Film Junk Premium Podcast #56: Martin Scorsese


A guy can get anything he wants as long as he pays the price. It’s been a long wait, but our Martin Scorsese premium is finally here. We’re a little late with this one but since no one went out to see Silence anyway I don’t think it really matters. This podcast covers a handful of his best-known classics (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and The Departed) plus a couple of more underappreciated entries (The King of Comedy and Bringing Out the Dead) with a resulting discussion that digs into Scorsese’s partnership with Robert De Niro, his penchant for violence, his overuse of The Rolling Stones on his soundtracks, and the personal nature of many of his films. So is The King of Comedy a comedy and is Rupert Pupkin’s act genuinely funny? Is the end of Taxi Driver real or a dream? Does the plot of The Departed make any sense and, more importantly, does it even matter? Go home and get your fuckin’ shinebox and listen to this month’s premium podcast below.

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  • Gordo

    Another good Premium guys.
    My suggestion for a great premium would be Predator.
    The best premiums in my opinion are focused on series that are up and down.
    You’ve got a classic – Predator
    One close to a host’s heart – Predator 2
    A Modern/different/mediocre take – Predators
    and some off the wall/bad that tie in to another premium – AVP, AVP Requiem.
    Just my 2 cents, Thanks for the content

  • Ben

    A Predator premium seems like a good choice, but probably best to wait until Shane Black’s The Predator, which I think has a 2018 release.

  • Scott Adcock

    Not listening until I’ve finished the rewatches, King of Comedy and Raging Bull to go. But if Vera Farmiga eating a massive banana whilst talking to Matt Damon about his faulty dick isn’t on a Best 5 list I’m never buying another one ;)

  • Tim

    Jay, Travis Bickle was supposed to be THE EXACT OPPOSITE of a modern hysterical special snowflake social justice warrior.
    That´s what made the flick so controversial among NYC/LA´s ultra-left movie critics, even notoriously accusing Coppola and Schrader of fascism (a typically nonsensical reaction).

  • Jay Cheel

    I was joking.

    I assume by Coppola you mean Scorsese?

  • Tim

    whoops, all those Guidos.
    God I hate Coppola´s Dracula. Blech.
    Btw, Frank suddenly name-dropping a director like Louis Malle renewed my faith in humanity.

  • devolutionary

    Don’t give him too much cred. He probably only learned it from Scorcese. Surprised he didn’t name drop Un Chien Andalou again for props.

  • Tommy

    Frankie’s getting a little scary!

  • Tim

    Probably… but to hear Frank talk about Buñuel, Pasolini, Fassbinder or Fellini would be a real cream dream supreme!

  • Tommy

    I think I remember from the old Taxi Driver DVD that Marty was filling in for an actor that dropped out at the last minute. Maybe I’m making that up.

  • SquidHead#1Fan

    I knew Frank liked Ghost and Manson, but after this and the Jaws podcast, I’m kinda shocked at his poor musical taste.

    The music at the end of King of Comedy is clearly the theme music for Rupert’s television show and it’s perfect.

  • Adam

    or an ignorant nightmare

  • Tommy

    King Kong premie? Please include King Kong Lives, the sequel to the 70’s reboot with Linda Hamilton :)

    My list would go:
    KK ’33
    KK v Godzilla (if you can find it)
    KK ’76
    KK Lives
    KK ’05
    Mighty Joe Young ’49 or ’98
    Godzilla ’14 (for the Legendary Pictures MonsterVerse)

  • Frank Booth

    Mighty Joe Young (1949) is a must for this premium.

    The lion fight is completely bonkers.

  • Newtman98

    I’ve always heard that too.

  • Newtman98

    How about a Brian Depalma premium?

  • Peter Harrison

    Frank, were you deliberately playing the Dumb Pirate role when you ranted on and on about the citizens envelope? It is simply there to tell Leo that Matt was the undercover gangster at the police station, when Leo sees it on his desk.

  • Kyle

    Great premium you guys! I don’t know why you always fall back on the “there is nothing bad to talk about” excuse because the conversations about Taxi Driver & King of Comedy were really interesting and compelling.

    I was wondering if in Goodfellas any of you noticed the black bar that censors the airline ticket that the babysitter pulls out of her bag when she is on the phone with Ray Liotta. I’d seen the film probably half a dozen times and never noticed it before.

  • Sam

    It’s kinda weird how Frank has classitosis even against a filmmaker he loves. Seems very hesitant to appreciate Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, even to the point of saying “not even close” when Sean poses Raging Bull as Scorsese’s masterpiece.

    I’d agree with GoodFellas being my favorite, but Raging Bull would be easily in the Top 3 for me for Scorsese.

    I’d also love to hear a future premium to go in depth of why Frank loves Cape Fear so much (was in his Top 100 I believe). I mean it’s decent, but there quite a few horror cliches in it that he’s quick to attack in other movies, and a lot of what’s great in the remake was already great in the original. Robert Mitchum is a very menacing figure in the original and the score was great as well.

    I think most of the appreciation I get from the remake comes from the nostalgia I get from thinking about The Simpsons episode based on it.

  • Rob Champion

    I loved the premium. But you guys tasted a discussion about the Goodfellas 4k disc and that never happen. So I need to know if the almighty is full of shit and is this worth a pop?

  • Sean

    Yeah I realized afterward that we forgot to come back to this. I don’t know if my opinion means much because my TV is not fully HDR compliant but it looked pretty good to me. Then again, their review almost seemed to indicate that HDR was a drawback in this case.

  • Sean

    It has been discussed and is definitely on the to do list.

  • Sean

    He understood that part but thought there was some other significance to it and I don’t think there is.

  • Danny Schluck

    I always thought the king of comedy had simple yet I interesting opening credits. I was surprised frank didn’t bring it up

  • devolutionary

    I just got the vibe that he wasn’t willing to praise Marty if it implies throwing shade on his boy Tarantino.
    Frankie’s Scorcese critiques which Quinty would never mirror, right? [I know he’s tongue-in-cheek about it].

    “All [this guy] does is drop f-in knowledge…”
    “He just gets into your mind, like a lil boll weevil”
    [Not as good at]…musical re-appropriation in his movies.

  • Carlos

    Great Premium!

    I loved Jay and Frank’s Marty impression.
    Really good discussion, too.
    KOC is one of my all time favorites, so it was nice to hear your guys thoughts on it.

  • Maureen W.

    After hearing the “Taxi Driver”/awkward social behavior verging on troubling discussion, I wonder if any of you guys have ever watched “Cinemania” and what you think of it?

  • Jay Cheel

    I’ve seen Cinemania, but it was years ago. I have the DVD around here somewhere. Maybe I’ll give it a rewatch. From what I recall, it would make a great double bill with Alan Zweig’s doc Vinyl.

  • devolutionary

    Alan Zweig’s social awkwardness? This episode of CBC Radio’s Sleepover might be up up your alley then.

  • polar909

    Great premium guys, very insightful discussions. Surprised nobody mention the moment when Travis Bickle is being pushed out of the campaign office and he goes into a a karate stance. Could definatly be added to the moments of humour in Taxi Driver.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    The original King Kong versus Godzilla came out on Blu recently in North America…

  • Kasper

    That would be the perfect time to do one, Ben.

    And I completely agree with you on what makes for the best premiums, Gordo.