Film Junk Podcast Episode #623: Detroit and Girls Trip


0:00 – Intro
10:25 – Review: Detroit
1:08:05 – Review: Girls Trip
1:22:24 – Headlines: Death Wish Trailer, Disney to Use Facial Recognition to Gather Data in Theatres, Al Gore’s Top 5 Movies
1:51:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Lost City of Z, Cape Fear (1991), Wizards, Aeon Flux, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Booty Call, Interstellar, Dunkirk
2:17:00 – Junk Mail: Dunkirk and the Importance of Sound, Dwayne Johnson’s Siri Commercial, Action Heroines, Refurbished Products, Where to File T2: Trainspotting, How to Describe Film Junk to Your Friends
2:50:05 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:54:00 – Outro

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  • Lori Cerny

    Havn’t seen Detroit, yet, but your convo makes me wonder if the film is intended to be a parallel to the Nazis inception and use of the “Final Solution”. Historians & psychologists debate how the leaders and commoners of Germany could ignore the oppression and genocide of the Jewish populace. Is it just apathy? Or fear?

    Hoping to catch the film this weekend.

  • thomas

    I find the best place to look up ratings is box office mojo as they post the updates sent out directly from the mpaa. However the new Death Wish isn’t even listed on the site. The mystery continues…Sean may be on to something here.

  • Sean

    The movie is still a few months away so it hasn’t officially been rated yet, which is why it’s not listed. But there just isn’t any info out there about what rating they’re even aiming for. I thought I had read something indicating a possible PG-13, maybe even before Roth got involved. Starting to think it was all in my head though.

  • bobsponge42

    Bummer. Having Jay take part in the Detroit review TWICE due to an initial technical problem would’ve been classic. He seems to be on edge as it is. I can only imagine what he would’ve done.

  • devolutionary

    Best way to set Jay on edge is switch roles. Have Sean ghost-edit Helltown! I’m sure that would go over well. ????
    Appreciate you guys taking the time to redo the review and extend your voices till the AM.

  • waxwrath

    FWIW Frank your Uncle Terry’s The Shining comment is the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a Film Junk episode. I think about it multiple times a week and crack up.

  • bobsponge42

    I’m with Frank. Lost City of Zzzzzzz ????

  • Brian.M

    Frank: Shut up it’s fucking data.

    Made my morning.

    Also..’the world needs to be blown up’, taking over on Jay duties Frankie?

  • bobsponge42

    Zak is the best guest host of 3 hour, 5 hour Film Junk podcasts.

  • pcch7

    Zak you’re my boiiiii. I like Zak, he’s fun. I also watched The Lost City of Z recently and I thought it had some interesting parts but it drags a bit too much. Wish there was more exploring. I did think Pattinson was great though

  • robertjbaum


  • Jake

    Joe Carnahan was going to direct this at one point and is still credited with writing the screenplay. I remember him saying in interviews that he had written it to be R. I just hope the reason he stepped down from directing wasn’t because the studio wanted it to be PG-13.

  • pcch7

    I had never even heard of Detroit so I’m not surprised if it’s not doing amazing at the box office

  • schizopolis

    There’s lots of controversy over the new Eli Roth Death Wish film. Joe Carnahan was originally set to write & direct. Then called the head of MGM a “spineless gutless turd” and called the lead (who wasn’t publicly named yet) “an arrogant, lazy, aging action star”. Link:

  • Sean

    He still has the sole screenwriting credit on the movie so I guess that is a good sign?

  • devolutionary

    Looking at Glickman’s movie output, all I can say is…
    But as the link reports, they’re just “keeeediiiiing”, right? ;-/

  • schizopolis

    As far as films set in the Brazilian rain forest, John Boorman’s The Emerald Forest is amazing.

  • Jake

    Based on interviews I’ve seen with Carnahan I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a joke. Dude has a pretty weird sense of humor.

  • ah

    Great having Zak on the podcast – fast becoming my favourite film junk guest after Reed. He has this laid back way of delivering zingers that I just enjoy. Like a seemingly intellectual panda bear with the instincts of a witty and sarcastic killer shark.

  • Peter Harrison

    I got a mate hooked on FJ by telling him to give it time; soon the characters and relationships emerge and then it becomes the best podcast on the planet! He agrees and recently named his dog after Frank!
    Also, Zak is spot on; seeing 3 hours running time made my day. I want length!

  • Andy-L

    Sean, pls recreate your technical mistake next week when Jay is back.
    All the Junkers will be forever grateful.

  • In regard to Lost City of Z, what format did Zac and Scott see it in? Because in terms of cinematography, I agree with Frank – it was a very ugly looking film. I liked the movie for the most part (kind of part Aguirre/Fitzcaraldo and part Mosquito Coast), but one of my main complaints was how muddled it and dirty it looked. And it wasn’t just me and my screening, this was a popular complaint.

    Maybe they cleaned it up for Blu or something?

  • Sean

    Haven’t seen it but it sounds great. Will add it to the ol’ watchlist.

  • Sean

    I saw it on Blu and thought it looked great. I will admit it has a bit of a soft look at times, but I thought that worked with the period. Pretty sure it was shot on film though.

  • Sean

    There’s always a chance…

  • Khan

    I could be completely wrong, but I vaguely remember something similar happening a while back, maybe even on a Space Junk episode.

  • john woo

    Sending some motha fuckin wicked Zak love! Whoop whoop! I love how he rattles Frank’s cage.

