Film Junk Premium Podcast #60: Robert Rodriguez


Are you a Mexican or a Mexi-can’t? Robert Rodriguez has taken flack in recent years for churning out some cheap and lacklustre sequels, but he was once one of the hottest young directors in Hollywood. We decided it was time to take a trip back to the early ’90s and the revisit his role in the independent film revolution. On this episode we cover his directorial debut El Mariachi and the acclaimed follow-up Desperado as well as the horror films From Dusk Till Dawn and The Faculty, before ending with the conclusion to the Mariachi trilogy, Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Discussion topics include the charms and limitations of low budget filmmaking, the influence and partnership of Quentin Tarantino, Rodriguez’s struggles with Hollywood unions, and Frank’s special relationship with several of these films. Is Desperado a remake or a sequel? Does El Mariachi end with the reveal of a mechanical hand? Did the digital revolution kill Robert Rodriguez’s career? Download this month’s premium podcast below… it’s guaranteed to jack you up!

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  • bendoofus

    Should have done planet terror! Great film!

  • OsoAmorito

    Say what you will about astrology not being real, but it surely is a weird coincidence that I just finished listening to all of your premium podcasts yesterday, which I have been sporadically downloading over the past seven months or so, and the last one I got to was the Tobe Hooper cast with its extensive solar activity talk, on the day of a solar eclipse. I haven’t seen Chainsaw Massacre in about twenty years so I remembered nothing of the heavy thematic pandering to the solar flare crowd, nor did I recall the Aug. 18 date in the intro, which was only a few days ago now. Kinda weird.

    I was hyped for the Faculty when it was coming out. I bought the soundtrack and listened to it quite a bit. But then I saw the Faculty. Let’s just say my solar was eclipsed.

  • Jpn88

    Ok, how did we get through a full Premium where Jay was constantly obsessing about supposed “robot arms/hands” without even ONE of his infamous jerk off references?? Puzzling…