Film Junk Podcast Episode #609: Free Fire and The Circle


0:00 – Intro / Sean’s Judgment Night
22:15 – Review: Free Fire
46:50 – Review: The Circle
1:40:00 – Headlines: Roseanne Revival is Happening
1:48:05 – Other Stuff We Watched: Get Out, Casting JonBenet, Big Little Lies, De Palma, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
2:02:20 – Junk Mail: Talking to Non-Film People About Film, Politics in Film, YouTube Film Critics, Books We Were Excited to See Adapted Into Movies, Best-Looking 4K Releases So Far, Favourite Time of Day for Watching Movies, Where to File Movies That Start with “The”
2:38:10 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:40:57 – Outro

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  • Lori Cerny

    Jay HAS to call in/use a walkie talkie/or be wired so he can still participate in the ‘casts.

  • Samb

    Emma Watson used so many facial expressions there were none left for Patton Oswalt.

  • Kyri

    I just had the best idea eva for a new film

    It would be called:

    “The Biopic of Prophet Muhammed – Passions of Muhammed”

  • Kyle Grimes

    Good story Sean….

  • pcch7

    Good stuff guys. I was thinking about the book adaption question, The Martian was the last one that I read. Read it all on a flight and was very hyped for the movie, which was also pretty great

  • devolutionary

    …while constantly peeing in the toilet. Toilet-Cast?

  • Sean

    Good call on The Martian, forgot about that one. I did read that as well.

  • Larry Morgan

    Great cast. Sean editorializing a few times but I am cool with it.

    Need to send you guys some food.

  • Loren

    Movie I was hyped for when I read the book first was LA CONFIDENTIAL. Movie is a 6/5 for me, but the book is on a higher level than the film… what do I rate that?..a 7/5? It should actually be adapted for a series on tv sometime. (They made a pilot with Keifer SuthErland that never got greenlit.

  • Larry Morgan

    Also, regarding the book question. On the flip side, something I’ve found to be an easy way of finding good books to read is to read the books of movies you either thought were good or at least interesting. The book tends to be good too and of course have heir own kind of feel.

  • devolutionary

    Elmore Leonard novels are great source material. Out of Sight, Rum Punch (Jackie Brown), and Get Shorty being good examples of that.

  • The Circle. I read the book. And I hated it. I skipped the movie today (thank God) and it sounds to me like the reasons Jay and Frank hated the movie are all the same reasons I hated the book. Satire should not be so earnest and ridiculous and obvious and on-the-nose all at the same time. Everything is frustrating by design but I’m rolling my eyes at the attempts to get me to be frustrating. It’s difficult to explain but nothing in here is believable. It’s just stupid.

  • Larry Morgan

    And it’s funny how the junker who mailed that question in mentioned I Am Legend. I read it because of the movie and thought it was really something.

  • pcch7

    Bit early in the year perhaps but I’ve been listening to the last couple of Top Ten end of the year podcasts, I think projuicing could potentially be an award at the next Junkies. Don’t know exactly what it would be just yet, maybe a producer who has his fingers in too many pies or maybe has too much influence over a film or something. Also, I love Frank’s vendetta against Jon Hamm and Fuqua

  • pcch7

    I read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep after having seen Blade Runner, and this is one of those rare occasions where the movie is better imo. Book is also good though but they were wise in what they cut out for the script

  • devolutionary

    Heh, pro-juicing = anything the Weinstein’s purchase the rights to, tamper with, and champion for Oscar contention.

  • pcch7

    lol yes, that would work haha

  • Sam

    I read No Country for Old Men about a year prior to the movie. Ended up loving both.

  • Sean

    Well if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our occasional discussions about satire it’s that it’s super subjective, hard to define, easy to misinterpret and difficult to nail tonally. Clearly I’m out of touch on this one but it’s interesting that a lot of people seem to dislike it for entirely opposing reasons.

  • Cocky S.O.B.

    Title with awkward the sorting: “Good The Bad The Ugly, The”

  • Chris

    What is the mystery project Jay is working on? I need to know. ;)

  • Maik

    What happened to every Junker´s most eagerly awaited FJ highlight:

    Jay´s newest trip to the doctor ???

    Considering there will be at least 3 glorious examinations/treatments upcoming (urologist, gastroenterologist, dentist), his busy Hollywood breakthrough schedule (spilled by Sean) could still alone of them to happen.

    Jay, never underestimate the magic of a cystoscopy story.

  • Beat_C

    good one.
    or “cook, the thief his wife and her lover, the”

  • Beat_C

    could someone make a supercut of all the times sean said “you know” in this episode? i wonder if it was more or less than 1000 times. ????

  • Beat_C

    oh, and movies i liked based on books i liked:
    “great expectations”
    “to kill a mockingbird”
    “the big sleep”
    “don’t look now”
    “breakfast at tiffany’s”

  • ReelJunkie

    Nothing’s better than a Film Junk review that’s just trashing a film. Haven’t seen The Circle but I bet it’s nowhere near as entertaining as this review was.

