Steven Soderbergh’s Next Movie Will Be Shot on an iPhone


Steven Soderbergh’s next film Logan Lucky will hit theatres in just a few weeks, but in the meantime it sounds like he is already putting the finishing touches on at least a couple of other projects. Both of these mysterious projects promise a return to the more experimental filmmaking he has dabbled in throughout his career with movies like Schizopolis, Bubble and The Girlfriend Experience. The first is an HBO project called Mosaic that stars Sharon Stone and Garrett Hedlund and reportedly contains some sort of interactive element. The other, which we are just learning about this week, will apparently be shot on an iPhone. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to Variety (and originally reported by The Tracking Board), Steven Soderbergh has already shot a brand new movie under a shroud of secrecy tentatively titled Unsane. The movie stars Claire Foy (The Crown) and Juno Temple (Maleficent) and it was shot entirely on an iPhone. Sean Baker turned a lot of heads back in 2015 with his film Tangerine, which was arguably the first high-profile film shot on an iPhone to earn plenty of acclaim and accolades.

Plot details for Unsane are currently unknown, but based on the title some people suspect it may be another movie about mental health issues similar to his 2013 film Side Effects. During a recent Reddit AMA, he stated that it was a subject he would like to return to. No word on when this movie might see the light of day, but sources say Soderbergh plans to self-distribute it through his own Fingerprint Releasing. Are you excited to see a Steven Soderbergh movie shot on an iPhone?