  • I didn’t think my not-so-radio-friendly primary school About Me card would be read out on the show (was just meant to be a fun little thing for the boyz)… I feel it shows I’m a contrarian because I list 2 films (Spaceballs, Electric Dreams) when I’ve been asked for one TV show, then list my favourite after school pastime as watching TV. 1/2 star penmanship bump for being 8 when I wrote it. If any Junkers have favourite action heroines, and wouldn’t mind being quoted in academic literature, I’d love to hear about yours.

    Great show, Jolieque MY balls,


  • I understand your attraction to Alienware but I have to ask…any regrets?

  • I see you made an alt account Zak, well played ;)

  • Sean

    I’m not really for or against Alienware, I just wanted a mostly pre-assembled system with quality hardware that could play games in addition to handling programming, podcasting and other multimedia junk. Maybe that was expecting too much from one machine. But it has been fine in every other aspect except live audio recording, which is annoying because I have a 10 year old PC that can still handle that despite being slow as hell.

    After reading up on things, it seems a lot of newer PCs have power saving options built in that mess with real time audio and video. I turned off a few settings and updated a network driver that seemed to be occasionally throwing interrupts and I *think* it’s finally fixed. If not, I may consider returning it. We’ll see.

  • With all the films over the last couple months that I’ve been planning to catch up on, Detroit wasn’t really on my radar, but I’m very intrigued now. Thanks for the show guys, especially with the tech trouble, and Zak – you’re great. You do remind me a bit of Reed, but you’re also kind of the anti-Reed – you have a way of sounding positive even when talking about shit movies.

    All that being said, only 3 hours guys??? Filmjunk is dead. And loving it. <3

  • LongSlog

    Fantastic episode guys, the exhaustion right off the bat at having to begin recording again after the error was hilarious. Your dedication to the show week after week is incredible!

    My take on recommending Film Junk- There are some podcasts you could suggest to literally anyone with a smart phone (This American Life, WTF) and then there are podcasts like Film Junk, where it takes the perfect cross section of interests: Long form podcasts, Movies, and a sarcastic sense of humour.

  • I’m a location producer on my better days, so avoiding audio capture disasters is something I’ve learned via a few quite costly mistakes. All of which involved recording directly to PC/Mac. I’m a firm believer in creating a backup feed from the mixer into a portable field recorder with XLR inputs (Zoom H5 or equivalent). Been using them for years, and they’ve never let me down (knock on wood). The decent ones can record to 4 separate tracks which is pretty handy. Perhaps that’s the setup you use for the road trip casts?

  • Sean

    Yeah we have a Tascam recorder and really should be using that as a backup anyway. What can I say we’re lazy. :)

  • Why not just build your own rig, Sean?

  • Box Office Mojo also doesn’t usually list stuff that is VOD, and that is pretty much all Eli Roth makes now.

  • I must admit I’m little mystified about this supposed ‘Zaklash’ – not really sure what that’s about. So what if his tweet about The Rock didn’t exactly set the Twittersphere ablaze…I think he brings a ‘considered’ sense of whimsy, approachable intellect, and a not-at-all-unhealthy adulation of Terrence Malick which truly ‘classes up the joint’. I mean, he DOES log short films on Letterboxd (including one titled David Lynch Cooking Quinoa), but…

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    I love a good Vibe Cast as much as anyone, but an occasional Angry Film Junk is great too. I feel like I just had a three hour aural enema. Thanks.

  • Frank Booth

    Love Zak. Brings a lot of insight to the podcast. Definitely my favorite guest after Reed.

  • user-287473788

    Many a truth is said in jest.

  • zakbronson

    Vanessa, sorry, I’m not sure if we really answered your question on the show. I didn’t get much time to think about the question because Sean didn’t provide the question to us in advance as he usually does (he may have been trying to sabotage the entire episode). But I’m a huge fan of revenge film heroines. Love the rape revenge stuff from the 1970s to more recent works like Kill Bill and Fury Road.

  • zakbronson

    I actually think that “ah” might be an alt-account for Jay.

  • Nick P.

    Agreed, I just built my own, it was much easier than expected, and I probably save a grand….I did have a technical issue but I took it into a computer guy, and 100 bucks later it works flawlessly….

  • Sean

    Just laziness on my part and being out of touch with computer hardware for a while. But before I bought the Alienware machine I entered all the parts on PC Part Picker just to make sure it wasn’t insanely overpriced and it was actually almost spot on (the machine was on sale for $500 off so I guess under normal circumstances it would have been).

  • Haha, my question was spontaneously written, poorly structured, too much flowery language, meant for last week’s ep, with a barely legible picture attached…a JunkMail Bomb. And you spent about 10 minutes trying to answer it, what more can a gal ask for? Though, I wouldn’t mind your thoughts on Roseanne playing Furiosa…I think it could work, not sure how a segway would fare in the sand though…

  • Craig

    I think it’s just proving divisive, I remember when it came out in the UK a lot of the critics were praising the visuals. I personally think it’s because James Gray has a style of film-making that reminds you of the 70’s, that’s the reason why a certain sort of person loves the cinematography. Plus he shoots on film.

  • I could do a octa core build for around AU$1500…but holding out a little longer to upgrade to a sixteen core build…it’s not the easiest life…You’re not lazy, you’re getting older – and discovering things more fulfilling than finding compatible parts and overclocking. Looking forward to Girls Trip! lol

  • Radler

    Zak is the best. Ingen protest.

  • Radler

    Wow, that one looks awesome, i’ll hunt it down asap. Thanks.