  • Primal

    Spielberg has to be the king of pro-juicing.

  • Sean

    Between all my likes and but uhs, I clearly need shock therapy or something. I’m not even aware of it.

  • pcch7

    it could be a great drinking game tbh haha

  • Sean

    Maybe I should be the one drinking every time I say it.

  • pcch7

    If this were to happen on a video podcast, I’m all for it =D

  • CagneyB

    Yes, my first name is actually Cagney. After James Cagney, not so much the TV cops. Glad you guys enjoyed the stuff, great show!

  • I’ve been banging my head against the wall as to why I didn’t like the book. Clearly the author wants his audience to be rolling their eyes at these characters. So why aren’t I rolling my eyes WITH them, rather than AT them?

    I think I may have figured it out. It’s believability. Satire has to be believable. Starship Troopers is ridiculous and corny and totally out of this world (literally), but for the rules the movie has set up and for the universe the movie has created for itself, the character actions are believable. Same thing with RoboCop or Thank You for Smoking or any other heavy-handed satire. it can be ridiculous and crazy and off the wall or super subtle, but the characters have to be believable in the world and its rules that have been set up.

    In The Circle, the world isn’t set up properly enough for me to believe that anyone in this world would do the things they’re doing. None of them. Which would maybe be fine if it was a comedy or a sci-fi epic or something, but the book/movie takes itself waaaaay too seriously and just isn’t believable.

  • Sean (and the other guys), stick with BIG LITTLE LIES (yeah! rhyming dialogue!).

    The murder mystery is really secondary (or almost inconsequential) to what’s going on in that show. So far BLL is my favorite thing I’ve watched all year and I haven’t met anyone yet who hasn’t loved it. It tackles SOOO many serious (some VERY serious) issues but in a humorous way (to me). The direction is stellar (as you’d expect from Jean-Marc Valle) – if you haven’t seen his other films (especially Cafe de Flore and CRAZY), do yourselves a favor and get on it.

    The cast is amazing, the dialogue is great. It’s a big drippy soap opera for people that aren’t mouth breathers and want substance, artistic merit and creativity.

    In a shameless plug, Kurt and I reviewed the entire series over the course of about 90 minutes in this episode (SPOILERS!):

  • The book is WAAAAY better. The movie completely cuts the excursion to the rendezvous (pretty much the most exciting part of the book).

  • pcch7

    yeah I think it’s better too but I still thought the movie was really good. Can’t fit it all in sadly but the part where the storm is coming in and they can see it but he can’t is very good

  • Sean

    Yeah, it’s weird because I found the characters to behave believably within that world but I also viewed them as extremely exaggerated cartoon characters. I would agree that there could have been a little more humour there, although I did find some of it funny. Even in the movie, the scene where they are explaining to Mae how to use her Circle network played as funny to me because of how overwhelming it was (and yet it also rang true because I have an internal Facebook network at my work that we are expected to participate in).

    Have you ever read Jennifer Government? I would say they are comparable although JG is a bit more outrageous.

  • Hank

    Props for sending it! Love it when the guys get gifts from Junkers and go through it on the show.

  • I’d love to see Film Junk meets RedLetterMedia on an episode.
    And if you can’t get them, you can invite me, i’m twitter friends with Reed after all…

  • I have never read that. Maybe even MORE outlandish is what I need to like it.

    As a side note, I do almost exactly Mae’s job. I sit in a cube at a huge corporation with multiple screens and what might be described as an internal Facebook as well. So we’re in the same boat there Sean, Lol.

  • Godzilla

    As long as you don’t have to drink every time you say “Lets be honest”…We don’t want you to die

  • pcch7

    Anyone here listen to the S-Town podcast btw? I’ve only now caught up on that and Serial, great stuff. I like S-Town more though

  • Matt the Kiwi

    The most brutal book-I-loved turned into movie-I-hated example for me is The Running Man. Such an underrated Stephen King story which I was stupidly excited to see turned into a film only to discover that the only thing they kept from the book was the main characters name…they broke my little 14 yr old heart.

  • Reed Farrington

    Your significant other’s name should be Lacey.

  • CagneyB

    Her name is Clarisse, I think I’ll stick with her.

  • Beat_C

    i love the but uhs, they’re cute. you can keep those. ????

  • Beat_C

    i agree. but since sean liked it, it wasn’t all trashing.

  • Jameson

    Hey Sean, I live pretty close to Paterson and had a summer job there years ago. No bad experiences but yeah it has a reputation for being an area you shouldn’t be in at night/by yourself.

  • Sean

    Thanks. So I guess we probably wouldn’t have been gunned down in broad daylight but we weren’t just being completely paranoid either.

  • Sean

    I listened to S-Town. Not as compelling as season 1 of Serial but I did enjoy it. It kind of trailed off a bit at the end in my opinion.