Film Junk Premium Podcast #61: Stephen King


“What’s the matter, Bobby? You gonna make lemonade in your pants?” In light of the recent Stephen King resurgence, our latest premium podcast is a bit of a spookfest focusing on the horror films of Stephen King. Specifically, we revisit the 1980s era in which King became a household name and a major box office presence. The films covered here include Creepshow, Cujo, Cat’s Eye and Silver Bullet through to his directorial debut Maximum Overdrive, and two of his biggest hits, Pet Sematary and Misery. Discussion points include the merits of practical effects, what makes a good anthology film and the quality of Stephen King’s cameos. So are synthesizer scores inherently cheesy and outdated? Does Stephen King have a major hang up with religion? Why are so many of his stories told from the perspective of kids? And most importantly, is Stephen King a genius or just a hack? Don’t shilly shally… download this month’s premium podcast below and have yourself a hell of a toot.

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  • Lori Cerny


    I’m iffy on Stephen King. His novels start really well, but the endings are usually weak and lame. Kudos to any director that can create a sensible finish.

  • Marc Inman

    Awesome. Loving the Cats Eye score too! Child’s play premium soon guys?

  • pcch7

    What ACDC song is that in the opening?

  • devolutionary

    *Does best Jay impression:* “WHOOOOO MAAAAADE WHOOOOO!

  • iammattz

    Loved the line-up for this. I hadn’t seen any of the films and now very glad to have seen them, especially Misery. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I especially love the premiums that deal with lesser-seen or lesser-known films in general. Thanks guys!

  • Jr

    Jay’s right, the Cat’s Eye score is AWESOME!

  • Newtman98

    Do you watch all the films prior to purchasing premiums?

  • Bill

    Frank is right, Maximum Overdrive is due for a remake. We’re even at a point in technology where it makes sense.
    Set it 10 years in the future when nearly every device is hooked up to a network, and aliens that want to purge the planet of humans upload a virus to our technology that gives it a malevolent sentience. I’m talking nukes flying, rogue Tesla factories spitting out cars that immediately seek out humans to splatter, local baseball games getting ambushed by threshing machines, endless ideas. Only the weirdos that still have old-school muscle cars and munitions have a chance, and AC/DC can still be on the soundtrack.

  • iammattz

    Most of the time yes, unless otherwise tied up with work.

  • Justin Kinzer

    Come on Frank, don’t make the proclamation that King is probably a terrible writer, without reading any of his novels or short stories. That is just lazy critism. Especially based on this campy lot of films. Still a junker for life!

  • Justin Kinzer

    Those short stories on the other hand…