Film Junk Podcast Episode #623: Detroit and Girls Trip


0:00 – Intro
10:25 – Review: Detroit
1:08:05 – Review: Girls Trip
1:22:24 – Headlines: Death Wish Trailer, Disney to Use Facial Recognition to Gather Data in Theatres, Al Gore’s Top 5 Movies
1:51:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Lost City of Z, Cape Fear (1991), Wizards, Aeon Flux, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Booty Call, Interstellar, Dunkirk
2:17:00 – Junk Mail: Dunkirk and the Importance of Sound, Dwayne Johnson’s Siri Commercial, Action Heroines, Refurbished Products, Where to File T2: Trainspotting, How to Describe Film Junk to Your Friends
2:50:05 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:54:00 – Outro

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  • ah

    Zak, I can confirm I am ‘ah’ and I have no association with film junk or its affiliated enterprises.

    I’m just a simple guy who values his anonymity in a COPO world and enjoys likening people to animals.

    I wish I was Jay though…a talented and hilarious director and podcaster who thinks the world sucks and wishes he was dead. Like the smartest ape in a Matt Reeves film clearly destined for greatness with the death wish of a Disney propaganda-film lemming.

  • iammattz

    As barfworthy as Al Gore’s list is, to give him some credit, it technically isn’t a list of his favourite five films – according to the lede in the article, he was apparently listing his 5 favourite films that were both “educational and entertaining”.

    Still wrong about The Big Short either way though.

  • Chris

    Zak is easily my favorite guest now. More Zak!

  • shibb dibby

    Classic Sean episode

    >”why were the white cops not portrayed as 1 dimensional embodiments of pure evil?”
    >”wow I can’t believe the racism these sinless black people faced during this historical event, as seen in the completely accurate and unbiased Detroit™ (2017)”
    >”why was a white person allowed to direct this? Unbelievable. It should have been a Spike Lee Joint”
    >”My man Boyega is blowing up. The next Denzel. #WeWuzThespians”
    >”wow why wasn’t a black actor given the lead role for Deathwish?”
    >”Next week: The Dark Tower. Idris Elba as The Gunslinger? 6/5.”
    >#BLM #FuckDrumpf #KillWhitey

    Vintage Sean “The Cuck” Dwyer


  • Justin H

    What the shit?
    You guys find so many reasons to get your panties in a twist.
    You and LordAwesome should go on a date.

  • Colin

    Big Boardroom fan here…

  • frankw35

    Great episode, and Zak was a great addition. As for recommending Film Junk, I”d definitely tell people to let it grow on them through a few episodes. My first listen several years ago, Reed was guesting (I wasn’t clear he was a guest) and more than usually hesitant about everything he was saying and the others were being unusually hard on him so that was a rough listen, and it took a few more episodes to figure out who was who and settle in. Now it’s the podcast I look forward to more than any other.
    I’ll be seeing Jay’s film in LA this weekend. Am fully charging my iPhone to take lots of pictures during the screening.

  • Nobody

    In addition to those already mentioned, Michelle Yeoh has a number of roles that could be singled out, including her character from Police Story 3/Supercop. Jeeja Yanin was awesome in Chocolate. Amy Johnston could be someone to look out for. I haven’t seen any of her work yet except for some demo and short film stuff, but it seems like she’ll be showing up in more movies.

    The Long Kiss Goodnight is great and I’m glad others still remember that movie.

  • Indianamcclain

    I saw it in a theatre and thought it looked great as well.

  • Great selections there – I have a feeling Gerry would be on the same page as far as recommendations go… any idea where I could pick these up for a reasonable price?

  • Deven Science

    To answer one of your questions, I listen to every minute of the show. The longer, the better. However, due to length, I cannot listen to it in one sitting. I generally listen to it in about 35-50 minute chunks, while driving to or from work. I’m actually a bit obsessive about breaking it up by segment. I would be all thrown off for the day if I shut it off in the middle of the review, or something.

  • Beat_C

    now you’re just making shit up.

  • Beat_C

    i really don’t think zak is not liked and that twitter poll didn’t mean anything. i for one think he’s great on the podcast. unlike *some* other guests, he can actually explain and analyze and put those thoughts into words. and as a bonus, he’s got a dry sense of humour.
    PS i also listen to every minute of the show, preferably in one go.

  • P.S I think I’ve managed to achieve the impossible: a Paul Blart reference that’s arguably ‘too meta’…you’d think I’d feel proud but this feeling’s so empty… Forgot to mention I’m thankful not only that you read out my lame question, and bothered to answer it at all – but for everything else you and the boys do for us film-lovin’ hearts out there. Even Cranky Frankie (Doctor’s advice: if symptoms of wanting to ‘blow the world up’ persist, please take 2 x Advil, 1x hot wings bucket and 1 x nap to alieviate symptoms). Can’t wait for the next Zaktion packed ep :)

  • zakbronson

    i missed the reference (still not sure what it is), but i’m sure frank will tell you he noticed it immediately.

  • John Gould

    Aside from all the twitter hashtags, not really. Maybe a little hyperbole, but that pretty much is the gist of it.

    I mean just listen to what he says at 1:27:30. Hilarious. What would even make someone have this thought in the first place?

    It’s not like this new Deathwish movie is a remake of some old film or other form of media that had an explicitly black lead actor and character.

    Still, it’s a very odd thing to say, as can be heard by the (lack of) response from Zak and Frank.

