Reminder: Last Chance to Join the Film Junk Oscar Pool!


Just in case you missed it, I wanted to remind everyone that we’ve got a little Oscar pool going and you’ve still got time to join. The winner will get a mystery Film Junk prize pack (disclaimer: may not actually contain anything of value). Also, for those who have already signed up, please double check that you did not miss any steps because you may need to click on a link in the e-mail that you receive from Falsk and then enter your picks again. Full details and instructions can be found in our previous post. Either way, whether or not you are participating in the pool, the chatroom will be ready and waiting whenever people start joining… to make things easier, I have embedded it after the jump. See you tonight!

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  • Damn, wish I didn’t have to work. Have fun everybody chatting and watching, good luck in the pool!

  • Darcy

    how do u get into chat? just here for the Chan’s

  • Cinephallus

    Who won?

  • Sean

    Breanna won, just waiting to hear back to get official confirmation so I can send out the prize. I think Colin came in second.