Game Junk Podcast Episode #33: E3 2017


0:00 – Intro
7:35 – E3 Discussion: Microsoft
40:40 – E3 Discussion: Sony
1:10:45 – E3 Discussion: Nintendo
1:28:45 – E3 Discussion: Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA, Square Enix
1:44:35 – Top 5: E3 Announcements / Highlights
1:48:00 – Outro

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  • Tommy

    Jame Gunk!

  • Martin S

    Obligatory E3 meme about who “won” E3:
    Microsoft : Xbox One X has an 8 core processor & 12 GB of
    [Nintendo bursts in]
    ‘u throw ur hat on a frog & ur the frog’
    *crowd explodes*

  • pcch7

    Loving the back to back Game Junks. I thought E3 was pretty good from what I saw

  • pcch7

    And Battlegrounds is definitely all the rage now on pc, despite being a kinda shitty game imo. If the H1Z1 developers had a clue, Battlegrounds wouldn’t be quite so popular in early development. I guess it’s the concept that draws people in, that Battle Royal fight. I’d say the duo mode is waaaay better than solo though. It plays a lot slower than H1, more tactical. Can be a real bore to watch sometimes though when people are just camping inside houses

  • pcch7

    I should’ve sent a question in, I’m friends with one of the streamers that Xbox brought over to E3 and it seems like there were a lot more streamers there than in the past. Do you guys think it’s a smart marketing move? Probably doesn’t cost that much for a big company to fly some streamers in and then get games marketed through them both while at E3 and also afterwards through their streams

  • iammattz

    Frank your stream of consciousness on “should I get an Xbox One X” is bang on. I had a few other thoughts:
    – USD$600 for a gaming PC is cutting it a bit shy of what you’d need for the type of power an Xbox One X will have. Overall, the amount of corners you’d need to cut to get it where you want it doesn’t seem that worth it to me. You’d be better off spending a bit more to more adequately futureproof your PC situation if you wanted to go down that route. Now, if you’ve already got a decent PC, I think the question is whether you need to upgrade a video card or major component for the same price. As someone currently rocking a GTX970 this is my biggest question at the moment.

    – Another big factor here is whether MS does some sort of trade-up program. I remember when the PS4 Pro/Slim were announced MS had a promotion where you could trade in your old model Xbox One or even PS4 for $300 towards an Xbox One S. I’m hoping they do the same thing for the S to the X. Could significantly cut down on your buy-in price. Would be a gamechanger imo.

    – End of the day, I’m pretty sure you and Sean are like me in that you both make awful decisions about TVs – I believe we all own 4K TVs that don’t do HDR (shoutouts to the Sony Xbr55x810c…)? If that’s the case, I think we really should all be committed to an insane asylum in the first place, because truly we’re missing out on the big “leap” that 4K content has to offer. Maybe the actual first step here is sell the beaters and use that Xbox One X money to buy a real 4K TV?

  • Colin

    The Game Junk… is good.

  • devolutionary

    I’m surprised Xbox didn’t cop with the name and call it Xbox One R. Easy XBoner memes. I’m with Frank, if you can show how good your games are through the visual medium alone, that speaks volumes. Too much tends to go wrong when they bring presenters and cheesy demonstraters in. Of course it’s a completely different story if you have nothing to go on but hype and a promise.

  • Larry Morgan

    funniest tweet re E3