Ball Junk Podcast Episode #28: NBA Season Preview 2017


Our crossover breaks ankles like Gordon Hayward…breaks ankles. Get real! It’s Episode 28 of the Ball Junk Podcast and we’re back with our 2018 NBA Preview! Best and worst in the East and West, who’s making the playoffs and who’s in tank mode, plus our predictions on the Conference and NBA Finals! We take a look at the craziness of the current NFL season so far and how it makes ‘Knucks juices flow. Frankie plays Before and After, we talk competitive tag and the RedTubers of Washington Square. All that, plus Sack Time and the Gas Pedal. Put on your Fifty Mission Cap and give this pod a listen. Download, subscribe and rate us (5 stars, naturally) on iTunes! Balls!

0:00:00 – Intro: Greg’s Trip To Florida
0:22:16 – NBA Season Preview
1:01:10 – NFL Discussion
1:19:42 – Game: Before & After
1:01:10 – Balls Around The World
1:31:05 – Sack Time
1:40:33 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • devolutionary

    I had no idea that Disney World is fully self-sufficient against a hurricane. Good to know for the next zombie outbreak.. Don’t worry Greg, you pronounced my name closer than some do.
    If you don’t count the on-air death of Owen Hart on Raw then the worst one I saw live was Psycho Sid snapping his leg at a WCW Pay-Per-View event.

    The squeamish should look away.

  • Greg’s vacation story is the best.

  • Balls

    Oh yeah….that one was rough.