Ball Junk Podcast Episode #26: NBA and NHL Playoffs 2017


Finally, Ball Junk has come back…to your ear holes! After a long break for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Good Friday, Adequate Saturday and Easter Sunday recovery, we’re back to talking about our limited knowledge of sports! On this show we break down the NBA and NHL playoffs and we discuss the AL East, the Vegas Golden Knights, the Las Vegas Raiders, snow running, car curling, giant sized gambling and a whole mess load of Sack Time questions in the mailbag. All of this for your listening pleasure and it’s free! Ball Junk Podcast Episode 26 is here. Subscribe, download and rate us (5 stars) on iTunes! Balls!

0:00:00 – Intro / MLB Discussion
0:11:17 – NBA Playoffs Discussion
0:41:30 – NHL Playoffs Discussion
1:09:47 – Balls Around the World
1:23:02 – Sack Time
1:42:25 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • Lori Cerny

    Another awesome show, thanks!

  • devolutionary

    After the long Hiatus I really enjoyed the NBA podcast recap from previous episode. By the way, since “The Director” has been jocking Monster Energy as a Film Junk sponsor, may I recommend you do the same with Bawls Guarana?
    Real men of Ball Junk drink Blue Bawls!

  • Loren

    Great show guys.. look forward to episode 27.. post Nba and Nhl playoff discussion. Hopefully some great finals..agree with Frank on Spurs put of the west and winning the title again. Think Boston / Wizards goes 7 with Boston winning. CAVS take Toronto in 6, and Celtics in 6 as well. However losing to Spurs 4-1 in the Finals.

  • Anthony

    I haven’t listened yet, but i’m assuming this conversation takes place:

    Greg: You watching NBA?

    Frank: Pfft, it’s – it’s a joke. I mean, no i’m not, it’s such a joke. Fuck, i mean, the refs always in on it. It’s such a joke. No one talks about it either, like the refs. Or that it’s always just the same 3 teams. It’s such a joke! Like, it’s a joke, such a joke. Why does anyone watch it, it’s a joke. If you’re not like – I mean, it’s a joke. *scoffs* *chuckles* it’s a fucking joke.

    Did I get that right.

  • Tommy

    Good work, boys.

  • EzekielFX

    Awesome!! Thanks guys! make the drive to work so enjoyable. Be well. Go Patriots!!!

  • iammattz

    It’s time… IT’S TIME!!! Thanks guys! Looking forward to this one.

  • pcch7

    Ball Junk’s back baby, yeaaaah! Was a good listen. That little taste of Ghost right at the end as well, picked the only Ghost song I liked

  • Samb

    Great show guys, thanks. Weird that the FJ Classic episode Sean re-posted last week and this ep of Ball Junk bookended Greg’s relationship. From new love to who gets the dogs. Poignant, indeed.

  • Balls

    Almost to a T.