    Although that being said, the COPO does seemingly expect this from everything these days.
    As of this comment, Idris Elba hasn’t yet been memed into being the first Black Bond, despite years of constant proselytism (he gets to be Black Gunslinger though).

    Honestly I don’t really care that much. I’ve been listening to FJ for over 5 years now and I do like Sean. I just find his mindset when it comes to these sort of things very humorous. In another setting it would be very offensive, but this isn’t a politics podcast. It’s amazing to me how consistent he is in making these kind of passing comments completely unconscious as to how ironic and ridiculous they are.

    And it sounds instinctive, to a point of innocence. It’s a reflection of the frame of mind of a typical Western man living in the current zeitgeist. One of the many reasons I enjoy listening to Sean, as well as Frank and Jay to a lesser extent. But more often than not it’s Sean who out of nowhere just throws out some full blown Bolshevik indoctrination in the middle of movie review, and I have to pause for a few moments because I’m crying with laughter.

    much love my dudes.
    no bs Sean, not trying to offend you or anyone else. Wouldn’t have spent the last 400 episodes or so listening to you if I didn’t like you

  • Sean

    If you’re talking about my statement that they should have remade Death Wish with a black lead, it’s just a comment on the current trend in Hollywood to remake things with a twist on race or gender to give it a new perspective. I’m not saying I want this, I’m just surprised it was never considered. It would be a way to protect against being called racist, which is what’s going to happen with the remake as it is now.

  • The ‘Segway in the sand’ was a reference to Paul Blart’s over reliance on Segways. Which was a reference to my email question about Roseanne receiving ‘female Paul Blart comparisons’ if she ever tried her hand at playing Furiosa. I believe Jay referred to another generously-sized comedienne Melissa McCarthy as the ‘female Paul Blart’ during his review of Spy. Now THAT is meta…or just plain over complicated and terrible. I’m sure Frank would describe it as ‘too high-concept’ after confirming he got the reference right away. :)

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    IIRC doesn’t he have a degree in film studies? Or wrote like a thesis on film.  I may be off base, might be one of their other friends (Roman?).

    As for the poll, I think he hadn’t been on many eps, maybe just the road trip one. He’s become a little more frequent, which is nice. I’m actually a little curious as to why he was absent from the show for so long. I remember him on it way back in the day and then gone until the road trip ep. Unless that was another Zak altogether who was on those space junk eps.

  • Larry Morgan

    Zak is one of the best guests, especially when the podcasts are long. He isn’t overly frantic or anything and quietly drops these snarkbombs on Frank that are amazing.


  • pcch7

    Or not.

  • DannyD

    Zeal was a great guest. More often please!

  • DannyD

    Zak was a great guest. More often please!

  • Lior

    I think the sound question shouldn’t be “is sound the most important aspect of a film” but “what’s better? Quality sound or quality cinematography?”
    As someone who has made a bunch of low-budget short films, the answer, each and every time, is sound, sound, sound.
    I am not talking about the quality of speakers in your home viewing, or the level of music or sound effects in an action film. I’m talking about sound in it’s simplest form.
    I guarantee you, if you sit 10 people in front of a film with a shoddy picture (image too dark, some scenes out of foucs), but with cristal clear sound where you can hear every bit of dialogue, and then do vice versa, let them watch a movie with great cinematogrpahy (vivid colors, great lighting) but you can’t hear a damn thing the characters are saying because there’s a plane or a truck going by, you’re gonna have more walkouts in the movie with the bad sound.

    Nothing says “amateur” like bad sound.
    Good sound is more immersive than good picture. Bad sound takes you out of the movie in a heartbeat.

    It’s true that cinema started purely visual, but once sound was introduced, it became a crucial element. So while you can’t really “listen” to a movie, nor should you want/have/need to, in the equation of sound vs. picture, if you’re making a low budget film and have to skimp on something, then get a cheaper camera, get cheaper gels and filters, but for god sake, don’t cheap out on a good microhpone and sound mixer, or the audience will throw tomatoes at your face.

  • Kevin Cardoza

    Yeah, I think the article makes it clear that they were his top 5 “movies with a message”, not his top 5 of all time. Still kind of a lame list made up of recent popular movies, but not as bad as you think.

  • OsoAmorito

    You guys ever discuss Jim Carrey’s descent into madness on the show before? Episode number? He’s now basically a std infested sex pest and borderline wife killer from what various medias are saying.

  • frankw35

    Terrible mixup at planned screening of Jay’s film last night in LA. Once they got that straightened out the movie and follow-up Q&A was terrific. See it when you can.

  • Sam

    Haha. I was there too. It surpassed my expectations. Congrats Jay. It was great. The audience was reacting very well to all the comedic moments. Also really enjoyed the Q&A afterward.

  • Nobody

    How about renting/buying digitally? That might be the most convenient way to watch them (I’m not as knowledgeable as Gerry on the bargain bins, unfortunately).

  • frankw35

    Agree completely. I can say with certainty I would love this film even if I didn’t know Jay had written and directed it. It definitely deserves a much wider audience.

  • Sam

    Yeah any concern that anyone may have whether glowing reviews from people like Kurt, Matt Gourley, Sean, Frank, etc.. are biased, can be thrown out the window.

    Incredibly enganging throughout. I could watch Niosi construct that time machine all-day, and he had most of the comedic moments too. And although, Ron had most of the emotional elements of it, Rob’s story about his gymnast friend hit pretty hard with me, and sounded like with the rest of the audience too.

  • Kasper

    Any stand-out questions from the Q&A or anything?