Miami Vice Reboot in the Works, Vin Diesel to Produce


A couple of years ago, we heard rumours that another big screen version of the ’80s TV show Miami Vice might be in the works, potentially rebooting Michael Mann’s 2006 adaptation of his own material. Nothing seemed to come of it, however, and now this week we are hearing that Miami Vice will be making a comeback on the small screen instead. NBC is currently developing a revival of the Don Johnson / Philip Michael Thomas cop drama and the driving force behind it, believe it or not, is apparently Vin Diesel. Hit the jump to find out what else we know.

According to THR, NBC is setting up a new version of Miami Vice with Vin Diesel’s One Race Television production company. It would be the first project from his first-look deal with Universal Television and Diesel is executive producing along with his long-time Fast & Furious cohort Chris Morgan and Shana Waterman (24: Live Another Day, Wayward Pines). The script is being written by Peter Macmanus (Spike TV’s The Mist, Satisfaction).

The original series ran for five seasons on NBC from 1984 to 1989 and was well known for its music, fashion and fast cars. The latter would seem to be of interest to Vin Diesel, but it is unclear if that is the reason why he has been so passionately pursuing this project. It is also unclear if he might star in the show, although that seems unlikely. Do you have any interest in a new Miami Vice TV series?

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  • devolutionary

    Not totally against this concept. Vin actually spearheaded another mini-series called The Ropes which ultimately got little attention. I kinda dug it even though it didn’t have much $$$ behind it. Partially based on his real life as a bouncer before he got into acting. Close to his pre-Pitch Black movie work.