Star Wars Han Solo Movie Wraps Production, Gets an Official Title


After a few months of feverish reshoots, the Han Solo movie has officially wrapped production with Ron Howard at the helm. He replaced Phil Lord and Chris Miller on the project back in June although it is still unclear who will get credited for the film. To celebrate the occasion, he took to Twitter to announce the film’s official title in a special video message. And that title is… Solo: A Star Wars Story. So I guess they’re sticking with that whole “A Star Wars Story” thing after all. And is it just me or does that logo look like a Family Guy spoof instead of the real thing? What do you think of the title? Check out the video after the jump and see more of Ron Howard’s various posts from the set over at

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  • Bandit Manatee

    Pretty bad name. Just designed to get asses in seats. No creativity. I would have preferred a naming convention such as the Indy films Han Solo and the planet/location/battle/whatever.

  • Jameson

    It’s as uninspired as their choice of director.

  • Jake

    So the official title is exactly the same as the one that was on the crew shirts, what a shock. I wasn’t aware that there was any chance of them dropping the Star Wars Story from the title, was that rumored at some point? I’m glad they did keep it though, doesn’t mess any franchise-cred up.

  • Sean

    No rumours as far as I know, just wishful thinking.

  • Lior

    There’s indeed something a little reckless and spoofish about the font. It’s too yellow.
    That is it, I have succombed to Star Wars font analysis. I’m officially a dork.

    A little unisnpired title that will unboubtedly result in myriad variations on “so Solo is the new solo film?” and so forth. Could’ve just called it Rogue Two/Rogue Zero since Han solo is a rogue. They got it all backwards!

  • Flo Lieb

    Should’ve went with “The Assassination of Greedo by the Scoundrel Han Solo”

  • Karl with a K

    I think that is all for the marketing anyway. Rogue One didn’t have ‘A Star Wars Story’ on screen and I suspect Solo won’t have it either.

  • MrJekyllandDrHyde

    Han Solo and the Completely Pointless Movie.