Poll Results: Best M. Night Shyamalan Film


Last week we asked Film Junk readers to vote for the best M. Night Shyamalan movie, and although he now has a dozen films under his belt, I think we can all agree that only a few of them were ever going to be in contention. That being said, I have to admit that I am slightly surprised to see Unbreakable pull off a decisive win over The Sixth Sense with 37% of the votes. The latter was obviously the movie that made him a star and seems like the obvious choice, but it has faded somewhat over time now that everyone knows the twist. Meanwhile Unbreakable has just recently been brought back into the public consciousness and has always been somewhat underrated. His sci-fi thriller Signs finished in third place with 21% while The Village was a distant fourth with 7% of the votes. Shyamalan’s latest film Split rounded out the top 5. Do you agree with these results?

1. Unbreakable — 37%
2. The Sixth Sense — 27%
3. Signs — 21%
4. The Village — 7%
5. Split — 2%
6. The Happening — 1%
6. The Visit — 1%
6. The Last Airbender — 1%
6. Lady in the Water — 1%
10. After Earth — 0%
10. Wide Awake 0% 0
10. Praying with Anger

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