the idea of Hulk on an alien planet being this deadly, gladiator creature who gets unleashed in the ring, that everyone simultaneously loved and feared. In my mind, I picture the Hulk being held up in a gritty, dungeon lair somewhere like the Rancor from Return of the Jedi, on a throne resting atop the bones of his victims of whom he also eats, with heads and skulls of his opponents lined up against the wall. I imagined his armor looking really dirty, bloodwashed, and when we enter his dungeon he’s stooped in the shadows with only flametorches as the source of light. He’s now the Hulk that’s fully embraced the raw, animalistic side of being a beast, (sort of like Wolfman or Dr. Jekyll). And maybe, when Thor wakes up in Hulk’s lair, he’s held up there in chains to be eaten by Hulk, and Thor has to convince Hulk not to. Some really easy comedy right there.

    But in this, obviously it’s PG-13, so they couldn’t do that. So instead we end up with Hulk in a penthouse suite with great lighting, a Superman II-esque silk sheet bed adorned with ornate carvings, a jacuzzi and a great view overlooking Sakaar with floor lined with high quality rugs and antique furniture. What the fuck is this shit?

    Also, the idea of him being a fearsome, gladiator champion is simply conveyed with dialogue, but we never see it. Again, if it wasn’t the PG-13 rating, I could see a better filmmaker with the sensibilities of John Milius showing a scene of Thor walking through the gladiator ring and seeing the aftermath of Hulk’s victories; dead bodies and blood strewn everywhere, massive damage on the walls, and broken weapons lying around, to create a sense of terror and fear for Thor in who he’s about to face in battle. Show us why the Hulk is so dangerous, don’t just say it. Instead, we get a gladiator ring that’s in such spit-shine condition, it looked practically brand new.

    The entire opening of the movie where Thor faces Sutyr (plus the score) gave off an 80’s fantasy vibe that reminded me of 80’s fantasy films like Krull and Conan, which Jay loves, so that got me really excited. I love the idea of Thor rendered through a Frank Frazetta’esque gritty fantasy lens, with him fighting dragons and giant beasts, but unfortunately the movie just became another green screen, televisual ad-libbing comedy-fest that’s not even funny.

  • Balls

    Dude, love BvS as much as you want and don’t hate that you keep defending it. I love Bon Cop, Bad Cop and most people think it’s a steaming pile of shit. Which it may be, but I dig it. I’m going to see Justice League first thing on Saturday and I can’t wait. I hope it’s good. I do think that Justice League may lean towards the comic book movies you don’t want to see, so I hope you still like it.