Film Junk Podcast Episode #603: Kong: Skull Island


0:00 – Intro
16:20 – Review: Kong: Skull Island
1:00:25 – Headlines: Baby Driver Trailer, Logan Black and White Cut, Joe Carnahan Leaves Bad Boys 4 Life
1:23:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Unfriended, Jackie, Deluge, It Came from Outer Space, Moby Dick, Nirvanna: The Band: The Show, Girls
1:50:45 – Junk Mail: Best Actor / Superhero Role, Thoughts on Sneaking Into Theatres / Stealing Movies, Monster Energy Drink, Frank’s Frankenberry Costume, Ladies Love Frank, The Longevity of Film Junk
2:26:55 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:30:30 – Outro

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  • iammattz

    I was HOWLING!!

  • pcch7

    Nice, forgot about that

  • Adam

    1. Love that Jay also calls McDonalds “McDicks” – that’s how a number of friends and I referred to it throughout college. Put a big smile on my face.

    2. Jay, you seen this??

  • Beat_C

    oh, and surely “good”/”pretty good” is closer to “really good” than to “mediocre” …?

  • scab

    You guys are nailing these episodes. Even hearing more of Sean’s dark, sarcastic sense of humour coming through (usually buried because ‘Switzerland’).

    Someone else said ‘Golden Age’, and that’s not far off.

    Keep it going, boys.

  • scab

    I’d agree with this. Dax fits the Greg ‘everyman’ profile, which is sometimes missing.

    I think he’s scared off by the obligation of it all, understandably.

    Edit: I agree with Chuck. Young Kirks can get fucked.

  • pcch7

    I just realised Ang Lee released a film last year.. Have literally heard nothing about this at all

  • Young Kirks


  • scab

    You’re welcome.

  • BillT

    McDicks is a thing where I live too. I’m pretty sure it’s a common nickname.

  • Bob (the other one)

    oh man, i forgot about this movie! lol. Although, I think it might have been a diamond, not a crystal. Is it too late to add this to the Kong premium as a bonus?

  • On “sneaking” into movies: I do it all the time. I screen hop about once a month. Usually I pay for the movie I want to see, then when it’s over, I screen hop into something that I’m kind of meh on.

    I also buy tickets for cheaper movies and then go into the more expensive one. For example, I bought tickets to the 2D Get Out for $6, pull my 3D glasses from my bag and go into the $22 IMAX screening of whatever.

    I’m cheap. Suck it.

    PS – I would NEVER torrent a cam shot of a theatrical release.

  • Bob (the other one)

    Reed Farrington would have you arrested for this.

  • He can come get me this weekend at The Southdale AMC. I’m watching The Belko Experiement and then probably screen hopping into Mean Dreams (RIP Bill Paxton).

  • Adam

    I had only ever heard it used here and within my friends group, but good to know.

  • Young Kirks

    An absolute podcast classic.

  • Andrew

    Epic unfriended review.

  • Rayma

    aw man, it prob is too late but that would have been cool. ‘Kongo’

  • Nobody

    How about a review for “Headshot” or “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” in 4k or 3D Blu?

    That Green Day tirade pales in comparison to last week’s absolute classic clip of Marilyn Manson at the VMA’s.

  • No one important

    Where is Franks review of the nintendo switch?

    I’m curious to know if he has opened any of his prized Amiibo’s to take advantage of the functionality in Zelda. I opened my wolf link that I received with my Wii U version of Twilight Princess, the game I purchased but never got around to playing. It was almost half price so I guess it’s not a total waste of money. Anyway, please, we need a review next episode.

    Oh and when they eventually make a successor it needs to be called…. The Super Switch.

  • Nobody

    But you have to avoid the assigned seating theatres when doing this, right?

  • Yeah. Thankfully there aren’t too many of those in my area. I can think of three (out of about 10 that I frequent)