Robotech Movie Gets It Director


It’s been a decade now since we first started hearing about the possibility of a live-action Robotech movie based on the popular ’80s animated series. At the time, Michael Bay’s Transformers had just been released and was a big hit, so obviously Warner Brothers and producer Tobey Maguire figured there would be plenty of room for another movie franchise that revolves around giant transforming robots. Since then the property has changed studios and gone through multiple directors and writers with Tobey Maguire’s long-time pal Leonardo DiCaprio even expressing interest in starring at one point. Alas it sounds like neither actor is involved anymore, but the good news is that they have settled on a director and they seem to be finally ready to move forward… just in time for public interest in the Transformers franchise to start fading away. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to THR, Andy Muschietti (It, Mama) has signed on to develop and direct a live-action Robotech movie for Sony, which is now described as being a high priority at the studio. His sister, Barbara Muschietti, is also on board as producer and together they will look to recruit a new screenwriter. James Wan (Saw, Furious 7) was the most recent director to have been attached to the project, but he was forced to drop out last year in order to focus on Aquaman instead.

Andy Muschietti had been under consideration to direct Robotech a couple of years ago as well, but at the time he had only one movie under his belt. Now that he is putting the finishing touches on a new adaptation of Stephen King’s It (which seems likely to be a big hit) he is getting a lot more opportunities thrown his way. He also just signed on to direct the pilot episode for Hulu’s Locke & Key TV series. Do you have high hopes for a big budget Robotech movie?

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