Film Junk’s 2017 Oscar Pool and Annual Live Chat Details


Update: There has been some confusion over the steps required to enter. Once you receive the e-mail from Falsk, you need to click the link and then fill out your predictions a second time to officially enter the Film Junk Oscar pool. Sorry!

With all the preparations going on for episode 600, we almost forgot that the Academy Awards are happening this weekend. Although the Oscars are usually long, boring and mostly off base, it’s still a fun time to come together with movie fans and celebrate our love of cinema together. So to help enhance the experience, we’ll be holding our annual Oscar pool and live chat once again this year. Falsk has graciously offered to help set everything up and she has provided more details after the jump.

Hello junkers and junkettes. It is I, Falsk, your faithful Oscar pool hostess, here for another year of terribly run pooling sites and raucous chat rooms. I’m keeping it simple and using Gold Derby again, still possibly the last free Oscar-hosting pool out there (or so Google’s told me) and the best possible way to blow up the FJ comments section.

If you remember how this works, great! For newcomers, Gold Derby has detailed instructions, but here are the basics. (Please note, this site works best on a desktop or laptop, though apparently it CAN work on mobile, it’s just very clunky.)

1. Create an account over at
2. In the top right hand side you’ll see a box that says “make your predix here!” (ugh). Click this, then navigate to Oscars 2017.
3. There are two columns, choices on the left, your predictions on the right. Drag and drop your picks and then click “save and next” to continue on until you’re finished. Don’t forget to use your two “big bet” options, where you can double down on a choice you feel confident in and bet extra points.
4. Once you’re done, comment here or in the Reddit thread (or PM me on Reddit if you’d rather) with your e-mail address so I can personally invite you to the FJ Oscar League.
5. Check your e-mail and click on the link, then make your picks (again) for the FJ pool specifically.

You can change your picks up until the time of the event. One lucky better will win a mystery Film Junk prize pack (don’t get too excited). As for the event itself, come hang out in our new and improved (?) public chatroom at 8:30 PM EST (with the old Ustream chatroom as a backup if necessary). See you then!

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  • Darcy

    is there a tie-breaker?

  • If I’m not too late to join:

  • Falsk

    I don’t think so! Sent!

  • Benji

    Me too please… quickly

  • Falsk

    Unfortunately I think they closed entries–it’s not letting me submit.

  • Benji

    ahh too bad

  • Falsk

    Odd, too, since we still have a half hour of this red carpet drivel. Oh well.

  • Darcy

    need password for chat?

  • Falsk

    No password.

  • Got it this time but my bad forgot to check in time :) no worries, next time!